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23 October 2017


6h6 hours ago

McLaren sports car and taxi badly wrecked in early morning collision at Yishun.



22h22 hours ago


Sports car, cab in Yishun crash


A McLaren sports car and a taxi collided at Yishun Avenue 1 early yesterday, leaving both badly damaged.

Two men were taken to hospital after the sports car and a taxi collided.

Both vehicles were badly damaged, according to photos and a video posted on social media.

The red McLaren sports car was seen on the pedestrian pavement with its right side completely wrecked, while the blue Comfort cab was spotted near a bus stop.

5 March 2016

Reports of accidents are accompanied by photos, sometimes dramatic.


Rider smashes into lorry and gets foot cut off after multi-vehicle crash at Woodlands Ave 10

Teens on motorised bicycle land on car windscreen after crash

Two fatal accidents in Hougang over two consecutive days

Woman, 53, knocked down and killed by van

Mar 3

Driver who killed woman after stepping on accelerator fined, disqualified from driving

Tampines Road crash: Family still coming to terms with deaths of 2 teen girls

25 January 2016

Car plunges into Alexandra Canal: Mother and daughter were shopping before accident

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SINGAPORE – The two women who died when their car plunged into Alexandra Canal on Sunday (Jan 24) night have been identified as Madam Yep Lay Choo, 51, and her daughter, Ms Kimberly Poon, 22.

Madam Yep’s husband, Mr Robin Poon, 50, who runs a car repair business, said he did not know what had caused this unfortunate accident.

“I’m just lost,” he told The Straits Times.

He was at the morgue on Monday morning with relatives to collect the victims’ bodies.

Mr Poon said the family had gone for lunch in the afternoon at an Italian restaurant at Hotel Vagabond in Syed Alwi Road, followed by a foot massage.

They then went their separate ways for dinner as Mr Poon had an appointment.

“That was the last I saw them,” he said.

Eyewitnesses told The Straits Times that the car emerged from the carpark of Valley Point Shopping Centre in River Valley Road at around 9pm. It drove straight into the bushes next to Alexandra Canal before hitting the water.


24 January 2016

UPDATE: Tow trucks waiting near River Valley Road to recover the car.

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Car plunges into Alexandra Canal near Valley Point Shopping Centre

UPDATE: Two dead after car plunges into Alexandra Canal near Valley Point Shopping Centre

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SINGAPORE – A car reportedly plunged into Alexandra Canal on Sunday (Jan 24) night, with two people believed to be inside.

Eye witnesses told The Straits Times that a silver sedan emerged from the carpark of Valley Point Shopping Centre in River Valley Road at around 9pm.

It drove straight into the bushes next to Alexandra Canal before hitting the water.

A 33-year-old man, who saw the accident happen but declined to be named, told The Straits Times: “I heard a loud bang as the car hit the barrier before it went straight into the canal.”

The police and the Singapore Civil Defence Force arrived shortly after, as about 200 people gathered near the canal and the mall to see what was happening.

A floodlight was installed and a ladder placed at the spot where the vehicle was believed to have entered the water. Two bodies have been retrieved from the canal. The car has yet to be recovered.

UPDATE: SCDF officers have set up a searchlight near the accident site.

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UPDATE: Car plunges into Singapore River, SCDF recovers two bodies

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Car plunges into Singapore River near Valley Point Shopping Centre

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UPDATE: Rescuers at the site of the incident where a car plunged into the

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A car reportedly plunged into the this evening. Investigations are ongoing. Story to come.

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Rescuers fish two bodies out of Delta Ave canal after car allegedly crashes into it

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5 January 2016

Eyewitness on crash outside prata house: ‘We were lucky’
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26 December 2015

Motorbike collides with jaywalker at Sims Avenue.


The motorcyclist suffered multiple facial fractures, a toe fracture, blood clot in his brain/head, loss of two front teeth and impaired vision in his right eye due to nerve damage.
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Shot from a car’s in-car camera, the clip shows a pedestrian walking among stalled traffic across the four-lane Sims Avenue.

As the man nears the side closer to Aljunied MRT station, he appears to make a dash for it.

A motorbike on the extreme left lane then suddenly strikes him.

The impact sends both men flying down the road. They land about three car lengths away.

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13 December 2015


It happened at the Singapore Hilton, a 5-star hotel.

The roof over the Hilton Hotel driveway collapsed on a car at about 3pm.

The car has a Malaysian licence plate, WNP 333.

ceiling collapse: Car took a bad hit but windscreen intact

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GM of just helped remove pieces of plaster from car. Here for 3 hours now

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Chunk of awning removed from car damaged in ceiling collapse

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When contacted, staff at the Hilton Singapore said the situation was an emergency and it was unable to comment. 

“Plasterboard doesn’t weigh much, aluminium frame was supporting ceiling”: Hilton manager

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“Rain water somehow got in and affected plasterboard ceiling”: Hilton manager

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2 injured were a passerby taking a shortcut and a hotel worker: Hilton manager

JUST IN: Four people injured after roof of driveway at Hilton Singapore collapses

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No one trapped in Hilton roof collapse, 4 in total sent to Tan Tock Seng Hospital: SCDF

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JUST IN: Damaged car in Hilton Singapore roof collapse bears a Malaysian licence plate

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DEVELOPING: SCDF has arrived at Hilton Singapore, officers now studying the wreckage

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DEVELOPING: Roof over Hilton Hotel driveway collapsed on car at about 3pm, says eyewitness

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BREAKING: Roof collapses on driveway of Hilton Hotel in Orchard Road. SCDF at the scene

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17 November 2015

Woman killed when horse fell on her. In Singapore.

It was Grandma’s first ride on a horse and it was her last…

Birthday celebration turns tragic after grandmother, 73, falls off horse, which falls on her


She was 73 years old and was game to try anything new.

This time it was horse-riding.

It was her first time in the saddle – and, unfortunately, it turned out to be her last.

Madam Lim Ah Boey fell from the horse she was riding and was pinned down by the animal for about 10 minutes.

She lost consciousness and was rushed to hospital, where she died of her injuries.

The accident happened at Punggol Ranch on Saturday.

It was to have been her grandson’s 21st birthday. Madam Lim and her family of 10 had gone to the Gallop Stable chalets for a staycation to celebrate in a big way.

Granddaughter Low Qin Qing, 28, said she was there with her mother when the incident happened.

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Woman dies after horse falls on her in Punggol.

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A 73-year-old woman has died after being pinned under a horse at Gallop Stable’s Punggol Ranch yesterday evening, reported The Straits Times.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said it received a call at 5.56pm and was alerted that a Chinese woman had been pinned under a horse at Gallop Stable’s Punggol Ranch.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) efforts were ongoing when the SCDF arrived. A check found no pulse or breathing. SCDF took over the CPR, and she was taken to Changi General Hospital unconscious. A spokesman for the hospital later said that the woman, known only as Madam Lim, did not survive her injuries.

Gallop Stable, which offers pony rides and horseback riding lessons, also has an outlet in Pasir Ris and runs Horse City at Turf Club Road. The owners of Gallop Stable, Mr Shanker R., and his wife, Mrs Mani Shanker, could not be reached for comment.

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25 October 2015


2 injured, 250 evacuated after fire breaks out at Far East Plaza

2 injured, 250 evacuated after fire breaks out at Far East Plaza

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SINGAPORE – Two people were injured and dozens evacuated after a fire broke out at Far East Plaza at about 7.45pm today.

The fire originated from a storeroom of a sports shop located on the second level of the shopping centre, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said in a statement.

One of the victims is an employee of the shop, a woman in her 20s. She suffered burns on her palms while trying to put out the fire. The other injured is a man in his 50s, who sprained his ankle and inhaled some smoke while also trying to help with the situation.

The SCDF said that security personnel had evacuated about 250 people from the building by the time they arrived. Two fire engines, two Red Rhinos, two ambulances, and four support vehicles were dispatched to the scene.

The fire was extinguished in 15 minutes using a hose reel in the mall and four dry powder extinguishers.

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Far East Plaza, Singapore, Central Singapore, Singapore


Two people were injured this evening in a fire at

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2 injured in fire at Far East Plaza. They were trying to stop the fire before SCDF arrived

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19 October 2015

Two men used 2 small fire extinguishers and a fire hose but failed to put out the fire. Finally, the SCDF arrived and put it out.

Car on fire at Toa Payoh. Owner failed to put out fire with 2 fire extinguishers, fire hose

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SINGAPORE: A car caught fire at a car park at Lorong 4 Toa Payoh on Monday (Oct 19) morning.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) was alerted to the fire at 8.50am, and dispatched a fire engine, a Red Rhino and two fire bikes to the scene.

There were no reported injuries.

Mr Yek Hock Nguong, 42, a kitchen assistant at a coffee shop nearby, heard from his colleagues that a car was on fire. According to them, smoke was coming out from the bonnet of the car. The owner, whom Mr Yek described as a Chinese man in his late 50s, opened the bonnet and realised that there was a fire inside before closing it.

Mr Yek took two small fire extinguishers from the coffee shop, and together with the owner, they tried to put out the fire.

However, the fire grew bigger and the extinguishers ran out. They then used a fire hose but to no avail either.

According to Mr Yek, the SCDF took about 20 minutes to arrive and took about 15 minutes to put the fire out.

28 August 2015

Man, 69, drives into 5 vehicles in Bedok carpark

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Elderly driver allegedly hits 2 cars and 3 bikes in dramatic accident at Bedok North Avenue 4

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18 August 2015

Woman arrested for drink-driving in carpark, seven other cars damaged

Woman arrested after carnage at McNair Road carpark

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A black MPV, allegedly driven by a woman who had no licence and had been drinking, crashed into seven parked cars like a pinball early on Monday.

The police arrested a 22-year-old woman after the accident at an open-air carpark in front of Block 122, McNair Road, near Serangoon Road.

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14 August 2015

Hit-and-run Audi driver in 8-car pile-up along Simei Avenue arrested

Hit-and-run Audi driver in 8-car pile-up along Simei Avenue arrested

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13 August 2015

A 30-year-old driver, believed to be responsible for a hit-and-run accident involving eight vehicles along Simei Avenue on Tuesday morning (Aug 11), has been arrested.

The pile-up, which occurred at 9.15am next to the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College East, involved six cars and two taxis, and occupied two of the three lanes on the road.

On Wednesday (Aug 12), police said the accident “occurred when the driver of a silver saloon car failed to exercise proper control of his vehicle”.

The driver fled the scene on foot after the collision.

Traffic Police established his identity through what it described as intensive investigations, and he was arrested in the vicinity of the National University Hospital.

His driving licence will be suspended and investigations are ongoing, said the police.

12 August 2015

Eight-car pile-up along Simei Ave on Tuesday morning, hit-and-run suspected

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Eight-car pile-up along Simei Ave on Tuesday morning

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SINGAPORE – An accident involving eight vehicles occurred along Simei Avenue – opposite ITE College East – at around 9am on Tuesday (Aug 11).

Two black and silver Audis were badly damaged in the pile-up, which occupied two of the three lanes on the road.

2 August 2015

Bloody scenes at Jalan Besar after violent fight involving 20 men takes place following bar dispute.

这起事件发生在今天凌晨2时30分前,地点是惹兰勿刹一带茂德路(Maude Road)外的酒吧。

  Jalan Besar-night bloodbath!
Two-team of about 20 men in a bar dispute, one man suffered throat, his face covered with blood, urgently sent to hospital. Before 2:30 A.M. incident occurred today, the place is Jalan Besar area maodelu (Maude Road) outside the bar.

Bloody scenes at Jalan Besar after violent fight involving 20 men takes place

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VIDEO: ComfortDelgro taxi catches fire along Ang Mo Kio Ave 5

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30 July 2015

Tyre flies off truck and lands on couple’s car along ECP

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Jalelah Abu Baker
The Straits Times
Tuesday, Jul 28, 2015

A couple driving along the East Coast Parkway on Tuesday (July 28) got a shock when a tyre flew off a truck, over a centre divider and landed on the front of their car.

The couple escaped the incident unscathed.

Mr Lim Wui Liang, who was driving the car, wrote on his Facebook page: “The impact flipped my bonnet upwards, and I heard parts of my car breaking away. Our airbags deployed.”

Biker nearly has accident with female driver who abruptly swerved into his lane

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A motorcyclist had a narrow brush with death after he nearly crashed into a female driver who suddenly swerved into his lane on Jul 28.

The biker’s girlfriend, Hazwani Gates, had uploaded a video of the incident on Facebook.

The clip also shows the motorcyclist going after the driver and chiding her for causing him to ‘almost lose his life’. She then appeared to be apologising.

29 July 2015


Taxi plunges into Toa Payoh drain after collision

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Taxi reverses into HDB flat, knocking down wall

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UPDATE: Body retrieved from MacRitchie Reservoir belonged to Chinese female in her twenties

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Woman’s body found floating at MacRitchie Reservoir this morning

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 A woman’s body was recovered after it was seen floating near the jetty at MacRitchie Reservoir this morning (July 29).

Twenty-two-year-old Low Kar Yee had been reported missing.

A hunt took place at the reservoir for her yesterday afternoon and was called off at about 6.30pm.

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), together with the police and PUB officers, retrieved her body that was floating about 5m from the shore.

Paramedics pronounced her dead at the scene.

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Search for missing woman at MacRitchie Reservoir Park

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It’s a 9-in-1!!!

Taxi slams into 8 cars and bike at Clementi carpark

On Wednesday, at about 5.20pm, passers-by saw the taxi crashing into several cars at the carpark next to Block 443, Clementi Avenue 3.

They said the taxi was parked at the carpark when they heard a loud noise and saw the taxi move forward suddenly, reported Lianhe Wanbao.

A 19-year-old student, who wanted to be known only as Mr Huang, told the paper: “There was a bang from the engine, and the taxi surged forward and hit a black Honda, and then moved in another direction and hit a black Nissan.”

The Honda was hit with such force that its headlights were smashed, and it mounted the kerb and hit another two cars behind it.

“The taxi then reversed and hit a Mercedes, a Mazda and a motorcycle,” said Mr Huang.

The Mazda that was hit also ended up damaging two cars parked beside it

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You would think that that the tree would have been pulverized by the cement mixer but that’s not what happened. Which reminds me of the time an Alfa Romeo in the 1970s crashed into a bullock cart. End of Alfa Romeo.

Cement mixer crashes into tree at ; no one injured

The driver of a cement mixer lost control of his vehicle on Wednesday morning, sending the heavy vehicle into a tree at Nanyang Technological University. — PHOTO: STOMP

SINGAPORE – The driver of a cement mixer lost control of his vehicle on Wednesday morning, sending the heavy vehicle into a tree at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Sales engineer Yusri Mohammed Sulaiman, 33, was on his way to work when he saw the badly damaged cement mixer.

“I saw the driver was still inside, so I stopped my car and went to see if I could help him,” said Mr Yusri. The driver appeared unhurt, said Mr Yusri, but he had problems communicating with the driver because the latter did not speak English.

Mr Yusri later took pictures of the damaged vehicle and shared them on citizen journalism website Stomp.

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Biker sent flying after car makes abrupt and illegal turn at Jalan Kayu

A biker was sent flying after a car knocked into his motorcycle in Jalan Kayu.

The biker is seen speeding past a traffic junction, when a car filters into the same road from the left.

However, the driver makes an abrupt and illegal attempt to turn into the other side of traffic, and ends up knocking the rider down.

The biker is sent flying of his motorcycle and onto the road.

HE WAS SPEEDING when he saw a prospective fare. He cut across two lanes to pick her up but ended up knocking her down, and killing her!

Cabby jailed after he knocks down & kills a woman – who’s a passenger he was trying to pick up

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A cabby who knocked down and killed a passenger he was trying to pick up was sentenced to six months in prison and banned from driving for eight years on Thursday.

He ran into Ms Bui Thi Hon Mai, 31, who had just had supper with friends and was standing on the far right lane of Geylang Road to flag a taxi.

After knocking her down, Tan’s vehicle mounted the kerb and crashed into a pillar supporting a row of shophouses.

The Vietnamese national suffered multiple injuries and was pronounced dead on the spot.

His lawyer Peter Ong argued, among other things, that the taxi’s front left tyre had suddenly deflated just before the collision and that the crash was caused by a mechanical fault.

District Judge Low Wee Ping convicted Tan on Jan 12 this year, finding that evidence given by an expert witness for the defence was “speculative”.

He agreed with the prosecution that Tan had been driving at 78km/h before the accident, which was excessive given the speed limit for that stretch of road was just 50km/h.

Tan then swerved across two lanes towards his would-be passenger, but ended up knocking her down, the judge found.


A man was having a shower in the bathroom but slipped on the floor. He fell headlong into the glass shower door. The shards pierced his throat!

Man, 24, dies after shards of broken glass cut his throat following fall in shower

Man, 24, dies after shards of broken glass cut his throat following fall in shower

Police officers outside the house where a man was killed in a freak accident after his throat was cut by glass from a broken door when he fell in the shower. — PHOTO: SHIN MIN DAILY 
Published on Jan 26, 2015 8:11 PM

SINGAPORE – A 24-year-old man died on Sunday after shards of glass from a broken shower door had apparently cut his throat.

Chinese evening newspaper Shin Min Daily reported that Mr Sebastian Wong was taking a shower in a flat where his girlfriend lives, when he is believed to have slipped and hit his head against the cubicle’s glass door, which shattered.


Video: Truck knocks down pedestrian at traffic light (when it is RED).

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Lorry fails to stop at red light, goes on to hit pedestrian crossing road

SINGAPORE – A lorry that failed to stop at a traffic junction at red light went on to knock down a pedestrian who was crossing the road, video footage shows.

The 38-second clip was uploaded onto YouTube by Singapore Reckless Drivers on Jan 14.

The footage, captured on an in-car camera, shows pedestrians crossing from both sides of the road at a traffic junction after the traffic light changes in their favour.

A lorry, travelling on the first of the two-lane road, approaches the traffic junction and towards a pedestrian without seeming to slow down.

The pedestrian does not notice the lorry, continues walking and is hit. She falls to the ground and lies motionless on the road.

Fire involving three heavy vehicles at West Coast Highway carpark; no one injured

Published on Dec 9, 2014 4:14

Video: Fire involving three heavy vehicles at West Coast Highway carpark; no one injured


SINGAPORE – A fire involving three vehicles broke out at a heavy vehicle carpark at West Coast Highway, West Coast Link, on Tuesday afternoon.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said no one was injured. Two fire engines and two fire bikes were deployed and the fire was extinguished using two water jets, said SCDF.



Cyclist injured after an accident today involving 6 cars, 3 motorcycles at an Hougang carpark

SINGAPORE: A cyclist was injured after an accident on Sunday morning (Dec 7) involving six cars and three motorcycles at a carpark in Hougang.

Eyewitnesses who called the MediaCorp hotline said the collision happened at a carpark at Hougang Avenue 4. The Singapore Civil Defence Force said a man in his 40s, who was cycling past when the incident happened, suffered leg injuries.

A power outage caused the Sentosa Express train to break down

A Sentosa Express train stalled just before the Beach Station early morning on Thursday night. SCDF was called in to rescue the passengers. PHOTO: Gavin Foo / The New Paper

A power outage caused the Sentosa Express train to break down on Thursday night (Dec 4), trapping 61 passengers, said the Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC).

It said a technical fault caused a power outage and this was the first time such a fault had occurred.

As part of their standard rescue operating procedure, a rescue train was deployed to bring the passengers back to the nearest station, which was Imbiah Station.

The rescue train connected with the failed train and the passengers were transferred to the rescue train without difficulty.

But the rescue train failed to detach itself and that was when the SDC called the Singapore Civil Defence Force for help.

SDC said of the 61 passengers, 11 were Sentosa employees who were off-duty and leaving the island.

SCDF rescue 61 people trapped in Sentosa monorail after technical fault

About 60 people were trapped on the Sentosa Express, commonly known as the monorail, late Thursday night (Dec 4), at about 10.10pm.

The train, bound for VivoCity, stalled between the Imbiah and Beach stations.

Double bike accident at Eunos Link junction

A motorcyclist got into an accident with a SCDF fire bike at Eunos Link junction on Thursday


A motorcyclist got into an accident with a Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) fire bike on Thursday at 4.40pm.

The incident happened at the junction of Kaki Bukit Avenue 1 and Eunos Link.

A witness told Chinese evening paper Lianhe Wanbao that the motorcyclist lost consciousness and the SCDF fire bike rider rendered aid (inset).

The witness added that the SCDF rider had his siren on and while the lights were green, cars at the junction had stopped to give way to him.

Both injured men were taken to Changi General Hospital.


Chaos in Ang Mo Kio market carpark as cab rams into 7 parked cars

Stomper Celestine was at the market near Ang Mo Kio Block 162 when a taxi crashed into seven cars parked in the carpark there.

The incident occurred at 10.30am yesterday.

Wheel ripped off from flipped car at Ulu Pandan Road

A car turned turtle in an accident at Ulu Pandan Road yesterday.

The wheel on the driver’s side was also ripped off.

It is not known how the accident occurred, but the police said no other vehicle was involved.

A Singapore Civil Defence Force spokesman said it was alerted at 2.54pm.

Its spokesman said the driver, who had injuries on the left hand and a cut on the head, was taken to National University Hospital.


PUB’s website lists 48 flood-prone areas and 55 hotspots.

Heavy rains on Oct 20, 2013 afternoon left some vehicles like this taxi stranded in ankle-deep flood waters in Ubi Avenue 2. — PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE – With more wet days ahead, it is probably a good idea to keep an eye on flood-prone areas in your neighbourhood by referring to national water agency PUB’s website.

Currently, the website lists 48 flood-prone areas and 55 hotspots.

Flood Prone Areas and Hotspots

Flood prone areas are those areas which are low-lying, with a history of flooding. Hotspots, on the other hand, are areas which are not low-lying but had experienced flash flood.

With an ongoing drainage improvement programme, PUB has reduced flood prone areas in Singapore from about 3,200 hectares in the 1970s to 36 hectares today. Click here for a list of the ongoing drainage improvement works.

Please click here to see the list of flood prone areas and hotspots in table format.

Flood prone areas in Singapore

Flood prone areas in Singapore
S/No Location
1. Hong Kah area
2. Second Chin Bee Road
3. Boon Lay Drive/Boon Lay Way
4. Old Lim Chu Kang / Jalan Murai
5. Commonwealth Ave / Commonwealth Drive / Queensway
6. Jalan Mat Jambol
7. Neo Pee Teck Lane/ Pasir Panjang
8. Nee Soon Road
9. Admiralty Road West near Sembawang shipyard
10. Clover Park Estate
11. Marymount Lane / Marymount Road
12. Jalan Taman
13. Stevens Rd/Balmoral Rd
14. Farrer Park Area (including Thomson Road / Derbyshire Road) / Farrer Park Field
15. Waterloo St / Albert St / Bencoolen St / Prinsep Street
16. Jalan Besar Area
17. King George’s Avenue (People’s Association HQ)
18. CTE near Slip Road to Moulmein Road
19. Arab St/Rochor Canal
20. Jalan Mashor
21. Delta Road/ River Valley Road/Delta Avenue
22. Alexandra Road / Jervois Road/ Bishopsgate Road
23. Lower Delta Road / Alexandra Road
24. Leng Kee Road
25. Beach Road
26. Margaret Drive/Tanglin Road
27. Viking Road
28. South Bridge Rd/North Canal Rd/Upp Hokien St/Upp Pickering St
29. Indus Road
30. Kim Tian Road/Tiong Bahru Road
31. Zion Rd (Boys’ Brigade HQ)
32. Delta Ave (APSN Delta Senior School)
33. Langsat Road Area
34. Rose Lane
35. Sennett Estate (Puay Hee Ave, Siang Kuang Ave, Wan Tho Ave, Jln Kemboja, Mulberry Ave and Jln Wangi)
36. Meyer Road / Fort Road / Arthur Road / Margate Road / Ramsgate Road
37. Jalan Seaview/Tanjong Katong Rd South
38. Jalan Gembira
39. Jalan Benaan Kapal
40. Service road off Tampines Road (near Jalan Teliti)
41. Lorong Buangkok
42. Mimosa Walk
43. Mindef’s Changi Camp off Farnborough Road
44. Bedok South Rd/Bedok South Ave 1
45. Chin Cheng Ave
46. Lorong H Telok Kurau near Siglap Canal
47. Upp East Coast Rd (junction with Parbury Avenue)
48. New Upper Changi Rd (Chye Heng Garden)

The police said in a statement that the bus captain, a Malaysian, has been arrested in relation to the case, and that investigations are ongoing.

Watch the video:

Fatal SMRT bus accident at Jurong East

Jurong East accident: Bus was travelling around 34km/h at time of accident, says SMRT

34-y/o female Malaysian bus captain arrested in connection with fatal accident in Jurong East

SINGAPORE – An elderly man died after he was hit by an SMRT bus along Jurong East Street 32 this morning.

Surnamed Tan, the 90-year-old was wearing a Chinese tunic suit and holding a walking cane when the accident happened, Shin Min Daily News reported.

The Chinese evening daily added that his body was severed into two parts.

SMRT spokesman Mr Patrick Nathan said in a statement that the bus was driven by a 34-year-old female Malaysian.

He added: “Our preliminary investigation, telematics data and onboard camera footage show that the bus had just pulled out of a bus bay and was being driven at around 34kmh at the time of the accident. The accident occurred in a yellow box which Mr Tan was seen crossing.”

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said they received a call at 11.57am informing them of the accident and dispatched an ambulance.

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.

What happened? Man spotted clinging onto moving car at Jalan Jurong Kechil

Click on this link for the story:

3-vehicle collision in Cantonment Close after car cuts lanes

According to the Stomp contributor, a white car from the opposite lane had cut in and hit the van on its right side, causing it to topple.

He added: “The car then went on to crash into a lorry, head-to-head.”

Chan said that the lorry driver had a fractured arm after the accident.

All parties involved in the crash were then sent to the hospital.

Third case of driver playing the ‘braking game’ in 2 weeks. Is this becoming a trend?

Video: SGH 2683R – inconsiderate driving, dangerous driving, illegal parking on the double yellow line

Published on Oct 14, 2014

On Tuesday 14th Oct 2014 at 9.30pm, I was driving along Jalan Besar and come across a road hogger (SGH 2683R) who was driving at about 20-30 km/h. When i signal to him that he was blocking the road, he deliberately jam brake a few times, trying to cause an accident. When i signal left to turn into a side road, he abruptly change lane to cut into my lane and stop by the side of a double yellow line to block me from moving forward.

Video: Shame on you SKJ6885

Published on Oct 13, 2014

2.50 – Cut into my lane by giving only 2 signal blink causing me to brake hard. GIVE WAY (Did not horn or high beam at all). But this idiot jam brake repeatedly trying to cause an accident?
I have rear camera installed for evidence, I did not jam brake or cut into his lane after turning out filter lane.

3.25 – Realize this driver is trying to fool around. Long horn plus hazard light indicating to driver to stop by the road shoulder if the driver is unhappy. Seem that driver do not dare to stop after 2 attempts.

Maybe he want to be famous like the Honda Civic bro…

I’m more than happy to have a cup of coffee with you.

Caught on camera: Another driver plays ‘braking game’ after abrupt lane-changing on Keppel Rd

SINGAPORE – A driver was caught on video playing the “braking game” along Keppel Road on Monday at around 6.10pm.

The incident was captured on an in-car camera belonging to a Stomp reader, who sent the clip to the citizen journalism website.

3 cars and a van left squashed together after accident at Woodlands Drive 16

The New Paper

Noodle seller, customer arrested over self-service spat at Bedok hawker centre

FIGHT: A 62-year-old man (in striped T-shirt) fought with a noodle-seller known only as Mr Yang. PHOTO: SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS

Rider lies injured after colliding with van at traffic junction in Ayer Rajah Ave

Stompers Shailesh and SLC saw a biker lying injured on the sidewalk after his motorcycle collided with a van at a traffic junction  between Ayer Rajah Avenue and Ayer Rajah Crescent.

The accident occurred at about 9am today (Oct 10), and a group of people nearby were seen trying to help the injured biker.

No one was nearby.


Glass door falls, shatters at Bugis Junction


SINGAPORE – A sliding glass door fell and shattered at local shopping mall Bugis Junction this evening.

According to The Straits Times, Ms Betty Tan, a shopper who was on the second floor at the time of the incident, said that she “heard a ‘boom’ sound” and thought someone had fallen.

Ms Tan approached the scene and found out that a sliding glass door had fallen on the floor.

5 cars collide on CTE

SINGAPORE – Three taxis and two cars were involved in an accident along the Central Expressway (CTE) on Monday.

A photo posted on All Singapore Stuff’s Facebook page shows the cars aligned in a straight line.

It was captioned: “Multiple cars kissing on the CTE earlier today”.

The vehicles appear to have crashed into each other simultaneously.

Cab and car collide at traffic junction in Tampines Ave 5

Published on Sep 30, 2014

The collision 3 between a car and a motorcycle. And again, driver fail to brake in time while trying to avoid the front vehicle, swerve out of lane without checking for safety, fail to signal resulting an accident with a motorcyclist.

[SRD Community] The Collision 3

Driver crashes into motorcycle — sending biker and pillion rider flying

Kaki Bukit is an industrial area on the East side of Singapore. It is home to many high tech industries companies and warehouses.

Construction worker pins down biker in brawl at Kaki Bukit


A video that went viral yesterday (Oct 1) shows two men brawling at a construction site at Kaki Bukit.

The clip was posted by Facebook user Bala, and has since been liked and shared numerous times.

In the video, a construction worker is seen pinning down a biker, who tries to hook his assailant with his leg.

Other construction workers soon rush over to separate the two men from each other.

The biker than stands up and starts to make a phone call, while the worker who fought with him walks away.

Big fight erupts after woman falls to her death at Toa Payoh

The New Paper

Big fight erupts after woman falls to death at Toa Payoh

BRAWL: Police preventing a group from attacking a young man who was later arrested. TNP PHOTO: ZAIHAN MOHD YUSOF

BRAWL: Police preventing a group from attacking a young man (above) who was later arrested. TNP PHOTO: ZAIHAN MOHD YUSOF

Even as a tragedy was unfolding at the bottom of a Toa Payoh block following a suspected suicide, a huge fracas ensued after a dozen men and women let loose a flurry of blows on an unidentified man in the presence of police officers.

The New Paper was alerted to the fall at Toa Payoh Lorong 6 at around 11.45pm yesterday, on Sept 29, and arrived at the scene soon after to see a blue tent at the foot of the block.

A man claiming to be the deceased’s brother arrived and soon shouted at the police officers. While that was going on, a group of about a dozen men and women attacked a young man at the foot of the block in a free-for-all.

Watch dramatic moment of firemen rushing to put out car fire at Bukit Timah Road

A car caught fire outside KK Hospital at Bukit Timah Road today (Sep 30), at around 5.15pm.

Stomper Foo filmed a video that shows firemen rushing to put out the fire with their equipment.

Click on this link for the video:

It was 3am. On Jalan Sultan.

Zainuddin and a woman had been arguing. They were said to be drunk. He walked away from her and lay down on the road, in the third lane.

A taxi that came knocked into him and dragged him along for 20 meters.

That was the end of him.

Someone said that the same woman cried beside his body, but then, she left.

Lorry reduced to a ball of fire at Lentor Ave

Patient dies in 9th-storey fall at Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Embedded image permalink

A male patient at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) died after he broke a glass panel on the ninth storey and fell, landing near a taxi stand at the foot of the building.

The man, a Filipino in his 40s, was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics at about 10am yesterday.

According to a TTSH spokesman, the patient had broken the glass at a fire escape stairwell in a general inpatient ward. “The broken window has since been boarded up and police investigations are ongoing,” he said.

“Our staff have also checked on the other patients in the ward to ensure they are well. We will continue to monitor them closely.”

Family sues over HK tourist‘s death at Raffles Avenue – The Straits Times

Embedded image permalink

Family sues over HK tourist’s death at Raffles Avenue

Man died after structure erected for festival fell on him

Published on Sep 27, 2014 9:11 AM
This 5m-high structure toppled and landed on bank manager Andy Chui last year as he was walking along Raffles Avenue. His family is suing those allegedly responsible for more than $1.5 million. — PHOTO: ANDY CHUI’S FAMILY

The family of a Hong Kong tourist who died after a marquee structure fell on him last year is suing those allegedly responsible for more than $1.5 million.

Bank manager Andy Chui, 34, was taking photographs and walking along Raffles Avenue in May last year, when the structure toppled and landed on him.

He suffered severe brain damage and other injuries, was certified brain dead and taken off life support five days later.


Hong Kong tourist dies five days after metal archway fell on him

Jan 2, 2014 – 1 post – ‎1 author

SINGAPORE – He was here on a holiday with friends when he ended up at … Then a marquee structure that was part of a fashion festival toppled and … They were on Raffles Avenue towards the junction of Temasek Avenue .

Hong Kong tourist dies five days after metal archway fell on him

Thursday, January 2, 2014 – 07:30
Chai Hung Yin
The New PaperSINGAPORE – He was here on a holiday with friends when he ended up at the wrong place at the wrong time.Hong Kong tourist Andy Chui Chun Hin, 34, became the victim of a freak accident that cost him his life.A coroner’s inquiry into the death of the bank manager on Monday was told that a group of tourists were walking to the Singapore Flyer at the time.Mr Chui trailed the group as he was taking photographs of the area.Then a marquee structure that was part of a fashion festival toppled and landed on Mr Chui, causing him to suffer severe brain damage and fractures to his skull, pelvis and ribs.He was certified brain dead and taken off life support five days later.The coroner’s court heard that Mr Chui arrived in Singapore with 12 friends and their families on May 15 this year.The next morning, they took a shuttle bus at 8.45am from Resorts World Sentosa to Marina Bay Sands. They were staying at Hotel Michael.They then walked to the Singapore Flyer, where they planned to board a chartered bus to go to Legoland in Johor, Malaysia.They were on Raffles Avenue towards the junction of Temasek Avenue and Raffles Avenue at 9.56am when tragedy struck.Mr Chui’s friends heard a loud sound and a scream from behind them. They turned around and saw Mr Chui beneath the marquee structure, with only his legs sticking out.A woman driving along Temasek Avenue had seen the structure topple and hit Mr Chui. No one else was nearby.Mr Chui’s friends and passers-by lifted the structure and pulled him out.His eyes were closed and he was bleeding from his nose, mouth and the back of his head, the court heard.One of his friends, nurse Wong Wai Ching from Hong Kong, checked his pulse and found it weak. She then performed chest compressions on him.


Wrong place, wrong time, AsiaOne Singapore News…

SINGAPORE – He was here on a holiday with friends when he ended up at the wrong … that the 5m-high marquee structure was erected at Raffles Avenue, near the junction ..

The retiree said she is still seeing a psychiatrist as she was traumatised by what happened to her son.

She described Mr Chui, who had a girlfriend, as someone who was hardworking.

“He was a filial son. He would give us monthly allowance. He was also studying part-time while working,” Madam Leong said.

“Just when he was finally seeing the light and getting a big break in his career, this happened. We have lost someone we could depend on.”

The police had ruled out foul play.


The marquee structure that toppled on Mr Andy Chui Chun Hin, 34, was found to be unstable, an inquest into his death found on Monday.

It was also not endorsed by a professional engineer – a requirement under the law.

The coroner’s court heard that the 5m-high marquee structure was erected at Raffles Avenue, near the junction of Raffles Avenue and Temasek Avenue.

The aluminium frame had plywood signboards displaying an advertisement for the Audi Fashion Festival, held at the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix Pit Area from May 15 to 19.

Event organiser Mercury Event had engaged Lian Yick Metal Tents to construct five structures – three tentages, a raised platform for catwalks and one cable crossing.

Mr Lee Chow Khoon, the principal structural engineer of Watt Engineering Consultants, endorsed the design drawings of the structures and was satisfied they were safe after an on-site stability inspection.

Siblings badly injured after motorbike and car collide at Bukit Batok

Driver turns out of lane in Yishun, hits car then blames other party for causing accident

Ferrari crash: Parents of Japanese victim seek $700k from driver’s estate

Customers throw chairs as car slams into Fresh Frog Porridge coffee shop in Geylang


The driver couldn’t wait for dinner!

Malaysia Chronicle

Thursday, 11 September 2014 16:37

Suzuki Swift crashes into coffeeshop

SINGAPORE – Patrons were shocked when the owner of a blue Suzuki Swift ‘visited’ a coffeeshop in Geylang last night by crashing right into it.

Several Stomp readers contacted the citizen journalism website regarding the accident which occurred at around 7pm along Geylang Lorong 7.

One of the readers said: “I was walking when I suddenly heard a loud noise. I rushed over to see and saw a Swift inside the coffeeshop.

“Luckily no one was seriously hurt.”

Police have confirmed that they received a call yesterday informing them of the accident.

One person was conveyed conscious to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.



5 people including child injured in 14-vehicle PIE pile-up after two trucks collide
Posted on 31 August 2014


A misplaced camera, a misunderstanding, an accusation. These ingredients made for blood and tears for a family at…

A misplaced camera, a misunderstanding, an accusation. These ingredients made for blood and tears for a family at Sentosa on Sunday.

Blood, because the father was punched by another visitor after being accused of theft.

Tears, because his young children and those of his assailant wailed as they watched their fathers hitting at each other.

The victim, who wanted to be known only as James, 37, said he had gone to the Trickeye Museum at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) with his wife, two children and in-laws.

The Trickeye Museum showcases around 80 optical illusions in the form of paintings and installations, allowing visitors to take creative photographs of themselves with the exhibits.

After about 40 minutes, James’ wife came across a small camera inside a Nikon case lying on a raised platform at an exhibit featuring a panda.

For the rest of the story:

– See more at:



Thank goodness no one was using this portable toilet at Taman Jurong during accident

A portable toilet at Taman Jurong was left turned over after a car had crashed into it today afternoon (Aug 18).

Stomper Zhu had come across the accident scene at the junction of Yung Kuang Road and Corporation Drive, at around 1.45pm.

She said:

“I snapped this photo of a car turned turtle after smashing into the portable toilet set-up next to tentage for the Hungry Ghost Festival.

“It was at a junction corner, between Yung Kuang Road and Corporation Drive (opposite Block 66) in Taman Jurong.

“Luck has it that no one was inside the smashed portable toilet at the time of incident.”


LOOK HOW FAR DOWN THIS MAN FELL! He’s lucky to be alive!

Man who fell into 3m canal in Hougang had to be rescued by 20 SCDF and police officers

SINGAPORE – A Chinese man, 34, fell into a 3-metre-deep canal near Hougang Ave 10. He was rescued by a team of twenty rescue workers deployed by the SCDF and police.

According to a Lianhe Wanbao report, the incident happened on Aug 10 at around 2pm.

7 rescue workers went into the canal via a 10-metre-long ladder, and placed the injured man onto a stretcher before he was lifted out of the canal by 13 others.

The man was reportedly unable to move after suffering knee and spinal injuries from the fall.

The Chinese evening daily also reported that two cyclists called the police for assistance upon discovery that the injured man could not move.

He allegedly fell into the canal after leaning on the railing.


7 rescue workers went into the canal via an aerial ladder, and placed the injured man onto a stretcher before he was lifted out of the canal by 13 others.


Cabby and son pee by roadside — right in front of police car

Cabby and son pee by roadside — right in front of police car
Posted on 08 August 2014

Stomper Calvin was appalled to see a father and son peeing by the roadside near Hong Lim Market & Food Centre at around 8.45am on Wednesday (Aug 6) — right in front of a police car.

“I saw this cabby and his son peeing right in front of a police car at about 8.45am on Aug 6 beside Hong Lim food centre.



A glass door fell onto a boy, 4.

CCTV footage shared by the mall’s management and posted on a local website showed that the boy was playing with the glass door before it shattered and fell him.

 Click on the photo for the video!
CCTV of Westgate Mall Glass Door Falling

Westgate glass doors ‘safe’, says mall management after safety checks

Embedded image permalink


A boy was hurt yesterday evening in Westgate mall after a glass door fell on him, reported AsiaOne.

Local TV quoted a member of the public as saying that the four-year-old boy “was pinned downed by the door”.

It said that the boy sustained a cut on the back of his head and complained of neck pain.

As the door was reportedly made of tempered glass, it did not shatter into pieces.

Instead, it fell like a blanket over the boy.





This woman, although asked to take her son to a public toilet nearby, insisted on letting him do his BIG ONE in a public drain, and then she threw the paper used to wipe his bottom onto the ground.

“Dear The Real Singapore,Today I saw a PRC women allowing her son to shit publicly into a drain right beside Chinatown MRT station. This is very disturbing to me and I told her to bring her son to the toilet instead. However, she told me that I shouldn’t tell her what to do and she say that there is nothing wrong for letting her son shit publicly into a drain.”



What you see in the video is a man flying over the car that is recording the incident, followed by his motorcycle landing on the windscreen of the same car!

This video show a Singapore traffic police camping on a overhead bridge catching speeding like a peeping tom.The driver in the video jammed brake due to the front vehicle jammed brake suddenly.Read the full story here:
Play Video

How did this happen?

The driver of this car jammed on his brakes when he saw a Singapore a traffic policeman on the overhead bridge ahead (presumably to catch speeding drivers).

The motorcyclist was on his motorbike behind this car, so he also braked, but when the car behind the motorcyclist hit the motorcycle. This caused both the rider and his motorcycle to fly over the first car!




A car overturned down a flight of stairs at Ghim Moh Market  this morning.

The car was seen upside down at the bottom of a flight of stairs and it is understood that an elderly couple were in the car, but were able to get out safely. 

The Real Singapore




This car hit the divider in the center of the road and the railing came right through the windscreen, stopping 10cm short of the driver’s chest!

Colin Tham,The New Paper, July 24, 2014.  (


People in Singapore call it the blue death tent.

18 July 2014

A 60 year-old Malay man started crossing the junction near the National Library before the little green man came on. The truck hit him as it turned left. Its wheels went over him, killing him.


A cyclist, believed to be a Malay man in his 60s, was killed after getting hit by a truck near the National Library.

[ST] Cyclist killed after getting run over by a truck near National Library



The death penalty used to be mandatory in the city-state for crimes such as murder, firearms offenses and drug trafficking above a certain volume. This left judges with no choice but to impose capital punishment upon conviction.

But in November 2012 parliament passed the legal reforms which took effect last year.

Under the new legal regime, those facing the death penalty are given the opportunity to ask for resentencing under certain circumstances.

Judges now have discretion to impose life imprisonment on a person convicted of murder if the individual did not intend to kill.

They can also impose a life term on a drug courier who cooperated with authorities in a “substantive way” or is suffering from an abnormality that “substantially impaired his mental responsibility for committing the offense.”

Since the law took effect last year, nine convicts have applied for resentencing and have had their sentences reduced to life imprisonment, the Ministry of Home Affairs said in a separate statement Friday.

The Japan Times

Singapore hangs first convicted drug traffickers since 2011 moratorium


Singapore on Friday hanged two convicted drug dealers in the first executions since a moratorium was imposed in 2011 to review a mandatory death penalty law, the Central Narcotics Bureau said.

Tang Hai Liang, 36, was convicted of trafficking 89.5 grams (3.2 ounces) of pure heroin and Foong Chee Peng, 48, had been found guilty of dealing 40.2 grams of the same illegal drug. Both are Singaporeans.

The bureau said that both men had chosen not to apply for resentencing under a law that took effect last year which abolished the mandatory death sentence in some murder and drug trafficking cases under certain conditions.

“Both of them understood the consequences of their respective decisions,” the bureau said in a statement, adding that they had been represented by counsel during the entire legal process.



Beware of kidnappers, dangerous sliding doors, slippery bars they want to walk, escalator, and in this case, almost-hidden wiring.


Here is the little girl bending over to get at something.


After that, she started to cry as the lights in the store flickered. Her mother went over to investigate and touched the same thing, a wire. She described her arm and hand going numb.

This was what child and mother touched.



These are Watson’s comments.

“Investigations based on CCTV reports, has shown that there was no wire protruding before the accident.

“The footage records that the child reached underneath the shelving and pulled this wire.

The electric shock was enough to cause slight burns.


STOMP, Little girl who got electric shock at mall: She pulled on wire before accident, says Watsons (


Would this happen in Malaysia?


Two SBS buses collided along Sims Avenue on Friday, July 11, at about 5.30pm. 23 passengers cuts and bruises. A single-decker bus (Service 80) crashed into double-decker (Service 21)

All the passengers were taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.






Yesterday evening, two SBS buses collided along Sims Avenue causing 23 people to be injured and sent to the hospital.

The incident occurred  at the junction of Sims Avenue and Sims way when one of the buses rear-ended the other at the slip road.

Issuing a statement about the incident yesterday evening, SBS Transit said that  “Our priority has been the wellbeing of passengers who were injured on the two buses. We have sent our officers to the hospital to extend care and concern and render assistance the best we can. Unfortunately we have only been allowed into the discharge area and are still waiting to see the passengers.”

They also said that they extended their deepest apologies to all affected passengers.



Police conduct raid at Zouk in wee hours of Sunday morning; DJ gig cancelled


Clubbers locked in after police conducted three-hour-long raid at Zouk

Posted on 30 June 2014


Police conducted a three-hour raid at Zouk yesterday (Jun 29) at around 2am, not letting anyone in or out of the premises.

According to Skii Chung, 24, editor of pop culture website PopSpoken, people were only let out in batches of 20 and had to present their IDs before leaving.

After about an hour, only slightly more than half of the crowd was released, and people were starting to get impatient.

Ms Chung said that there were no signs of there were no signs of altercations or brawls within the crowd.

The raid caused German trance duo, Cosmic Gate, who were set to perform that day, to cancel their set.

According to a report in The Straits Times, the raid ended at about 4.45am.

A police spokesperson confirmed that an operation had happened along Jiak Kim Street, where the club is located. It is not known why the raid was conducted, or if anyone was arrested.


Save Zouk petition gets close to 16,000 signatures on first day

23 Jun 2014 20:38

SINGAPORE: As of 8pm on Friday (June 20), close to 16,000 people have signed an online petition urging the extension of Zouk’s Jiak Kim Street lease. The iconic Singapore nightclub, whose lease is up at the end of 2014, launched the online campaign today at

Earlier reports quoted Zouk founder Lincoln Cheng saying he would close the venue if he did not get a three-year extension of the lease from the Singapore Land Authority. The club has been at its current location for 23 years. Its lease was originally due to end in 2012, and has already been extended thrice.

The Save Zouk campaign has gotten support from British music magazine DJ Mag, which ranked the club seventh in the world in its Top 100 Clubs list this year. On its website, it put out a call for supporters to spread the word about the Save Zouk campaign on social media, stating: “Whether you have been to Zouk or are a dance music fan who would like to in the future, please help us to protect this incredible institution.”


Zouk Singapore planning final ZoukOut and parties

Zouk Singapore is currently planning the final installment of its popular dance music festival ZoukOut. (Google Street View)Zouk Singapore is currently planning the final installment of its popular dance music festival ZoukOut. (Google Street View)

Zouk Singapore is currently planning the final installment of its popular dance music festival ZoukOut, according to a media release on Friday.

With six months left of their lease and without confirmation of a long-term extension, the management said they are also planning a series of final parties.

As Zouk fans continue to express their sadness over the club’s possible demise, the club has launched an online campaign to update fans on the latest news about the club, and “reinforce and express club’s firm desire for its lease to be extended”, before it secures and relocates to another venue, the release said.

Earlier on Thursday, influential UK music magazine DJMag – the same publication that ranked Zouk Singapore 7th in its list of top clubs around the world – launched a campaign, with the same name, on social media.

DJMag launched “#SaveZouk”, calling for global support against the closure of the iconic club, by asking people to tweet or retweet with the hashtag.

The campaign began after Zouk founder Lincoln Cheng, 67, reportedly announced his decision to close the venue if it does not receive a three-year extension of lease as requested.

The report also said that Cheng is “tired” of getting short lease extensions for the 23-year-old dance club, which is one of Singapore’s most popular nightspots.–could-it-be-3-years-or-nothing-091045149.html

sad news that might be forced to close. sign the petition to stop it happening

Embedded image permalink

Heard of a long hour raid at zouk last night, to catch enough underaged teens to revoke license, on a CosmicGates night. Too much a coincidence. Really. #savezouk 2014-06-29

When contacted, a police spokesperson confirmed that an operation had happened along Jiak Kim Street, where the club is located. It is not known why the raid was conducted, or if anyone was arrested. – See more at:

Police conduct raid at in wee hours of Sunday morning; DJgig cancelled

Embedded image permalink
When contacted, a police spokesperson confirmed that an operation had happened along Jiak Kim Street, where the club is located. It is not known why the raid was conducted, or if anyone was arrested. – See more at:

Yesterday pay one $38 cover for zouk. End up got raid and the raid took more than 2 hours. Like that how to save zouk? ?


Lim Yen Tong



19 June 2014

Tanjong Pagar Town Council posts photos of woman who urinated in lift at Pinnacle@Duxton

Singapore’s Tanjong Pagar Town Council posted pictures of a woman urinating in a Housing Board flat building lift in posters around the Pinnacle@Duxton estate.

On Sunday, the administrator for the Pinnacle@Duxton Facebook page put up a picture of the poster, which included two images of the ponytailed woman. In them, she appeared to be squatting on the floor in the first, and in the second, her standing with a puddle of liquid behind her where the floor had previously been dry.

The incident in question, said the town council in a message accompanying the photos, occurred inside Lift E at Block 1E of the estate located on Cantonment Road in Tanjong Pagar. The woman was recorded in the act at 8:22pm on Friday, 23 May this year, the message said.

“The Town Council has received feedback regarding the stench of urine in the Fireman Lift… this has caused much inconvenience to residents,” the poster read, also including contact details of the town council’s head office address and contact numbers.

Speaking with The Straits Times and The New Paper, Tanjong Pagar Member of Parliament Lily Neo said her town council has adopted this “highly effective” measure on a number of previous occasions. She reportedly said she recalled one instance where the mother of a 16-year-old boy owned up and apologised after posters were put up.



Look at the result!

Drunken skid loader rampage: Security tight on worksites, say building companies

Embedded image permalink



Security staff and passers-by restrain man who allegedly attacked female employee at hotel in Temesak Boulevard

Posted on 14 June 2014

The hotel staff restraining the man (left image) who allegedly hit a female employee (right image.

Stomper Linda and Bryden saw a female employee lying unconscious on the driveway of a hotel in Temesak Boulevard, and other hotel staff and passers-by chasing after and subsequently restraining a Caucasian man at sidewalk nearby.

Bryden added that the man pushed the female staff member down, which caused her to bang her head on the road.

Linda elaborates:

“My husband and I were having dinner at Outback steakhouse in millennia walk when we saw a commotion across the driveway at Conrad Hotel.

“A Caucasian man ran out of the hotel followed by five or six hotel staff.

“They were shouting at him to stop and after tussling, one of the staff did a judo takedown on the assailant. It took a few of them to hold him down.

“At the hotel driveway a female hotel employee was lying unconscious. A man at the scene said she had vision loss.

“Most probably because of the impact to her head from falling on the driveway.





Jit Singh, a 60 year old cabbie, tipped a wheelchair bound man out of his chair and left him on the pavement in an act of revenge last week.

Singh was angry at Mr Ng Eng Gee, a 51 year old man who suffers from cerebral palsy, because the latter had reported Singh for illegal parking.

Mr Ng explained that he often reports drivers who park illegally, saying that he felt it was his civil duty.

He also reports them because there have been several occasions in the past when inconsiderate drivers who have parked illegally have blocked the wheelchair accessible ramp, making it impossible for him to pass in his wheelchair.

To make matters worse, after Mr Ng was tipped out of his wheelchair by Singh, passers by simply laughed and moved on.

It was not until the police arrived, 10 minutes later that he was able to get up.




Ferrari owner sues agent after its test-driver wrecks car in crash

Posted on 28 April 2014  |

A Ferrari F430 Scuderia belonging to businessman Lim Chin Liang. He is now suing Ital Auto, the authorised agent for the car, for an unspecified sum, claiming that the second-hand Ferrari F430 Scuderia – apparently one of only eight in Singapore – was damaged beyond repair after he sent the car for there servicing on 15 March 2014. PHOTO: LIM CHIN LIANG

The owner of a limited-edition Ferrari sent his car to an authorised agent for servicing, only to get back a badly smashed ride.

Businessman Lim Chin Liang is suing Ital Auto for an unspecified sum, claiming that his Ferrari F430 Scuderia – apparently one of only eight in Singapore – was damaged beyond repair.

He sent the second-hand car in for servicing on March 15, according to My Paper.

Two days later, Ital’s quality tester took the car out for a post-servicing test-drive, and lost control of it on a wet road.

Ferrari F430 Scuderia

Ferrari 430 Scuderia - 2007

Michael Schumacher spent a lot of time testing the 430 Scuderia when it was being developed, carefully applying the method that made him unique on the racetrack for many years.

430 Scuderia – Ferrari › HomeAutomobiliPast models


New photos added: Fiery blaze at Tuas warehouse extinguished after 2 and a half hours

Embedded image permalink

Wahhhh tuas always very lucky to get this type of fire! Goshhhhh

Embedded image permalink

Channel News Asia

A fire broke out at a warehouse in Tuas on Sunday afternoon.

A fire broke out at a warehouse housing waste products in Tuas Avenue 11 on Sunday afternoon. The Singapore Civil Defence Force said no one was injured.

We’re getting reports of a fire in Tuas. Share your pictures with us if you’re in the area. — PHOTO: @plumaddictuz

Embedded image permalink

: Warehouse on fire at Tuas Ave 11. is currently fighting fire, no injuries so far (Photo: )

Embedded image permalink

80 SCDF personnel fighting fire at warehouse in Tuas Avenue 11

Embedded image permalink

Fire breaks out at a Tuas warehouse, 80 personnel involved in firefighting as at 6.10pm

Embedded image permalink

The Straits Times Asia Report

Section of Upper Changi Road East caves in: Reports

Published on Apr 24, 2014 9:54 AM
 0  0  0  0 PRINT EMAIL

– See more at:

Tipper truck falls into sinkhole in Upper Changi Road!


Section of Upper Changi Road East caves in: Reports – Asia…/singapore/…singapore…/section-upper-changir

Video: Cave in on Upper Changi Road on April 24, 2014





Men nab and pin down guy who allegedly molested girl at Woodlands as they wait for police

Posted on 17 April 2014

PHOTO: Facebook / Siti Khadijah Lim

A man who had allegedly molested a teenager was captured and pinned down by several other guys near Block 683B in Woodlands this evening (Apr 17), while they waited for the police to arrive.

Dean Salleh told Stomp in a phone conversation that he had also been at the scene. He said:

“These locals youngsters worked in hand to pin down a molester at Woodlands Block 683B. He had apparently molested a young girl.

“They were waiting for the police to arrive while holding him down.



This taxi hit another car, went through the wall of the cafe next door, and ended up here. Five of the six patrons were taken to hospital.

Cabby rams into table of 6 at East Coast Road bar’s outdoor sitting area

Posted on 18 April 2014
5 taken to hospital after taxi ploughs into outdoor sitting area of East Coast Road bar – See more at:


A taxi crashed through a section of low wall to ram into a table occupied by about six people at Georges Mad Bar & Grill located along East Coast Road last night (Apr 17)

According to a report in the Straits Times, an eyewitness says that one of the male patrons took the brunt of the impact and was dragged by the taxi.

Despite this, the man appeared to have been only slightly injured, being able to walk with assistance afterwards.

Cab crashes into East Coast bar, 5 injured

Published on Apr 17, 2014 11:15 PM
 935  1057  0  0 PRINT EMAIL

– See more at:


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