Soros, the American billionaire has been accused by Mahathir of plotting to place a puppet regime in Malaysia.



BN’s agenda to play up Soros-Pakatan bogey
  • Fathi Aris Omar
  • 3:04PM Oct 13, 2012

The campaign to demonise the opposition with the George Soros bogey that is being played out in the mainstream media today appears to have been hatched by a government agency since mid-year.

The Special Affairs Department (Jasa) of the Information, Communication and Culture Ministry earlier this year published a thick handbook called ‘Guide to Explain Current Issues’, which provides the basis of the campaign.


Among others, it claims that PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim received funds from the currency speculator to face elections.

It argues that Soros is a Jewish Zionist agent and had purportedly funded the International Crisis Group (ICG) where Anwar is a member via the Open Society Institute (OSI).

“… Anwar is among the ICG’s exco member… a large portion (of leaders) in the ICG are Jews,” said the 322-page book.

“Soros had criticised the Malaysian government and defended Anwar when he was accused of abusing his power.”

The supposed Anwar-Soros relations is contained in a chapter titled ‘ICG and (its) relationship with Zionists’, one of 22 chapters addressing various issued and programs raised by Pakatan Rakyat since June.

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BN’s agenda to play up Soros-Pakatan bogey




So, a vote for Najib now is also a vote for Soros?’
  • Hazlan Zakaria
  • 4:32PM Oct 11, 2012

If BN’s attacks on alleged links between human rights NGO Suaram and billionaire currency trader George Soros hold true, then a vote for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is a vote for Soros as well, Pakatan MPs said today.

“I want to see how the mainstream media takes up this issue. As we know there was a secret meeting, where Najib asked for Soros’ support for his global movement of moderates.

“So, if Soros is the bogeyman, then a vote for Najib is a vote for Soros too,” PAS’ Kuala Krai MP Dr Hatta Ramli told Malaysiakini.

Hatta stressed that Pakatan Rakyat wouldn’t want to play on the issue.

However, since the Soros link has been played up by the BN, it now appears that “their own weapon has turned upon them”.

“So, they now have to explain to the rakyat.”

Hatta said this when asked to comment on the quiet chat Najib reportedly had with Soros at a posh hotel in New York, just before his inaugural address to the United Nations General Assembly two years ago.


Mahathir and Soros: not exactly pals…

PERINGATAN: Malaysiakini tidak bertanggungjawab terhadap komentar yang diutarakan melalui laman sosial ini. Ia pandangan peribadi pemilik akaun dan tidak semestinya …
A vote for the opposition is a vote for Soros, says Dr M
1:35PM Oct 7, 2012

Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has declared that voting the opposition was to vote for billionaire George Soros’ alleged attempt to colonise Malaysia.

In an commentary which appeared in the New Sunday Times today, Mahathir had quoted several sources stating Soros had attempted to do the same to Hungary, Ukraine and Georgia in the past.

The underlying theme among those quoted by Mahathir was that Soros had funded NGOs to build up a “civil society” to pave way for “colonisation” by global capital.

“Some may remember Anwar Ibrahim’s fondness for ‘civil society’ when he was in the government. He still talks about civil society now.

S Pakatan dinner Anwar

“The similarity of ideas between the two, Soros and Anwar (left), is significant,” wrote Mahathir.For Mahathir, one such proxy for Soros is Malaysiakini, which he regarded as a NGO out to do his “evil” bidding, putting “his kind of people” in power.”He (Soros) regards Malaysiakini as the NGO to manipulate in order to achieve his objective.



MP Pakatan Rakyat berkata sekiranya dakwaan hubungan NGO Suaram dan jutawan George Soros terbukti benar, maka undi untuk Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak juga …
Soros wanted to meet me, says Najib
  • Aidila Razak
  • 11:06PM Oct 12, 2012

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today admitted that he had met with controversial currency speculator George Soros two years ago but it was Soros who wanted to meet him.

He added that it was “just a courtesy call” and nothing “sinister” happened.

“Yes, I met him (Soros) upon his request, and after (former PM) Dr Mahathir (Mohamad) met Soros I didn’t see a problem with that.

“It was a normal courtesy call. Nothing untoward, nothing sinister, nothing to worry about” he said, matter of fact.

He added that the important thing was “not that I (the PM) met him but what was discussed”.

“We did not discuss about how to topple the government or to get funding, etc,” he said.

He, however, declined to elaborate on what was discussed during the New York meeting, and repeatedly said that “it was just a courtesy call”.




Soros was dead right about Mahathir
  • Manjit Bhatia
  • 12:40PM Jan 26, 2010

What’s the difference between former Malaysian premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad and the Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Nothing.

Both are charlatans. Both are racist to their core. Both must be condemned without hesitation and reservation.

Ahmadinejad has been adamant that the Jewish holocaust during Hitler’s reign was a figment of Western imagination. Worse, it was a conspiracy to hoodwink the rest of the world into offering sympathy to the Jewish race and the Jewish state of Israel.

Mahathir is renowned for his anti-Semiticism. Recall, during the height of the late nineties financial crisis when he blamed billionaire George Soros and his Quantum Fund for trying to bring the Malaysian economy to its knees.

All that without a shred of evidence. For which he was pasted by Soros, calling Mahathir a ‘menace to his own country’. Soros was dead right.

Soros was dead right about Mahathir



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