Illegal foreign workers: On the run…


7 July 2017



According to an Immigration Department advisory, only undocumented migrants who are already employed are eligible to apply for an E-card and they are not allowed to extend the facility to their dependents here.

It was also stated that undocumented migrant workers at the time of application should bring along all their dependents to the immigration office, to facilitate a deportation process.
Immigration Department director-general Mustafar Ali has reportedly urged all undocumented migrants who failed to apply for the E-card to surrender themselves and escape from being fined and jailed.

Bernama quoted Mustafar as saying that those who surrendered would only be charged a penalty of RM400 – on top of purchasing their own plane ticket home – instead of paying up to RM5,000 if caught under the enforcement action.

It was also reported that over 2,000 foreign workers and 44 employers have been arrested nationwide as of July 6.


Migrant families take refuge in jungle after E-card raids

Alyaa Alhadjri

SPECIAL REPORT | Ayu*, 25, has been hiding in the jungles since the government launched yet another crackdown on undocumented migrants at the stroke of midnight on June 30.

The smile on her face did not mask the underlying fear of being separated from her husband John*, who holds an Immigration Department’s enforcement card (E-card) – a temporary verification document issued pending approval of his work permit as a construction labourer at a nearby site.

“Most of the men already have their E-card, but we (women and children) are still ‘empty’ (undocumented),” she said, exposing them to threats of arrest and deportation.

Carrying her 16-month-old daughter, Ayu recounted the recent nights spent in the wilderness.

“Now we are sleeping in the jungle and only come up here to cook and take water.

“We have to run up and down (to the jungle). Sometimes in the middle of the night while carrying a baby,” she said, when met at a project site about 60km away from Kuala Lumpur, in a neighbouring state.
The group that met with Malaysiakini, together with the Jakarta-based NGO Migrant Care, originally hailed from a district in Nusa Tenggara Timur – a cluster of islands to the east of Bali, Indonesia.

In search of a better life in Malaysia, they now find themselves forced to survive in harsher living conditions.

Nearly half of the group who came out comprise unemployed women with babies or toddlers in tow.

It is also understood that there are at least 100 others who are also in hiding.

All of the children were born in Malaysia. Most of them are stateless and so, being sent home is no guarantee of a better future.


How long will this present operation last?

1 July 2017


3h3 hours ago

Ninety-seven illegal foreign workers detained in immigration crackdown in Kota Baru



3h3 hours ago

40 illegal immigrants detained in Perak


Perak Immigration Operations Chief Suhairie Bah Ali said those nabbed were from Myanmar (22), Indonesia (three), Bangladesh (one) and Nepal (nine).

The raids were conducted at a food processing factory in the Menglembu Industrial Estate and a construction site at Taman Menglembu Impiana Adril between 8.30am and noon.

“We have also detained the factory owner, in his 40s, for investigation. He will be allowed bail after that,” he told reporters following the operation.

Suhairie said the operation was carried out to check premises for illegal foreign workers, following the June 30 deadline for employers to register their foreign employees to obtain E-Cards (enforcement card).




Immigration nabs 51 migrant workers in raid

KLANG: A total of 51 illegal immigrants were detained in a raid conducted by the immigration department last night.

Two locations known for housing immigrants (rumah kongsi) were raided, exposing the congested and unsanitary conditions they were living in.

From the swoop, a total of 239 foreigners were checked.

The illegal immigrants detained comprised 38 Bangladeshis, five Nepalese, four Indonesians and four Myanmar nationals.

Immigration department director-general Mustafar Ali gave a briefing at the immigration headquarters in Putrajaya before leading a large convoy consisting of immigration officers and reporters to Klang.


Bosses accept blame for foreign workers without E-Kads

July 1, 2017

Employers regret leaving application for the Enforcement Card to the last minute as affected workers may now be sent home after yesterday’s deadline.

PUTRAJAYA: Employers have generally acknowledged their mistake and expressed disappointment in having left the task of applying for the Enforcement Card or E-Kad to the last minute.

The deadline for the mandatory E-Kad for their foreign workers ended yesterday.

FMT spoke to some business owners and senior executives at the immigration department here yesterday, who admitted to having procrastinated over the matter, and were now having no other choice but to queue with large crowds.

Others meanwhile said they did not know the procedure to obtain the identification cards for their foreign workers.

Sarawak Immigration crackdown leads to arrest of 31 illegal immigrants Read More :



KUCHING: A total of 31 illegal immigrants were detained by the Sarawak Immigration Department in a two-day long operation, which ended on Wednesday.
The foreigners, from Indonesia and Bangladesh, were picked up by the department’s Kuching-based enforcement team, which raided two construction sites in Bau 2, Jalan Rock and Samarahan near here on Tuesday.

“After their documents were screened, the department detained 29 people including a woman from Indonesia and two men from Bangladesh,” said the department in a statement today.Read More :

117 warga asing ditahan


117 illegal immigrants rounded up at Melaka Sentral bus terminal Read More :


By Kelly Koh

MALACCA: A total of 117 illegal immigrants were rounded up in an integrated operation at the Melaka Sentral bus terminal in Peringgit here, today.

A total of 1,699 foreigners were screened – some were shopping at the terminal’s outlets while some had just stepped off the bus before being questioned and checked by the enforcement officers.

“Those detained were found to have committed immigration offences including overstaying and possessing suspicious travel documents such as a photocopied passports,” he added. The arrested illegals comprised 39 Nepalese, 34 Indonesians, 26 Bangladeshis, 15 Myanmarease, and each from Pakistan, Vietnam and Sri Lanka, aged between 20 and 40.

Read More :

21 January 2014



21 January 2014| last updated at 02:27AM

Immigration elite force takes part in ops against illegals

MALACCA: With a target of arresting at least 300 illegal immigrants, a total of 208 personnel, including the newly established Immigration elite force, checked several locations just minutes after midnight.

State Immigration deputy director Abu Bakar Sidek Hasan said this was the first time the the elite force is involved in an operation. 

Immigration officers escorting those arrested in the operation this morning — Pix by Rasul Azli SamadRead more: Immigration elite force takes part in ops against illegals – Latest – New Straits Times


21 January 2014| last updated at 02:29AM

26 illegals picked up in Arau

Read more: 26 illegals picked up in Arau – Latest – New Straits Times

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An estimated 500,000 illegal immigrants were to  be hunted down from Sunday, 1 September 2013for deportation.

Yet, it seems that new ones are arriving! Bangla Deshis are brought in on student and tourist visas.

  • 3 Nov 2013
  • The Star Malaysia

Bangladeshi illegals are flooding in

Thousands of Bangladeshis aided by institutions working with human traffickers

JOHOR BARU: Thousands of illegal Bangladeshi workers are pouring into the country posing mostly as foreign students and sometimes as tourists.

They are aided by unscrupulous Malaysian institutes of higher learning and education centres working with human trafficking syndicates.

These institutes and centres go so far as to also falsify attendance records and provide “progress reports” for the “students” to Malaysian Immigration when the visas need to be renewed.

The syndicates largely prefer to bring in Bangladeshis under the guise of students because they are granted visas of between two and six months as such, compared to only one month as a tourist.

Employment agencies and human trafficking syndicates charge between RM10,000 and RM12,000 to bring a Bangladeshi into the country posing as a foreign student or tourist.

They even have lecturers from language colleges waiting at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport to produce the necessary documents to certify that the “student” is coming to Malaysia to learn English.

Once the worker leaves the airport, he is taken to a safe house somewhere in the Klang Valley before being sent to a factory in Selangor, Johor or Perak.

There, the “student” works as a welder or labourer, earning wages of RM30 to RM60 per day depending on his skills.

Deputy Home Minister Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar said ministry officials are aware of these institutes and centres.

Bangladeshi illegals are flooding in

HOW MANY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ARE THERE? anything from 250,00 to 500,000…

Nationwide, 2,433 illegals were caught on the first day. That means anything from 100 days to 200 days  to get them all! The rate will fall off after the first 10 days, which means a year?


02 September 2013| last updated at 12:45PM

Zahid: 2,433 illegal immigrants detained under Ops 6P Bersepadu

Ahmad Zahid said second highest nationality that was caught during the operation was Myanmarese (555).

Read more: Zahid: 2,433 illegal immigrants detained under Ops 6P Bersepadu – Latest – New Straits Times


Monday September 2, 2013 MYT 7:05:21 AM

Illegals play hide-and-seek during biggest operation

Detained: Some of the illegal immigrants being rounded up in the operation to flush out unwanted foreigners.

Detained: Some of the illegal immigrants being rounded up in the operation to flush out unwanted foreigners.

PETALING JAYA: They were found crouched in concealed rooms, secret compartments in ceilings, behind walls and even under floorboards.

But they did not remain hidden for long and were among the more than 1,000 illegal immigrants nabbed in the nation’s biggest ever operation to flush out unwanted foreigners.

The operation, code named Ops 6P Bersepadu began at midnight on Saturday.

It was conducted by enforcement personnel from the Immigration Department, police, Armed Forces, Rela, Civil Defence, National Regis­tration Department and local councils.

Illegals play hide-and-seek during biggest operation

He said a large number of the visas issued at the Malaysian High Commission in Dhaka were being facilitated by one company, Union Tours and Travel Ltd.

“Visas involving the use of false documentation and payment of large fees comes up to about 32,000 Taka (RM 1300 ) for each tourist visa. The official fee payable for a visa is actually RM 20 ( about 500 Taka ) with a permissible service charge of up to 1000 Taka,” said Sivarasa.

The Sundaily

Thousands of Bangladeshis brought in through dubious means: Subang MP

PETALING JAYA (Aug 31, 2013): Thousands of Bangladeshi workers might have been brought into Malaysia through suspicious practices by employees of the Malaysian High Commission in Dhaka.

In a press conference earlier yesterday, PKR central leadership council member Sivarasa Rasiah said he had evidence that up to 1,000 Bangladeshi workers were arriving in Malaysia on tourist visas.

“A substantial level of human trafficking from Dhaka to KLIA is being facilitated by alleged corrupt practice at the visa issuance section of the Malaysian High Commission in Dhaka and Immigration personnel in KLIA,” he said.

Sivarasa, who filed a police report on the alleged human trafficking at the Tropicana police station said since March, six direct flights a day arrive from Dhaka at KLIA – two by MAS, one by Biman Bangladesh Airlines, one by Regent Airways and one by United Airways carrying 900-1000 passengers.

Thousands of Bangladeshis brought in through dubious means: Subang MP

She said Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s call for the crackdown on illegal migrants reflected “a failure of his leadership”.

Free Malaysia Today

Crackdown leaves 100,000 refugees vulnerable

Anisah Shukry | August 29, 2013

Refugees registered under the UNHCR have not been provided clear legal protection by the Home Ministry from the impending crackdown on illegal immigrants.

PETALING JAYA: The crackdown on illegal foreigner workers beginning on Sunday leaves more than 100,000 asylum-seekers and refugees vulnerable because they do not have documents yet, Tenaganita said.

“The Home Ministry has done nothing to provide a clear legal protection framework for the refugees registered by the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) and tens of thousands of asylum seekers waiting to be registered in Malaysia,” said migrants workers non-governmental organisation executive director Irene Fernandez

She told reporters that the laws made no distinction between asylum-seekers registered with UNHCR and undocumented workers, and this would leave them vulnerable to a “crackdown”.

“Tenaganita would also like to remind the ministry that there are at least several hundred refugees who were forced by their employers to register under the 6P (programme), but remain undocumented due to their refugee status.

“What action will be taken to prevent registered and unregistered refugees from arrest, detention and deportation?” she asked.

Crackdown leaves 100,000 refugees vulnerable

“If the home minister continues with the proposed crackdown, then the government is not only supporting fraud and abuse of migrants, but is in collusion with agents to operate a system of labour trafficking where outsourcing agents can employ workers without permits and make them work under conditions of forced labour,” she said.


NGO: Is gov’t colluding with fraudulent agents?
5:08PM Aug 29, 2013

The government’s planned crackdown on migrant workers not only victimises vulnerable groups, but raises questions over whether the government is colluding with fraudulent outsourcing agents.

According to Tenaganita executive director Irene Fernandez (right), this is because at least 5,000 migrants have paid agents to partake in the 6P amnesty programme but remain undocumented.

She said that since the introduction of 6P in 2011, Tenaganita has received hundreds of reports that such outsourcing companies had created “shell companies” and placed work permit applications under these companies.

However, these shell companies do not provide employment, and the workers do not receive any documents despite paying thousands of ringgit to the outsourcing companies.

“To date, Tenaganita has filed cases involving 55 outsourcing agencies affecting more than 5,000 workers with the police, immigration, the Home Ministry and the Human Resources Ministry…

NGO: Is gov’t colluding with fraudulent agents?


Malaysia to launch “biggest” crackdown on illegals

Malaysia will launch what local media on Wednesday called its “biggest ever” crackdown on an estimated half a million illegal foreign workers, as a crime wave focused the nation’s attention on security.

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia will launch what local media on Wednesday called its “biggest-ever” crackdown on an estimated half a million illegal foreign workers, as a crime wave focused the nation’s attention on security.

Under the three-month operation to begin on Sunday, authorities would seek to deport some 500,000 foreigners, mostly from the country’s vast and less-developed neighbour Indonesia, Immigration Department Director General Alias Ahmad said.

The operation would involve 135,000 personnel led by the department, he was quoted by The Star newspaper as saying.



Wednesday August 28, 2013 MYT 9:06:46 AM

Unwanted foreigners ready to flee Malaysia before Sunday

MALACCA: Many illegal immigrants especially Indonesians are set to flee the country before Sunday when the authorities start the biggest crackdown in the country to flush out unwanted aliens.

Some of those interviewed said they were preparing to cross the Strait of Malacca via several spots in Merlimau here and Port Dickson in Negri Sembilan.

Adi Herwan, a 33-year-old construction worker from Tualang Agong in Java Timur, said he was willing to risk his life to cross the busy straits before Sunday.

“I do not want to be put in overcrowded Immigration depots. I want to go back home,” he added.

Adi said that SMSes had been circulating among his countrymen on the massive operation against illegals and he was not taking any chances on being caught.

“It is not my fault for overstaying. You have to blame my employer who did not renew my passport.”

Indian national I.F. Arul from Tiruchi said that his employer was preparing for him to leave the country before Sunday to avoid action being taken against him under the Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants Act 2007 (Amendment 2010)

Unwanted foreigners ready to flee Malaysia before Sunday


Deportation costs of illegals borne by outsourcing companies

The cost of deporting illegal immigrants, who will be hunted down starting this Sunday, will be borne by the outsourcing companies which work closely with the embassies and high commissions.

Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the multi-agency exercise was expected to flush out illegals in the country and once arrested, they would be deported immediately to avoid the detention centres in the country to be overcrowded.

He said the ministry would be working closely with the embassies and high commissions to reduce the length of detention to “a certain number of days”.

“They (outsourcing companies) will collaborate with the embassies and high commissions and pay the expenses to deport the illegals,” he told reporters after receiving a courtesy call from Poland’s ambassador to Malaysia, Prof Dr Adam W Jelonek, at his office in Putrajaya today.

Asked on the cost of deportation, Ahmad Zahid said: “We wouldn’t know as it varies, depending on which country they will be deported to.”

Deportation costs of illegals borne by outsourcing companies


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