Controversy over Coca Cola commercial, AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL


Coca Cola Super Bowl 2014 Commercial “America The Beautiful” [HD]

Coca Cola Super Bowl Commercial 2014 (REVIEW) America The Beautiful Coke Commercial Offends

Coca-Cola Super Bowl advert depicting homosexuals, multicultural society provokes uproar on social media

February 04, 2014 8:28AM


COCA-Cola has certainly got the attention it wanted. Its NFL Super Bowl advert – featuring homosexual and multinational lifestyles to the tune of “America the Beautiful” – has provoked uproar.

The patriotic song rings out throughout the product placement in eight different languages. It also shows clips including two fathers roller-skating with their daughter – the first time homosexuality has been addressed during an event better known for its adverts and entertainment than the football game itself, according to a US gay rights group.

Sports fans were not amused.


Proud dads … the Coke Super Bowl add depicted two homosexual fathers with their daughter. Source: Supplied

Coca-Cola’s Facebook page has been inundated with posts labelling the advert a “disgrace” and “unpatriotic”.

“Nice to see that Coke likes to sing an AMERICAN song in the terrorist’s language. Way to go Coke. You can leave America,” one post reads.

Another states: “Screwed up a beautiful song. No Coke for my family.”



Boycott Coke for Anti-Americanism


Serious question expecting an honest answer: Is there something wrong, morally repugnant, or even “racist” about wanting to live in a place where the majority if not all of the people share a common background, language, customs or culture with you? Seriously, I get it is politically expedient or even “morally superior” to be for “diversity” and “multiculturalism,” but what is wrong with that?
  • Allen James isnt that what liberals want for the Kurds, Tibet, South Africa, Palestine, the “Indians”, The Australian Aboriginies, South American bush tribes, etc etc etc… arent all these people racist for not accepting “multiculturalism and diversity”?
    • Boycott Coke for Anti-Americanism replied · 11 Replies · about an hour ago
  • Jason Hanthorn Show me a single time in American history that all Americans shared a common background, language, customs, or culture?
    • Sheila Lynn It would be great to be able to identify with everyone around you.
      • Matt Matthews yeah, i wish everyone was the same as one another. Then we could all do the same thing and look the same way and not be different or original at all!
      • Alexandria Asherdee Martinez This just in Sheila, YOU CAN! Stop arbitrarily classifying people and their worth by the language they speak or their skin tone for starters! Try learning something about the human experience instead of trying to box people like Crayolas. Your life may be brighter. But you’re happy being a White Supremacist, so who would you hate if there was no one different from you around? You’d probably fight each other to your extinction like Crips in Alaska.
      • Simon Thong Wee Hing
        Write a reply…
    • Joe Rockwell Why don’t you respond to the comments on your previous post, about name-calling. You, from this page, call a group of Americans communists because they disagree with your opinion, then you personally insult an individual calling them a cretin.To answer your question, assuming your reasoning behind wanting to live in a group of people similar to yourself is that because you think your race is superior (which the majority of people who like this page do) then yes, it is the definition of racism.

      However, if you don’t believe this, you must assume all races are equal. What is your distinction between common backgrounds? What in your eyes is a “real american”? Someone who’s worked hard their entire life struggling for an education and a career who’s moved to the United States in support of this is 100% more American than you ever claim to be.

      Your whole page exists on the basis of a commercial, with American people speaking many languages that is a part of their ancestry. Do you know the official US seal? The one that has ‘E Pluribus Unum’ on it? Looks like English to me, oh wait, it’s not. In case you don’t know what this phrase means, which Im sure you don’t, it stands for “One from many”. Hmm..

      You want to live in a place where everyone is just like you and everyone has the same culture yet this country was founded and continues to function as a collection of diverse cultures. If you truly want to live in a place like that, the land of the FREE is not the right place.

      • Courage F Titancrotch The seal is in Latin. An ancient European dead language used in concert with English to convey authority or constancy, as it is used in medicine and biology to classify animals and diseases. Your analogy is absurd, as is your argument for the displacement of a majority population.
      • Joe Rockwell Dead language? If it’s still in use, in modern science I wouldn’t consider it dead. If it’s still taught in schools I wouldn’t consider it dead. Do you not realize that Latin was extremely prevalent when this country was founded and was a language commonly taught throughout the first universities across the us? You support Traditional Russia, which supports speaking both Russian and English. In case you don’t get it now, you support a group that this page is against.
      • Simon Thong Wee Hing
        Write a reply…
    • Nick Schmitz Brown pride, Asian pride, proud black man. But if whitey says he is proud he is a racist. Fuck you Matt Matthews and everyone who thinks like you.
    • Bill Drewek Hey you don’t like this site get off of it !!!!!!!
    • Adam Burkholder why are you fighting about this, can’t you just get along, you call yourself an American and yet if you see someone who doesn’t agree with you, you call them names and say they aren’t American … well you know what … I was born in America and I speak Italian, French, German, Spanish and English … does that make me un-American? does that make me a bad person? Just because someone sings a song in another language … UGHHH What gives YOU the right to tell people how they can sing a song?
    • Matt Matthews You want to be sheltered and only have people you are comfortable with around you. You think other people and in fact whole countries should conform to one small group of American’s ideals just because it would make YOU happy. Yes, there is something wrong with that
    • Merritt Burton It was only insulting if you’ve been brainwashed by suckling on the hate teat for so long that your soul has withered and died. If it offended you, you have no sense of history and no understanding of the Spirit with which our country was founded. You have no respect for the men and women who have faught, bled and died to protect America from enemies who would seek to destroy our freedom.
      If you want to live somewhere where the government enforces what languages you can speak in your home, try living under the Taliban, or maybe China.
      There was a guy who had a great idea for how to create a culture where all the people shared a common background, language, customs and culture. His name was Adolf Hitler…
      • Courage F Titancrotch I’m sure American soldiers throughout history bled and died for pluralism, forced integration, unchecked illegal immigration, state funding for the La Raza hate group, ‘privilege checking’, gun control pushes, McDonalds and gay marriage.It pisses me off to no end when I see the same political block who treated returned Vietnam veterans like spilt piss trying to claim the heroic sacrifice of men fighting throughout history for, ‘American exceptionalism and manifest destiny’ was all for them and their twisted agenda.

        And yes it is twisted. An America that was over 90% homogenous prior to WW2 is now seeing the European ethnic block that almost single handedly built it reduced to something in the region of 60%. News that Euros will soon be in the minority is met with cheers by the supporters of this radical agenda.

        Think about those stats, guys. They’re the equivalent of working to make China minority Chinese (where ‘Chinese’ encompasses various ethnicities and groups of Chinese, with Han being the largest iirc, same as America with various euro ethnicities and the hated WASP forming the majority) and celebrating it as a victory in the national interest.

        It’s not a victory. It’s the displacement and disenfranchisement of a majority population. It isn’t even honest, if brutal, conquest as it was with the American Indians. It’s forced suicide.

        And if I hear anyone claim it’s justice for the Native Americans, I’ll be horrified. That’s like saying the enslavement of Arabs by Whites would be justice for the brutality of the Barbary Corsairs. Two wrongs don’t make a right!

      • Alexandria Asherdee Martinez Never mind that having a 90% homogenous(citation needed) ethnic block did not keep racism and discrimination out of the country, they just focused it on Italians and Irish people and grew neo-nazism in America. Where there is a will to hate there is a way to hate. No one forces someone to breed with someone of another ethnic background. It doesn’t happen. There’s this thing called free will. It enables people to do what they want despite moral, social, or other constraints. Much like white supremacists still have the right to say what they want, they also have the right to consequences for their actions. Hitler didn’t win, I wonder why. Hard left conspiracy, I’m sure. We may all have animals inside of us but some have kept theirs better contained than others, its highly evident.


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