Najib the Drummer: Iklan Tahun Baru Cina Najib Razak Yang Menakjubkan




Iklan Tahun Baru Cina Najib Razak Yang Menakjubkan ad


Poster boy Najib’s dilemma

RK Anand | February 13, 2013

The prime minister appears to be more of a public relations product, where each word and action is orchestrated through a team of marketing experts.

Free Malaysia Today

A Gangnam blow for Najib

In his most recent public relations disaster, a red-faced Najib discovered that not all who pranced about to South Korean rapper Psy’s music would tap their hooves to Barisan Nasional’s tune.

Dressing him in a Chinese traditional outfit and having him speak Mandarin for the Lunar New Year also drew ridicule because such gimmicks reveal his desperation.

It prompted one observer to remark that if it did not transgress the tenets of Islam, Najib would have even carried a kavadi during the recent Thaipusam festival, complete with limes painted with the
1Malaysia logo fastened to his back with hooks.

Attempting to win the hearts and minds of the Chinese voters is a futile exercise for the prime minister and his comrades in MCA.

A MCA strategist confided in this writer that it would be a miracle if BN managed to secure even 35% of the community’s votes in the coming polls and this despite all the horror tales about PAS.

Najib and his advisers remain oblivious to the fact that Malaysians are no longer seduced by colourful billboards, neon lights that envelope the length and breadth of a building and horse dancing.

The prime minister appears to be more of a public relations product than someone who is made of flesh and blood, where each word and deed is orchestrated through a team of marketing experts. He gives the impression of being a marionette.

Poster boy Najib’s dilemma


Free Malaysia Today

PM missed a beat on drummer ad

G Vinod | February 13, 2013

Referring to a video showing Najib Tun Razak playing the Tanggu drums, writer Zainuddin Salleh claims that only lower caste people play these drums in lion or dragon dance troupes.

PETALING JAYA: Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s Chinese New Year video greeting reflects the foolishness of the Malays, according to writer Zainuddin Salleh.

In a column posted on Perkasa’s website, Zainuddin claimed that only those from the lower caste would usually work as drummers in a lion or dragon dance troupe.

“Although Najib’s intention was to win back Chinese support, the video clip only managed to show that Malays are stupid and deserve to be in the lower caste,” said the writer.

PM missed a beat on drummer ad



Malaysian Insider

Not all said ‘no’ to PM, says Penang BN of open house jeers

By Clara Chooi
Assistant News Editor
February 13, 2013

Najib and other BN leaders toss a “yee sang” salad on stage during the coalition’s Chinese New Year open house in George Town, February 11, 2013. — Picture by KE Ooi

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 13 ― Penang Barisan Nasional (BN) believes rivals sent saboteurs to heckle the prime minister and his entourage during its Chinese New Open House event on Monday, Sinar Harian reported today.

State BN chairman Teng Chang Yeow said he suspected it was this group that yelled “No!” when Datuk Seri Najib Razak asked the crowd, “Are you ready for BN?”, purportedly to offer the impression that Penang residents did not support the ruling coalition.

“Not everyone present had yelled ‘No’. We have video records showing a large segment of the audience had yelled ‘Yes’ when the PM asked that question several times.

“I believe there were those sent to sabotage the open house that we organised and we also found that there were those who wore colours that DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng had asked them to wear as a sign of protest,” he was quoted as saying today in the Malay daily.

He added that it would only have been worrying if those who had shouted “No” were BN members or supporters.

Ucapan Najib di Penang Kena Cakap No..

Videos of the hoots, boos and “No” shouted to Najib, and the “Yes” to the prime minister’s question of whether the crowd was ready for Psy, have been posted on the Internet, attracting observations that BN was unlikely to win back voters in Penang during the coming polls.

Not all said ‘no’ to PM, says Penang BN of open house jeers

Malaysia Chronicle

Wednesday, 13 February 2013 09:53

Gag-order or ‘blackmail’, video proof is out: PSY DIDN’T WANT TO DANCE WITH NAJIB, BN

Written by  Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

Video proof of Korean mega-star Psy refusing to toss ‘yee-sang’ with Malaysia’s ruling party is out.

Apart from Malaysia Chronicle, few local websites had dared to report the incident which was indeed an international slap in the face for Prime Minister Najib Razak and his administration in light of Psy’s phenomenal popularity and global reach.

Since the February 11 gig, political insiders have admitted that Najib and BN had planned to do a mini-dance routine with Psy, akin to the one Psy had performed with United Nations chief Ban Ki-Moon. But it was not to be, Psy declined to take the bait. [click PSY SLAP IN THE FACE: Korean superstar refused to toss ‘yee-sang’ with Najib, BN]

With Malaysia widely expected to hold its 13th general elections within weeks, Psy earned high praise for his sharpness and fairness in refusing to be a part of the BN’s campaign propaganda.

“BN tried to be sneaky and make use of Psy’s fame to promote themselves for the coming general election as well as to endorse Najib’s 1Malaysia. That was not nice at all and I am glad Psy was alert enough not to get caught in Malaysian politics,” Tan Kee Kwong, a senior leader in Anwar’s PKR party, told Malaysia Chronicle.

Gag-order or ‘blackmail’, video proof is out: PSY DIDN’T WANT TO DANCE WITH NAJIB, BN

Kee Thuan Chye, Malaysiakini

Never the face of a person

The recent Chinese New Year letter (from Najib)  is accompanied by ang pow packets with Najib’s face on them. What a waste of money printing them! Who is going to use ang pow packets with his face on them? For some Chinese, it could mean bad luck!

Normally, ang-pow packets carry symbols of happiness, luck, prosperity or the image of the animal of that year. Never the face of a person. A person steeped in Chinese culture said to me, “Even Mao Zedong never had his face on a red packet!”

Obviously, Najib’s advisers are not well-versed in Chinese culture.

The ‘drummer’ PM is demeaning himself

najib ang pao



Iklan Tahun Baru Cina Najib Razak Yang Menakjubkan


The ‘drummer’ PM is demeaning himself

COMMENT It looks like Prime Minister and BN chief Najib Abdul Razak has outdone himself at self-debasement.

His appearance in the now much-talked-about Chinese New Year advertisement has not only shown his desperation to win Chinese votes in the soon-to-be-held general election; it has also elicited responses from viewers full of derision and contempt.

The ‘drummer’ PM is demeaning himself


On Najib’s performance, many said it was “lawak” (clownish). One called him “an absolute clown”, another called him “Maharaja lawak” (king of clowns).A kinder critic wrote, “We do not need a PM who can play drums, we need a PM who can stop corruption.”In almost the same vein: “Dear PM, we would like to see you spend more time managing the country rather than carry out a PR exercise like this.”And of course, some demanded to know how much of the people’s money was spent on this “desperate act by a desperate PM”.Also, because the advertisement endorsed the burning of firecrackers, which is actually banned in Malaysia, one netizen summed up the sentiment surrounding this issue by commenting, “Sejak bila kaum Tiong Hua dibenarkan membakar mercun? Janji tidak ditepati!” (Since when has the Chinese community been allowed to burn firecrackers? Promise unfulfilled!)A most telling comment was the one that echoed my friend’s: “Aiyer … geli!


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