The Return of Sire Ma (馬賽)…


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24 April 2017

Sire Ma appears with “Monkey King 3” cast members

As reported on Mingpao, the actress recently surprised many when she attended the Beijing International Film festival alongside Aaron Kwok and Lin Chi-ling.

It was then revealed that Sire has secretly signed with Filmko Pictures and is part of the cast members of the upcoming film, “The Monkey King 3: Kingdom of Women”, headlined by the Hong Kong Cantopop Heavenly King himself.

She also shared a photo of her dress for the BIFF red carpet online recently, saying that she is excited to attend the festival for the first time.

(Photo Source: Sire Ma Weibo)

Sire Ma Hopes to Change Career Luck with Name Change

By on July 18, 2015 in NEWS


Changing back to her birth name, Sima Choi Yi (司馬賽兒), Sire hopes to turn her luck for the better.



Sire Ma(馬賽) Changes Her Stage Name For New Beginning …

Apr 8, 2015 – Over a year ago, Sire Ma(馬賽) was involved in a lesbian love scandal with Mainland China Producer Wang Zi Qi(汪子琦). Sire’s image took a nose dive and was even frozen by TVB…

Jayne Stars

Sire Ma Tops Google HK’s Most Searched Celebrities of 2014

By on December 24, 2014

Sire Ma Tops Google HK’s Most Searched Celebrities of 2014 thumbnail

Google Hong Kong released its list of top-ten most searched Hong Kong celebrities of 2014. Sire Ma (馬賽) topped the list due to a year ridden with scandals. Several TVB artistes were heavily searched due to the airing of popular dramas.

1 – Sire Ma

Sire Ma came in first as the most googled Hong Kong celebrity of 2014. In November 2013, a video clip of Sire locking lips with Wang Ziqi (汪 子琦) surfaced online, subsequently exposing Sire’s short-lived lesbian love affair with the Mainland businesswoman. In July 2014, an explicit video of Sire dancing in lingerie circulated on the Internet. Sire went through a lot in the past year, and has learned to become much stronger.


The court stops the media from exposing additional naked photos & videos and Sire Ma may commit suicide

The hearing was conducted in the high court and the judge pointed out that the exposure of Sire Ma’s erotic dancing video might have invaded her privacy and health issue as well. As such, the judge imposed an injunction towards the media from exposing additional Sire Ma’s naked photos and videos.

Virginia Lok (樂易玲) ordered Sire Ma to return to Mainland China to avoid rumours

After the injunction, the media could not use third party to expose the naked photos and videos and ordered the media to transfer the contents from the designated computer within 7 days. As the lawyer represented Sire Ma, he or she pointed out that Sire was greatly affected by the incident and needed to see a psychiatric doctor. It showed that her condition was adverse and Sire Ma might commit suicide should if she saw the sad news when the media continued to expose more naked photos and videos.

Subsequently, Sire Ma expressed her gratitude to her lawyer for assistance and offered apology to her family, colleagues and seniors as well. During a telephone interview, Virginia Lok, TVB senior expressed her concern for Sire Ma. She told her to return to Mainland China, and it will be safer being looked after by her family


Sire Ma sues media agency for invasion of privacy


7 Aug – TVB actress Sire Ma has recently filed a lawsuit against Next Media’s seven companies for invasion of privacy, after their news portals released her semi-nude clips and photos to the public.

According to Mingpao News, the actress sought for the court to prohibit the defendants from re-publishing and/or uploading the movies and photos, as well as surrender all and permanently delete the relevant clips and photos.

She also demanded that the defendants pay her an unreported amount of compensation for the infringement of privacy.

The seven companies under Next Media that were listed include Next Magazine Publishing Ltd, Apple Daily Limited, Face Magazine Ltd. and Apple Internet Limited.

“Hong Kong is ruled by law and I believe that the law gives protection to every citizen. Thank you for your concern.”

(Photo credit:



Malaysia Chronicle

Saturday, 02 August 2014 19:14

HK starlet Sire Ma’s second steamy video discovered, MORE sordid details revealed

It is understood that the police has already captured the person who leaked the video after Sire provided a list of likely suspects, reports Jayne Stars.

The police also discovered a second video of Sire singing in the bathroom, dressed in black lingerie with what looked like a possible sex toy in the sink.

The video lasted approximately 20 seconds, where Sire spent the first half of it singing to herself in front of a mirror and only stopped to talk to someone outside the hotel bathroom.

“I have never requested her to film those videos. At that time, she said she wanted to give me a surprise. There were more subsequently, and she prepared different kinds of uniforms, from the nurse or student uniforms. She gave me a lot of excitement, but now when I looked back, I felt it was ridiculous,” said Wang.

According to Asian Pop News, Wang also claimed to that they had more affairs in overseas.

“When we went to Singapore and Vietnam, we also did all these [filming videos]. At Vietnam, she even dragged me to a nearby woods near our resort…

Wang also claimed that she filmed sex videos together with Sire during their 3 months affair. According to Wang, the camera was owned by Sire and Sire directed the videos.


重案組鎖定幕後黑手 馬賽新片浴室放性玩具: 上周「馬賽艷舞片」震驚全城,餘威更伸延至本周。在記招中落住淚的馬賽,承認仍有淫片未出街,事件已交由重案組接手…

撐馬賽露點艷舞片惹禍 疑似胡杏兒床片瘋傳: 愛情,果然是可以甜蜜,亦可以很痛苦。自從上年底馬賽傳出與汪子琦斷背歐遊,二人被拍下當街喪咀之後,更引來與汪子琦…

Sire Ma and Ex-Lover Filmed Sex Video Together



Read what she said at a press conference.

Malaysia Chronicle

HK starlet Sire Ma cries at presser, admits she filmed MORE sexy videos

Sire Admits There Are More Sexy Videos
Asked if there are more sexy videos of her in existence, Sire said, “There should be more. This is of a very personal nature, please allow me to not respond to the question. I know who has these videos and what I don’t have myself. I also don’t know if the media already has copies of [more] photos or videos.”

Revealing that she had taken the video last year, Sire was asked who had filmed her and why she was willing to bare all her intimate parts. “Of course, the person used to be someone I was very close with. Like I said in my earlier statement, I blindly trusted someone while in love. Even if there are many examples you can learn from around you, when you are deeply in love, you will think this will never happen to you. You will think that the other person will protect you. Now I know that only I can protect myself, so women should never take these photos or videos.”

When it was pointed out that her eyes appeared unfocused in the video, Sire said that she was not filmed under the influence of any drugs. “I may have drank a bit of alcohol.”


It was a vicious act, perhaps of revenge?


三點盡露片瘋傳 馬賽淫上絕路 承認還有艷照: 去年底馬賽遭踢爆硬撬上海富婆 Laura牆腳,與內地女製片汪子琦玩斷背,啜爆上海外灘。為錢攣又得直又得,馬賽…

For revealing photos, click on the link below:


TVB前港姐季军马赛Sire Ma三级艳照疯传 跳艳舞视频曝光 穿情趣透视内衣三点尽露

*This video has been removed in deference to the court ruling..

Accompanied by TVB Deputy Director of External Affairs Tsang Tsing Ming (曾醒明) at the press conference, Sire revealed that all her work arrangements will be halted for an unspecified amount of time, reports Jayne Stars.


This is why.


Someone leaked a private video of Sire Ma over the Internet.

In the half-minute clip obviously meant to tease her lover, Sire’s intimate parts were revealed in the sheer outfit as she danced and touched herself inside a hotel room.

Sire has already informed the police. Since it is a matter of personal privacy, Sire stated she has the right to pursue legal action. She claimed she does not have stills of the video or the video itself. Since Sire’s lesbian relationship with mainland businesswoman Wang Ziqi (汪子琦) ended on an ugly note, speculations cropped up that Ziqi may have leaked Sire’s lingerie video

Source: / MingPao
Translated by: Chloe.C @


Video of Sire Ma doing sexy provocative dance leaks out; TVB immediately stops all her jobs

Last year, after news broke out about Sire Ma being the third party of Wang Zi Qi and wealthy upper-class woman, Laura’s relationship, she was immediately frozen by TVB. Who knew that shortly after Sire resumed work again that a video of her doing a sexy dance would be leaked. The video appears to be filmed in a hotel, with Sire doing a sexy provocative dance. In the half-minute clip, short-haired Sire Ma is wearing sexy lingerie, which reveals all two “private parts”, using all she has to “tease”. With the background music, Doris Day’s “Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps”, she danced to the camera, and even spread her thighs, twisted her hip, touched her breasts, etc. A series of sexually flirty actions, definitely very daring. Afterwards, four more photos of her baring her “three points”, and a photo with Sire Ma’s head on a half naked body, lying on a bed, touching her own breasts were also leaked onto the internet. Some people suspect that the photo of Sire lying on a bed may be photoshopped, and that Sire’s body doesn’t seem to be as “plentiful” as the photo’s.


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