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27 August 2015


Heard of China’s Fake Rolexes? Now There’s a Fake Goldman Sachs

Fake watches, fake cars, and now even a fake in

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China has been accused of pirating movies, handbags, Rolexes — even cars. Add Goldman Sachs to the list.

Goldman Sachs (Shenzhen) Financial Leasing Co. has been operating in the city just across the border from Hong Kong using a nearly identical English and Chinese name as the New York-based financial institution, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. It claims on its website to be one of the city’s largest financial leasing firms.

A receptionist answering the phone at the Shenzhen company who declined to give her name said it’s not affiliated with the U.S. bank and wouldn’t offer how it got its name, emphasizing it includes Shenzhen. It’s the first time she’s been asked the question, she said.

A filing with the Shenzhen government indicates the company has been operating since May 2013. The company uses the same Chinese characters, gao sheng, as the real Goldman Sachs, and its English font is evocative of the U.S. bank’s.

Connie Ling, a Hong Kong-based spokeswoman for Goldman Sachs, confirmed there are no ties between the U.S. investment bank and the Shenzhen company and said Goldman is looking into the matter.


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Married man in Shanghai ordered to pay 30,000 RMB for violating another woman’s ‘virginity right’

A married man living in Shanghai who had an affair with another woman was recently ordered to pay 30,000 yuan in compensation for ‘violating her virginity by deception,’ the Pudong New Area People’s court announced yesterday, adding that this was the first case of its kind in the city.

The plaintiff, a 35-year-old woman surnamed Chen, began dating the man last September after they’d met online five years ago, according to Shanghai Daily. The man, surnamed Li, told Chen that he was single, and the couple ended up having sex on a trip to Singapore.

Three months later, Li broke up with Chen unexpectedly and ended all contact with her. In February, she broke into Li’s Pudong apartment where she found him with his wife, to whom he’d been married since January 2013.

Chen, who said she takes relationships very seriously, filed a lawsuit against Li on March 26 on the grounds that he had violated her virginity deceivingly. She demanded a written apology and 500,000 yuan in compensation.

HIRING A PROSTITUTE IN CHINA IS A CRIME. Being a prostitute is also a crime.

Though illegal, prostitution is common in China, and authorities periodically crack down on the industry.

Film director Wang Quanan has been detained for whoring in Beijing while his actress wife’s in NYC for Fashion Week


China detains famed film director for prostitution

Associated Press


BEIJING (AP) — Chinese film director Wang Quan’an, a Berlin International Film Festival winner known for the movies “Tuya’s Marriage” and “White Deer Plain,” has been detained on the charge of hiring prostitutes, Beijing police said Monday.

Wang, 48, is the latest person caught up in a broad anti-vice campaign in which Chinese authorities appear to be making examples out of celebrities accused of engaging in prostitution or using drugs.

Wang was found with a suspected prostitute several days ago in a Beijing apartment and paid the woman 800 yuan ($130) for the service, police said in a statement. Wang paid for sex services for three nights in a row and on one night had sex with two women at once, the statement said.

Wang’s wife, actress Zhang Yuqi, 28, posted a message on her microblog Monday saying the situation had caused public harm and she believed that law enforcement agencies would deal with it fairly. “The impact on our family is something the two of us will have to face together honestly and jointly bear,” said the post on her Twitter-like Sina Weibo account.


DO  YOU REMEMBER?  Chongqing City in South West China created the first exclusive sidewalk for mobile phone users in the world.

Well, now that the place is flooded, what else is there to do but fish?

China creates its first no-cellphone sidewalk lane

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Chongqing streets flood after downpour, residents go fishin’





Suixi in Guangdong Province traffic police “car” getting caught has been suspended

Recently, some users post, suixi, Zhanjiang, Guangdong, Yang Gan town “traffic Police Bureau” wife with another person in the car, “the car” each other husband caught him red-handed and taken to the police station. The afternoon of September 15, suixi County Public Security Bureau confirmed that the man was just an ordinary traffic police, has now been suspended, was under investigation.

Posted by claiming to, witnessed “a sex reality car show, straying husbands caught secretly several times unsuccessfully, but last night he was caught red-handed, got each other old public pipes knock on window glass, seized the police station. Were caught in three railway in suixi, cheating site next to the railway troops. ”

NET post also posted several photos, photos of a naked middle-aged man who has seemingly beaten the purple scars, and has blood, stood next to a crowd of onlookers. Broke the post say “car” event of both male and female family: “the man as Yang Gan traffic Police Bureau”.

Traffic police officer in Guangdong caught having car sex with wife by angry husband


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LIVER CANCER is the highest killer in China. This is due thetoxic and hazardous chemical pollution.


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China admits pollution has caused ‘cancer villages’

The Chinese government has admitted for the first time that decades of reckless pollution have spawned a string of toxic “cancer villages”.

Houwanggezhuang: Communist Party Congress: inside the Chinese village 'shrouded in the shadow of cancer'

Located around 40 miles north-east of central Beijing, this tiny suburban village first made headlines in 2008 when a local newspaper reported suspicions that pollution from the factory had caused a spike in cancer-related deaths and described it as “a village shrouded in the shadow of cancer”.  Photo: Adam Dean

8:46AM GMT 22 Feb 2013

The admission by China’s Environment ministry came in a five-year plan on tackling pollution.

“In recent years, toxic and hazardous chemical pollution has caused many environmental disasters, cutting off drinking water supplies, and even leading to severe health and social problems such as ‘cancer villages’” the document says.

Environmentalists have long campaigned for the government to recognise and help the hundreds of cancer clusters caused by poisoned soil, water or air. In 2009, Deng Fei, an investigative journalist helped to plot some of the worst-hit villages on a Google map.


Creating history? Is this the first exclusive sidewalk for mobile phone users in the world?

Chongqing City is in South West China.

China creates its first no-cellphone sidewalk lane

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Smartphone users in China now have their own walking lane

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Watch your temper, Uncle! It could happen to YOU!

Old Man Slaps Youth For Not Giving Up Seat, Then Suddenly Dies

An elderly person slapped a young person four times after arguing with the young person over giving up one’s seat, and then collapsed in the public bus in anger. When paramedics arrived, the elderly person was no longer breathing. Yesterday afternoon, this scene that happened on the 919 Route public bus left people sighing [shaking their heads].

Yesterday at 4:50pm, about 50 meters north of the Zhongyuan Road and Qinling Road intersection, a 919 Route west-bound public bus was stopped on the fast lane. Emergency medical personnel were attempting to revive an elderly person in the bus.

“The elderly person must’ve been so angry that it triggered something bad. He wanted a youth around 20 years old to give up their seat, but the young person refused, so the two began arguing, and the elderly person slapped the youth 4 times,” said a passenger surnamed Wang.

Driver Ge says at around 4:30pm, while approaching the Tongbai Road and Jianshe Road intersection, he had told the two to get off the bus after hearing the arguing, but by the time he reached the intersection, the two were no longer arguing. “It was at that moment that someone said the elder person had collapsed and I immediately stopped the bus.” Driver Ge says he doesn’t know when the young person who had been arguing with the elderly person had gotten off the bus.


Yes, it happens only in China.

Watch: Catfight between woman and husband’s mistress turns semi-naked in Guangdong street


Girls fight in public: Woman strips another girl’s clothes off for stealing her man



Wuhan college builds transparent, ‘economical’ bathrooms in dorms


The Wuhan Institute of Bioengineering explained that the design saved electricity? Huh? Oh I see! No need to turn on bathroom lights as the light from the bedroom would be bright enough.

BEFORE: Students complained about the EXPOSURE!


AFTER: 1.5m high wall paper to cover your private parts.



Hunan’s best-dressed vegetable vendor dreams of holding his own fashion show

Hunan’s best-dressed vegetable vendor dreams of holding his own fashion show



The hawker, surnamed Chen, said he’s grown and sold vegetables for 10 years, while focusing on clothing design on the side. He loves trying on his own fashion creations and occasionally posing for his neighbors.

Chen sells his vegetables every other day. The veggies are often snatched up while he is still on the way to the market, as he doesn’t spray agricultural chemicals upon his plants.


NO, THEY ARE NOT BEING PUNISHED! There just isn’t any money for chairs…

On the first day of school in Linyi, Shandong province..

Shandong students stand all day due to lack of funding for chairs in school


They are writing…


Shandong students stand all day due to lack of funding for chairs in school



As of Tuesday afternoon, 11 people have died and 27 others are missing in the torrential in southwest China’s Municipality.

Rainstorms, landslides leave 8 dead, 24 missing in SW China’s Chongqing

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Man in Sichuan offers 1 million yuan for ‘adopted mother’



Applicants must be at least 57 years old, well-educated, have no history of drug use and have travel experience abroad.

The money in that basin is real, according to passersby.

You will get 1 million yuan ($162,000) if he accepts you.

Sorry, Malaysian Chinese need not apply. Only China women are eligible!


LOOK: Baby-shaped ginseng fruit sold at Hangzhou supermarket

LOOK: Baby-shaped ginseng fruit sold at Hangzhou supermarket

This weird/adorable baby-shaped ginseng fruit is currently on sale at a supermarket in Hangzhou, attracting shoppers’ eyeballs and photo ops galore, duh.


The baby-shaped ginseng fruit sell for 25.8 yuan each, was dubbed the “high-end and groovy“ type of fruit of all.


By Lucy Liu

[ Images China News ]


Security guards beat Beijing man with bats, get vehicles destroyed by his colleagues



Witnesses say that the victim, M. Zhou, was innocent. According to one witness the security guards were packing up vendors’ booths when Mr. Zhou got off his electric motor scooter and took a few pictures with his phone. At that moment, one of the guards yelled, “what are you looking at!” and demanded that Zhou hand in his phone. When Zhou refused, they started beating him about the head with baseball bats

Mr. Zhou fled but the guards still chased and beat him for 50 metres.


Some of his co-workers rushed to the scene and destroyed several vehicles belonging to the security guards.

By Lucy Liu

[ Images via People Daily ]




An uprising. Jiangxi man displays his displeasure to the police after motorbike confiscated:

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Guangxi villagers apply medieval punishment against two teenage duck thieves:

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PHOTOS: 14-year-old duck thieves in Guangxi forced to publicly kneel with dead ducks in their mouths

PHOTOS: 14-year-old duck thieves in Guangxi forced to publicly kneel with dead ducks in their mouths

On Monday, two 14-year-old boys caught trying to steal ducks in Guangxi were forced by nearby villagers to kneel by the roadside with dead ducks hanging off their shoulders and suspended from their mouths.


I can understand how the boy felt! The house next door has been under renovation for more than 10 months and the continuous drilling can really drive you crazy!

Guizhou boy decides workers outside his apartment are too loud, cuts safety rope


Guizhou boy decides workers outside his apartment are too loud, cuts safety rope

A 10-year-old boy in Guizhou who was watching TV in his eighth-floor apartment decided to take matters into his own hands when his cartoons kept getting interrupted by the sound of construction on Monday. The boy reportedly cut in half the safety rope attached to the worker who was installing lights on his building, leaving the man dangling in mid-air for up to 40 minutes before he was rescued, according to Xinhua News.




White geese attack tourist who steps out of bounds in Guizhou

White geese attack tourist who steps out of bounds in Guizhou

A tourist in Congjiang County, Guizhou who walked into a stream to take photos was quickly driven out by two white geese who aggressively defended their territory.





That’ll teach him! Beijing woman throws purse at foreign boyfriend after discovering it’s a fake via


See what happened when she discovered to be a fake!

LOOK: Beijing woman throws purse at foreign boyfriend after discovering it’s a fake


The lady apparently didn’t anticipate it would be fake as her foreign boyfriend told her he’d purchased it abroad. She then took it to a luxury goods appraiser in Beijing, who identified it as a fugazi. She promptly flew into rage and threw the fake bag at her boyfriend.

By Lucy Liu

Women got nuts. Things you see in RT Beijing woman removes bra to be inspected at appraisal fair

Beijing woman removes bra for luxury appraiser to identify after doubting his capabilities


A young woman who took off her bra at a luxury appraisal fair in Beijing has become the subject of chatter among web users, China Youth Daily reports.

Initially, the woman handed over her purse to be identified by a male appraiser. After telling her that the handbag was neither a world-famous brand nor a luxury product, she grew irate and questioned how many luxury brands he actually knew.



In the heat of the argument, the woman suddenly whipped off her bra and gave it to the appraiser for identification. The embarrassed appraiser braved the “bra identification” and confirmed that her lingerie was indeed that of a world-famous brand.

The woman left the scene in a huff, leaving a sea of gawkers in her wake.

By Lucy Liu



Woman drags her phone-addicted boyfriend across Beijing subway platform

Watch: Woman drags her phone-addicted boyfriend across Beijing subway platform


A young woman shocked commuters waiting for the train at a Beijing subway station when she began dragging her boyfriend for up to 10 meters because he wouldn’t get off his cell phone, Apple Daily reports.

A passenger recorded and uploaded the scene via cell phone at Beijing Metro Line 10, where the young woman dragged her boyfriend on board a train despite the man almost being squeezed in between the closing doors.

Click on this link and watch the video:




The mystery of the meat cleaver on the wall of the 13th floor!


By Alex Finnis for MailOnline

Chinese police are trying to dissect a bizarre mystery after a meat cleaver was found jammed into a block of flats nearly 13 floors up.

Baffled officers are being driven up the wall trying to work out how the huge knife got there, nearly 150ft above the ground, as it is not close to any windows.

The cleaver was discovered by residents of the apartment block in Chengdu, Sichuan province, embedded in the outer wall between the 12th and 13th floors.

Knife block: Chinese police cannot figure out how the meat cleaver got jammed so high up the building

‘It’s really creepy. No-one knows how it got there and now we’re all afraid to sit on or balconies or leave our windows open,’ said resident Chan Juan Ts’ai. ‘We just woke up one morning and it was there.’


Wanita China Sembur Mesin ATM Dengan Air Kencing Kerana Marah Dengan Bank

She was so angry that she returned to the bank with urine to splash on seeveral ATMs.

Video: Woman sprays urine on ATM in China


Two-year-old plays hide-and-seek in a shopping mall only to find himself stuck inside a cash dispenser

Click on this link for the report and video:

Toddler Saved from ATM booth in China

Two-year-old plays hide-and-seek in a shopping mall only to find himself stuck inside a cash dispenser

According to local media, the two-year-old was playing hide-and-seek with his grandparents at a shopping centre when he walked into the booth as a hiding place. Unfortunately, the door locked when it closed behind him, leaving the boy trapped inside.

Firemen managed to unlock the door from inside with a stick to free the toddler who was distressed but otherwise unharmed in the incident.




Photography Friday: The side effects of China’s wealth boom

Photography Friday: The side effects of China's wealth boom

Chinese youths weigh themselves a fitness center. China currently boasts world’s second largest obese population, a stat that’s been attributed to increased processed/fast food options, lack of emphasis on exercise, and the “little emperor syndrome” that comes with China’s expanding wealth.


China boasts second-largest obese population in the world


China is home to the second-largest population of obese people in the world, just behind the United States (USA!! USA!), according to a study published in The Lancet, an international medical journal.

More than half of the world’s obese population lives in 10 countries, the study found. The US tops off the list with a triumphant 86.9 million obese people followed, in a panting effort, by China with around 62 million obese, or more than nine percent of the world’s obese population.

These are the top 10 most obese countries:

1. United States
2. China
3. India
4. Russia
5. Brazil
6. Mexico
7. Egypt
8. Germany
9. Pakistan
10. Indonesia


China toddler fights fat in land of little emperors

GUANGZHOU, China Fri Apr 1, 2011 8:49am

Lu Zhihao, 4, kicks a ball at a basketball court in Foshan, Guangdong province March 28, 2011. REUTERS-Joe Tan

Lu Zhihao, 4, kicks a ball at a basketball court in Foshan, Guangdong province March 28, 2011.
Credit: Reuters/Joe Tan



After his crime, he left a note for students, “All that is taught by teachers is wrong. Self-study is the key.”


Natalie Wang

Thief Ransacks 80 Classrooms, Leaves Snarky Note Behind for Students

Posted: 07/9/2014 11:08 am

Normally we assume when a thief finishes stealing something, he or she would hurry away from the scene of the crime. However, that wasn’t the case for a 22 year-old man who left a snarky note on a blackboard after ransacking school property, asking students not to believe things taught by teachers.

According to a report by Southern Capital, a man surnamed Li from southwestern Sichuan Province stole cash, ID cards, hundreds of euros and other property worth of thousands of yuan from about 80 classrooms from three different high schools last year.

We don’t know if miserable school memories prompted him to leave a note on one of the classroom’s blackboards, but he obviously took his time to write, “All that is taught by teachers is wrong. Self-study is the key.”

The thief was finally arrested in Nanjing after being caught on security camera.

He’s been sentenced to four years and three months in jail by a district court in Guangzhou.


Blood can legally be donated in China from the ages of 18 to 55.

China Blood Donation Scandal: 7 People Arrested For Forcing School Children To Donate Blood


Sunday August 17, 2014 MYT 12:44:11 PM

China gang forced children to donate blood

Beijing (AFP) – Police arrested seven people in northwest China allegedly involved in a scheme that forced school children to donate blood, state media reported.

The arrested are the deputy chief of a blood centre operated by a company in Gansu province, whose surname was given as Huang, and six jobless men, the official Xinhua news agency reported late Friday.

The company, Lanzhou Institute of Biological Products in the city of Wuwei, is one of the country’s biggest producers of blood products, the report said.

According to the report, a friend of Huang’s surnamed Zhang and some of Zhang’s friends forced primary and secondary school children to go to the centre to donate blood, Xinhua said, citing an unnamed official with the public security bureau in Wuwei’s Liangzhou District.

The gang beat the children to make them cooperate and the scandal came to light when one of the them sought assistance from his parents, the report said.





Frolicking at the nude swimming pond on the outskirts of Beijing.

“Meditation,” taken by Chinese master photographer Lang Jingshan, is said to be China’s earliest surviving artistic nude shot.

“Meditation,” taken by Chinese master photographer Lang Jingshan in 1928, is said to be China’s earliest surviving artistic nude shot. [File photo]

The photo, which appeared during Lang’s photography exhibition at the National Art Museum of China in October 2013, was one of of his 134 photographic artworks donated to the museum by his daughter Lang Yuwen.

Lang took the photo in 1928, with a girl surnamed Zhang as his model. It was said that the girl suffered brutal kicks and blows from her father who heard it four days later, as nude modeling at that time was regarded as shameful.

Lang Jingshan, a pioneer of photography in China [File photo]

In 1930, Lang published his “Album of Nude Photographs,” the first of its kind in China.

Chinese police sacked after nude swim makes waves: BEIJING, Aug 19 — Eight Chinese policemen were sacked today…

Chinese police sacked after nude swim makes waves

August 19, 2013

The auxiliary police officers were dismissed for “causing a negative impact on the image of the police”, Xinhua news agency quoted the public security bureau of Lushan county in the central province of Henan as saying.

It said the dismissals came after photos circulated online showing the eight skinny-dipping or standing on the shore, with their uniforms on the bank. Two police vehicles were parked nearby.

The person who posted the pictures online said the nude swim occurred at a scenic tourist spot in Lushan.

Three of the men’s superiors have received penalties ranging from demerits to dismissal, authorities said. — AFP


ANYTHING GOES IN CHINA? Do Malaysian bus drivers eat with chopsticks while driving?

LOOK: ‘Bus driver of the year’ eats dinner while driving, endangers lives


LOOK: ‘Bus driver of the year’ eats dinner while driving, endangers lives


It’s apparent that the wheels in this Quanzhou bus driver’s head weren’t exactly going ’round and round’ when he decided to eat his dinner while driving, endangering the lives of his passengers.

And this wasn’t a ‘grab and gulp’ affair. According to eyewitnesses, the driver would alternate between holding the wheel and using chopsticks, and between looking at his meal and at the road.



This couple apparently had their home demolished. Why? Were they illegal squatters? Did they own the place but refused to sell? The most important questions: Will the Government investigate? Have they recourse to Law?

A Henan couple got dragged away from home at midnight & thrown in graveyard. Their home turned into ruins in few hrs

China Smack

Chinese Couple Abducted, Return to Find Home Demolished

August 8 around 12am in the early morning, next to the 107 Highway in Henan province Xinzheng city Longhu town, Zhong Hongwei’s home had over a dozen strangers break in, forcibly drag him and his wife out of their slumber and out into a small van without a license plate and taken away.

Undressed, the couple was abducted by these people for around four hours, then dumped in a remote cemetery.

By the time the couple had got back to their home, their home had become a pile of rubble, their possessions smashed.


Facing the home they had worked so hard to build with their own blood and sweat money, Zhang Hongwei’s wife bitterly wept.


Chinese Couple Abducted, Return to Find Home Demolished



LOOK: Sichuan man nonchalant about knife sticking out of his skull


Knife falls from sky into Chinese man’s head

A five-inch kitchen knife falls from the sky and enters the head of 57-year-old man in Sichuan province

Mr Xiao is still being treated in his local intensive care unit

Mr Xiao is still being treated in his local intensive care unit 

Last Thursday morning, 57-year-old Xiao Yunzhi was taking a stroll in his home town of Guangyuan, Sichuan province, when his head started feeling strangely heavy.

But it was only when the local tobacconist stared at him, slack-jawed, and pointed to the top of his skull that he realised that something was amiss.

As Mr Xiao was passing underneath a high-rise apartment block, a five-inch kitchen knife had fallen from an eighth-floor balcony, embedding itself up its hilt in the left side of his head, but without piercing his skull.

The owner of the knife, a man named only as Mr Wu, said he had left the knife in a flowerpot on the balcony, never thinking that it might drop.

“They told the police that the wind must have blown it off. They have already come to visit my brother in the hospital and have paid some of his medical bills,” Miss Xiao said. “I only hope he can get better soon,” she added.


Sm group of students protest woeful sex ed. My bf thought period blood was blue after tv ads, says one mt@shanghaiist

The National Health and Family Planning Commission reported that 13 million Chinese women, half of them university students, underwent abortion procedures each year.

Even more alarming, as Xinhua reported last year, an estimated 7,000 people in the country of student age are HIV-positive.

Recent reports have indicated that HIV cases attributed to unsafe sex continue to rise in China, as sexual contact now accounts for almost 90 percent of the country’s new HIV infections.

The student demonstrators believe that better sex education across the country could address some of these staggering statistics.

Beijing college students hold demonstration demanding sex education


A group of 11 students at Beijing Normal University held a demonstration this week demanding better sex education at China’s colleges.

The students were seen holding signs that read “Adult videos can’t be our sex education; universities must say yes to sex education” and “We want to enjoy safe sex lives”.

She added that some students’ lack of knowledge surrounding sex was “ridiculous”, citing the case of her own boyfriend who actually thought menstrual blood was blue, as shown in sanitary pad advertisements.



Firework show on Huangpu river kicks off new Shanghai art exhibition

Firework show on Huangpu river kicks off new Shanghai art exhibition


Plumes of colorful smoke could be seen rising from Shanghai’s Huangpu River yesterday afternoon after artist Cai Guoqiang lit off fireworks to celebrate the opening of his solo exhibition at the Power Station of Art.



40歲的湖北婦女吳女士染髮後,雙腿每天麻痺,抽血檢查時發現中水銀毒,血液的水銀含量超標三倍。醫生指染髮劑含不良成分,毒素從其頭皮傷口滲入體內造成中毒,經治療後已出院。醫生說,染髮劑含重金屬鹽,可引發口腔炎、神經衰退或癌症,呼吁民眾每年勿用超過2次。40 years of Hubei women she dyed hair, her legs paralyzed every day, blood tests and found mercury poisoning, blood mercury levels exceeding three times.

Doctors refer to hair dye containing undesirable substances, toxins from the scalp wound penetrated the body poisoning, had been treated and discharged from hospital. Doctors say hair dye containing heavy metal salts can lead to aphthous stomatitis, neural degeneration or cancer, called on people to do not use more than 2 times a year.



Alert for women on cancer dangers in hair dye

by TIM UTTON, Daily Mail

Fears over the safety of hair dyes intensified yesterday after a European Commission watchdog withdrew support for the products.

The scientific panel said there is not enough evidence to prove that such dyes, linked in recent studies to bladder cancer and rheumatoid arthritis, are safe.

Concerned consumers have been advised to stop using them. The highest risks are associated with dark-coloured, permanent dyes used every four to six weeks.

Millions of women regularly dye their hair and the market for the products is worth £ 175million in the UK alone.

The watchdog’s decision comes after research indicating monthly users more than double their risk of bladder cancer. The results prompted the European Commission to ask manufacturers for details of safety tests.

Dr Ian White, chairman of the Scientific Committee on Cosmetic and Non-Food Products and consultant dermatologist at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, said: ‘They have not provided ample information that the dye is safe. Isn’t it amazing that a product should have such wide gaps in its toxicological requirements but be on sale?’

In its report, the committee called on the European Commission to act to protect consumers.

The European cosmetic industry uses a number of permanent hair dyes and the safety of these has not yet been assessed by authorities,’ it said.

‘The committee is of the opinion that the information submitted is insufficient to allow for an adequate risk assessment. Accordingly, it is not possible to assess the safe use of the substance.

‘Any robust epidemiological investigation in Europe would take years, but there is a need for measures to protect the consumer in the interim.’

Scientists are particularly worried about the long-term effects of PPD, or para-Phenylenediamine, used in dark hair dyes.

The report added: ‘There are indications derived from experiments in rats that PPD may be carcinogenic upon long-term application with hydrogen peroxide.’ The Cancer Research Society advised concerned consumers to stop using the products until further research has been completed.

Research in Sweden suggested that chemicals found in colouring products might damage the immune system, triggering rheumatoid arthritis.

And an investigation of 1,500 people with bladder cancer in California found women who used permanent hair dyes once a month were twice as likely to get the disease.

Some hairdressers were 50 per cent more likely to have bladder cancer. In the UK each year there are more than 12,000 new cases and 4,900 deaths from the cancer.

Certain chemicals have already been shown to cause the disease, including those used in the painting and dyeing industries.

Alert for women on cancer dangers in hair dye | Mail Online


Doctors extract tongs plunged into man’s head during domestic argument

HE QUARRELLED WITH HIS WIFE AND GOT A PAIR OF TONGS IN HIS HEAD! Someone said that he was lucky. At least he didn’t get his manhood cut off!


A man in Shangrao, Jiangxi province managed to walk away without any damage to his brain after doctors removed a pair of tongs that were stabbed into the back of his head during an argument with his wife on August 3.

The victim, in his 40s, was rushed to a local hospital, where doctors extracted the tongs embedded four-centimeters deep in his head, ECNS reports.


The doctor who operated on the man said he suffered only minor wounds and that he was recovering well post-surgery.



WOAH – Massive pulled out of the water in

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Photos: Shandong fishermen haul in massive whale shark


Fishermen in Rizhao, Shandong Province, hauled in an utterly massive 10-meter-long (32 foot) whale shark on Sunday, and took plenty of photos as a friendly reminder that oceans are terrifying places full of monsters. The giant fish weighed some 10,000 kilograms and was dead on arrival, but the fishermen brought it back to land where, with the use of a crane, dropped it into a truck.




This shark, along with that terrifyingly massive beast a few years back, serve as steady reminders to never go into the ocean ever.

[Images via Back China]


Powerful Earthquake Kills 367 in Southern China: …like a “battlefield after bombardment.”

The death toll keeps rising after an earthquake measuring from 6.1 to 6.5, according to different estimates, hit China’s southwestern Yunnan province. The latest number of dead is nearing 400 while the number of injured is 1,900 people.

15:20 GMT:

About 12,000 homes collapsed in Ludian county, where some 429,000 people live and that is located around 366 kilometers (277 miles) northeast of Yunnan’s capital, Kunming.

15:18 GMT:

“The aftermath is much, much worse than what happened after the quake two years ago,” Ma Liya, a resident of Zhaotong tells Xinhua. “I have never felt such strong tremors before. What I can see are all ruins.”

14:16 GMT:

More than 2,500 troops have been sent to quake zone to help in the rescue. The civil affairs authorities has sent 2,000 tents, 3,000 folding beds, 3,000 quilts and 3,000 coats to the quake region. AP reports that the Red Cross Society of China allocated quilts, jackets and tents for those made homeless by the quake, while Red Cross branches in Hong Kong, Macau and neighboring Sichuan province also sent relief supplies.

14:13 GMT:

At least 175 people were killed and 1,400 injured in the earthquake, state media reports.

China earthquake death toll rises to 367 (LIVE UPDATES)

At least 175 dead after quake hits southwest China

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BREAKING: At least 150 dead after strong earthquake hits China

Embedded image permalink

BBC News China

Earthquake ‘kills 150’ in south-west China

A general view shows collapsed houses after an earthquake hit Ludian county, Yunnan provinceLocal officials said many houses had collapsed

Xinhua said about 12,000 homes had collapsed in Ludian, a county of some 439,000 people, north-east of Yunnan province’s capital, Kunming.

All of the casualties reported so far are in Qiaojia County of the Zhaotong region, which appeared to be the hardest hit.

Ma Liya, a resident of Zhaotong, told Xinhua that the streets there were like “battlefield after bombardment”, adding her neighbour’s house, a new two-storey building, had collapsed.

The government is sending 2,000 tents, 3,000 folding beds, 3,000 quilts and 3,000 coats to the disaster zone, the report said.


BREAKING NEWS! Explosion at a metal production factory in East China’s Jiangsu! It is a car parts factory.

ระเบิดโรงงานตีเหล็กที่จีน ตาย 65 เจ็บมากกว่า 120 คน Explosion hits factory in East China‘s Jiangsu Province:

 Click on the photo for the video!
Uploads from CCTV News

China : 65 killed, over 100 injured in factory explosion in Kunshan in Jiangsu province.

Embedded image permalink

At least 65 dead & over 120 injured after a huge hit a metal production factory in East China’s Jiangsu.

A powerful has killed 65 people and injured more than 150 others in City, Province.

65 dead, 150 injured in factory blast

A powerful factory blast has killed 65 people and injured more than 150 others in Kunshan City of east China’s Jiangsu Province on Saturday morning, government sources said. [Photo/Sina Weibo]



Well, this was one time he should not have done it!


Terrible Beijing burglar wakes up house owners by flushing toilet


A thief in Beijing gave himself away during a routine house burglary when he took a break from his pilfering to use the toilet and woke the home owners up with the flushing sound, Jinhua News reports.

Long had already pocketed 700 yuan in cash and a phone charger before Zhang, the house owner, was roused by the noise from the toilet. He walked into the living room, where he found a stranger coming out from his restroom. Zhang shouted at the man to lie down, and he and his wife tied the thief up and called the cops.

[Image via Hunan Daily ‘s Weibo]

By Christy Lau

Terrible Beijing burglar wakes up house owners by flushing toilet


For Chinese Valentine’s Day, 2 August 2014!


LOOK: Shanghai designer releases ‘cheeky’ peaches in lingerie for Chinese Valentine’s


Check out these ‘sexy’ peaches in bikini bottoms created by a Shanghai designer, and weird fruit fetishist, for Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Each limited edition gift box contains 9 fruit and costs 498 RMB. However, at the moment, it appears that the designer only allows her friends from her own social circle to order them, so your ‘sex on the peach’ will have to wait.

[Images via Sina Weibo]

LOOK: Shanghai designer releases ‘cheeky’ peaches in lingerie for Chinese Valentine’s


If you are a street performer, there is nothing wrong in following the idiom, Monkey see, monkey do.


Guangzhou ‘Monkey King’ performs on tree branches to earn a living

z4 z1


[Images Via Tencent News]

By Christy Mak




Wait a few seconds for the video to come on…


Play Video





There were 24 of these bus shelters along Jiangbei Avenue, Nanjing.

NOW YOU DON’T! All 24 are gone.


The area has no surveillance cameras, so no one knows who took them.

Shanghaiist, Bus Shelters Allegedly Stolen in Nanjing, Netizens Skeptical


It seems to many of us that China Chinese are not the kind of Chinese we want to be!


Shanghaiist 20 April 2014

2 men caught stealing dogs to sell for meat brutally beaten by mob in Guilin


Two men were brutally beaten with bricks and bats by an angry mob of people in Guilin, Guangxi province after they were caught stealing four dogs to sell to restaurants.


The men had been accused of pet dog theft in the past, according to the Daily Mail, which reported that the pair would drive through villages and lure dogs with sedative-laced meat before knocking them dead with bricks and throwing them into their car.

The two were caught when a resident in Sanjiang village returned home to see them dragging his pet into their car, with three other dogs already inside. The resident alerted neighbors who ran in groups and began beating the men on the street.

The mob then smashed the men’s cars with bricks, injuring one in the process. Villagers were so angry that the refused to hand the men over to police, and continued to parade them through the village.

Eventually, families of the beaten men arrived and apologized on their behalf, promising to pay over 5,000 yuan in compensation.

2 men caught stealing dogs to sell for meat brutally beaten


Shanghaiist 29 July 2014

Suspected mistress stripped, beaten by other women in Yulin

They confronted her outside an electronics store.




[Images Via]

By Christy Mak


Shanghaiist 28 July 2014

Bikini-opera in Fujian called ‘an insult’ to traditional art


A set of viral photos showing bikini-clad women with Fujian opera-style headpieces have stirred up talk among netizens who considered the show an insult to Chinese traditions.


Staff at the show claimed that it was just a small-scaled insider catwalk show. A business client requested to mix modern and conventional elements together in the show and didn’t intend to hurt those who are passionate about traditional opera and culture, staff said.

[Images Via]

By Christy Mak


Shanghaiist 26 July 2014

Chengdu teen gets pulled over for driving illegally, calls dad to beat up cop


In Chengdu, a boy, 16, was stopped by traffic police. He was under-aged, and had no licence or registration plate for his motorbike.

He tried to leave but was prevented from doing so. After arguing with the officers, fl he called his father and told him that he’d been hurt by the police.

The boy’s father arrived at the site around 20 minutes later and began shouting at police, before hitting an officer with his hand phone and punching him, knocking  him to the ground.


Other officers came to the aid of the poor policeman.



Father and son were later arrested.

[Images Via Xinhua News]

By Jennifer Hui


China Smack

Chinese Parents Have Child Poop on Airplane Seat, Reactions


July 23 report — According to information from the World Journal in the United States, a Mr. Wang from Rowland Heights said that while he was on a recent Delta flight from Beijing to Detroit, there was a little boy who needed to defecate, and his accompanying grandparents and parents unbelievably laid out newspaper on the seat to have the child “relieve” himself on the spot under the stares of everyone else.

Nearby passengers urged the elders to take the child to the restroom, but the child’s grandfather insisted on letting the child defecate on the newspaper placed on the seat.

Then a stewardess came over to speak to them but the elders were unmoved, leaving the flight attendant no choice but to drop the subject.

As a result of the child defecating in public with lots of people around, the odor polluted the entire cabin, and there were complaints from all the other passengers.

Mr. Wang says the actions of the child’s elders deeply embarrassed all ethnic Chinese people.


Three men in a nursing home had their testicles removed. Involuntarily. They are now being treated.

Ecns.cs Thurs July 24, 2014

Arrest over China nursing home castrations  

黑龙江一养老院3位老人睾丸被割 嫌疑人已被控制


Three victims who are cut off the testicles by a man at a nursing home in Heilongjiang province, get treated at a hospital. (Photo /

Three victims who are cut off the testicles by a man at a nursing home in Heilongjiang province, get treated at a hospital. (Photo /


Man arrested for testicle chopping

24 July 2014 @ 1:06 PM

BEIJING: A man used a blunt razor to chop off the testicles of three patients at a Chinese nursing home, state media said today.

The suspect, who has been arrested, castrated a mentally disabled man aged 60 and removed one testicle each from two bedridden patients aged 53 and 80, the official Xinhua news agency said.

The man “tied up the three inpatients and removed their private parts with a dull razor“, Xinhua cited doctors and victims in northeast China’s Heilongjiang province as saying.

Xinhua cited a member of staff as saying that the suspect, in his 30s, was mentally ill and housed at the home, but patients claimed he was an employee.



China Smack

by on


From NetEase:

Zhengzhou Man Unable to Afford Home After 20 Years of Work Slits Wrist to Commit Suicide

2014 July 15, Zhengzhou city Jingshui district riverside, a man who had cut his wrist in an attempt to commit suicide was saved. His wife says her husband often complained of having “lots of pressure/stress, can’t continue living anymore”. As it is understood, the man is from Xinyang city Pingqiao district [in Henan], and had come to Zhengzhou when he was young to make a living, and has worked in maintenance for a restaurant’s logistics for nearly 20 years now. His wages are about 2000 yuan every month, and lives a very frugal life. He is unable to afford buying a home, the home that he rents will soon be demolished, and it is difficult to find a place that only costs 400-500 yuan a month. Li Sixin/CFP IC



I NO LONGER BUY OR EAT CANNED FOOD FROM CHINA. I haven’t bought any canned food from China for 3 years. I just don’t trust the Chinese canned food industry.

What if I really long for luncheon meat? I pay more and buy Danish.

ALL THESE? CHINA PRODUCTS. As long as it is edible, no thank you!






South China Morning Post

  • Wed
  • Jul 23, 2014

About 100 tonnes of Husi products found at nine of the 22 companies – which include McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC, Dicos and 7-Eleven – had been sealed as evidence.

Police…found 5,108 boxes of suspected contaminated goods at the factory, including McNuggets, mini-steaks and pork pies, the municipal government announced on Weibo.

Xu did not release the names of all the companies involved, but international fast-food chains and convenience stores operating on the mainland were quick to distance themselves from Husi, either by denying they sourced products from the company or withdrawing Husi-made products from their shelves.

Japanese noodle chain Yoshinoya issued a statement saying that Husi was not its supplier. Convenience store operator 7-Eleven said it had no “direct cooperation” with Husi, but took two products off its shelves after checking with its supplier and finding the products may have contained ingredients sourced from Husi.

Five Husi bosses quizzed by police over ‘rotten meat’ scandal, as 1,250 tonnes of food seized

Authorities widen investigation to include some of the largest foreign-owned restaurant chains and convenience store franchises


Husi’s production plant in Jiading district was shut down after local media revealed the meat processer used expired meat in its products, including McNuggets and pork pies. Photos: Reuters

Shanghai police were today questioning five executives of the meat processing company at the centre of a scandal involving out-of-date meat used in fast food products.

Preliminary investigations concluded that the food company is suspected of illegal production and operation, according to a joint investigation team by China’s food safety watchdog and police.

Investigators have seized a total of 160 tonnes of raw meat as well as 1,107 tonnes of Husi Food products, and the case is under further investigation, Shanghai municipal government said on its website.

Investigators also found a client list of Hsui, which involves with nearly 150 companies. Police did not reveal the full list but said it was handed over to the food safety watchdog.



Wed, Jul 23, 2014, 2:30 AM EDT

Shanghai police detain five in McDonald’s, Yum-linked China food safety probe

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Shanghai police said they have detained five people in an investigation into a Chinese-based supplier of foreign brands including KFC-parent Yum Brands Inc, McDonald’s Corp and coffee chain Starbucks Corp over allegations the firm supplied its clients with stale meat.

McDonald’s and Yum, along with a number of other global brands, have pulled products off their shelves after it emerged that Shanghai Husi Food, a unit of U.S.-based OSI Group LLC, had supplied expired meat to clients in China as well as Japan.

RT , Papa John’s dragged in as food scandal spreads to Japan

China vows to inspect meat suppliers used by company said to sell old beef, chicken to McDonald’s, KFC:

China vows to inspect meat suppliers used by company said to sell old beef, chicken to McDonald’s, KFC:

The scandal surrounding Husi Food, which is owned by OSI Group of Aurora, Illinois, has added to a string of safety scares in China over milk, medicines and other goods that have left the public wary of dairies, restaurants and other suppliers.

A Shanghai broadcaster, Dragon TV, reported Sunday that Husi repackaged old beef and chicken and put new expiration dates on them. It said they were sold to McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants.

McDonald’s and Yum Brands Inc., which owns KFC and Pizza Hut, said they immediately stopped using meat from Husi.

Starbucks Corp. on Tuesday said it removed from its shelves sandwiches made with chicken that originated at Husi. Burger King Corp. said it stopped using hamburger it received from a supplier that used product from Husi. Pizza restaurant chain Papa John’s International Inc. announced it stopped using meat from Husi.

In Japan, McDonald’s Corp. said it stopped selling McNuggets at more than 1,300 outlets that used chicken supplied by Husi. It said the Shanghai company had been supplying chicken to it since 2002.

On : More global giants named in food scandal

Embedded image permalink

McDonald’s in Japan also affected by China expired-meat supplier

Embedded image permalink


China food scandal spreads, drags in Starbucks, Burger King and McNuggets in Japan


Employees work at a production line prior to a seizure conducted by officers from the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration, at the Husi Food factory in Shanghai, July 20, 2014. REUTERS-Stringer

Employees work at a production line prior to a seizure conducted by officers from the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration, at the Husi Food factory in Shanghai, July 20, 2014.

Credit: Reuters/Stringer

(Reuters) – The latest food scandal in China is spreading fast, dragging in U.S. coffee chain Starbucks, Burger King Worldwide Inc and others, as well as McDonald’s products as far away as Japan.

McDonald’s Corp and KFC’s parent Yum Brands Inc apologised to Chinese customers on Monday after it emerged that Shanghai Husi Food Co Ltd, a unit of U.S.-based OSI Group LLC, had supplied expired meat to the two chains.

On Tuesday, Starbucks said some of its cafes previously sold products containing chicken originally sourced from Shanghai Husi, a firm that was shut down on Sunday by local regulators after a TV report showed staff using expired meat and picking up meat from the floor to add to the mix.



What would you do?


A young kindergarten teacher in Hebei province came under fire after she allegedly wrapped one of her student’s head and hands with plastic tape then shared the photos to her friends on WeChat, a popular messaging app in China.

The young woman reportedly teaches at Yu Tian Kindergarten in Hebei’s Langfang city.



[Images Via Apple Daily, Weibo]

By Jennifer Hui

Shanghaiist, Young kindergarten teacher wraps student up with tape, shares pics on WeChat


Charles Liu

[Photos] A Whole Mall in China Dedicated to Fake Brand Names

Posted: 07/11/2014 9:03 am







Man sets bus on fire in China

Video: Raw footage: Chinese arsonist sets fire to crowded bus

Arsonist sets bus on fire in China – Yahoo!7 News

Arsonist sets bus on fire in China

Yahoo!7 July 7, 2014, 12:02 pm

Surveillance footage has been released of a horrific bus fire in China, with a man appearing to set alight the vehicle.



China Smack

Chinese Sleeping on Showroom Furniture in Beijing IKEA

Here are 3 photos. Click on the link at the end for more photos.






Topless foreign WAITERS, not waitresses.

China Smack

Chinese Restaurant Has Topless “Foreign Male Model” Waiters

by on

Photos from a restaurant in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan.

zd2 zd


DID YOU THINK THIS WAS DANGEROUS? Watch the video after this!


In Fujian, a pillion rider carries a pole with a child in each basket on a motorcycle.








klang river rubbish

Government Officials in Zhejiang May Be Forced to Swim in its Polluted Waters

Zhejiang Province recently started a campaign that would require government officials to swim in its polluted rivers.

In a video conference held on June 26, Zhejiang People’s Congress deputy director said, “Mass awareness of water pollution should not be understood by data, but by drinking and swimming in the water (and) the leading officials should do this test.”

Leaders testing the quality of water is a longstanding and symbolic tradition in China, but this campaign is probably an allusion to entrepreneur Jin Zengmin’s post on Sina Weibo that contained photographs of a very polluted river in Ruian, Zhejiang and a an offer of 200,000 RMB for any local official that would swim in it for twenty minutes. Bureau chief Bao Zhenming refused the offer according South China Morning Post, blaming the pollution on overpopulation instead of factories in the region.


Man performs a titillating act!

China Smack

Dancing Gay Man in Bunny Ears & Tail Amuses Chinese Netizens

Chinese netizen reactions to animated gifs of a homosexual man performing sexy dances with bunny ears and rabbit tail.

The following microblog post is currently #3 of the past 24 hours on Chinese social network Sina Weibo. The username of the account that posted it has over 1.2m followers and can be translated as “the daily life of my gay friends and me”…

@我和基友的日常: Little rabbit, so cute, long ears, short tail!





Beijing Cream

Chinese Grandmothers Hold Nude Protest Outside US Embassy [NSFW]


The above was tweeted out by @beidajin this afternoon: around 10 am today* outside the US embassy in Beijing, four grandmothers from Xinyang city, Henan province took off their clothes and raised signs “to cry out for sons and daughters.”

*New Tang Dynasty, reporting from New York, says this incident happened yesterday morning, and that it’s to protest corruption in Henan. (“Henan’s corrupt officials are farm animals,” NTD writes.) NTD isn’t exactly an unbiased source, so take that with a grain of salt.

Video: Wife sets husband’s mistress on fire

慎入!小三遭大婆潑汽油 當街燒死片段曝光


She reportedly told them that the victim was her husband’s long-time lover and had forced her to divorce him. She had set her on fire out of desperation.

Caught on camera: Enraged wife sets husband’s mistress on fire

YUNNAN, China – An enraged wife splashed kerosene on her husband’s mistress and set her aflame, and then tried to kill herself by drinking pesticide.

According to a report by Apply Daily, the incident happened on June 27 at around 9pm, on a street near a teahouse in Kunming.

Video footage from nearby in-car cameras showed the suspect tailing a woman dressed in red while carrying a red bucket.

Not long after, she threw chili powder at the victim, and splashed kerosene on her. The victim was later heard screaming, before collapsing to the ground in flames and dying on the spot.

Shanghaiist reported that rescue workers arrived at the scene to a charred, unidentifiable body.

The suspect was also found foaming at the mouth after drinking pesticide and started slashing at herself with a fruit knife upon police arrival.

She reportedly told them that the victim was her husband’s long-time lover and had forced her to divorce him. She had set her on fire out of desperation.

The suspect is currently in critical condition and receiving treatment in an intensive care unit.

Opposing views





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