The Mystery of the Indonesian maid’s sudden death in a police station!


One moment she was well and the next, she was dead!

How is it possible for such a sudden turn of events? How unfortunate for the Police that she died in a police station.


20 August 2013| last updated at 05:11PM

Police: Maid’s death in police station due to blood pressure

KUALA TERENGGANU: The 42-year-old Indonesian maid died at the Kampung Raja police station on Monday due high blood pressure.

State Criminal Investigation Department chief Assistant Commissioner K. Manoharan said the post mortem results showed that the maid had died from high blood pressure and there were no injuries to suggest any foul play.

He said, the maid had earlier confessed that the RM5,000 she stole from her employer was given to her husband.

However,  police do not have any information about her husband’s whereabouts as she died before her statements were recorded.


19 August 2013| last updated at 04:43PM

Maid suspected of stealing dies in police station

By Zarina Abdullah |

BESUT: A 42-year-old maid who was about to give her statement to the police after being accused of stealing from her employer collapsed and died at the Kampung Raja police station here at around 2.30pm today.

Acording to a source, the Indonesian maid from Java had been employed by a teacher in Kampung Seberang Jaya here since May 12 to look after his elderly mother.

However, the teacher suspected her of stealing after the family lost RM5,000.

The employer brought her along to the police station when he lodged a report at the Kampung Raja police station at 2.30pm.

The case was classified under Section 381 of the Penal Code for theft by a domestic help.

The source said while waiting to be questioned by the  investigating officer, the maid suddenly fell to the floor and died.

The maid’s body was sent to the Besut Hospital for a post mortem.


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