Diner en Blanc (Snobbishness Par Excellence?) meets its match in Singapore, former colonial outpost!


Nearly 900 turn up for Diner en Blanc in S’pore

Yahoo! NewsroomBy Fann Sim | Yahoo! Newsroom – 9 hours ago

With a grand flourish and mass waving of white napkins, the posh pop-up picnic that recently triggered a huge online food fight took place on Thursday evening at the ArtScience Museum promenade outside Marina Bay Sands.

888 invitees who subscribed to Asia’s first Diner en Blanc (The White Dinner) turned up dressed head-to-toe in white, complete with their own white chairs and table – with some even bringing local food.

The event was held after organizers of the event apologized on Wednesday for saying on the event’s Facebook page that local food wasn’t welcome.

A food blogger said last Friday he had been asked to remove a blog post recommending 12 typical Singapore food items, including tau huay, for the event. He was subsequently “uninvited” for the event, sparking a major public relations backlash online.

Attendees Lennard Chan, 37, and his fiancee Candice Tan, 27, brought homemade tau huay (beancurd), one of the items recommended by the blogger, to the event.

“We prepared tau huay and panna cotta to make our point that this is a fun-loving event. We wanted to have something local here and I feel that for us to be here, we’re supporting an international event with local food,” Chan told Yahoo! Singapore.

Chan’s group of friends also brought mee siam, roast pork belly and char siew (barbequed pork) to the chi-chi picnic.

When it was time for the attendees to clink their wine glasses, Singaporeans being Singaporeans yelled (and dragged it for at least 10 seconds) yam-seng heartily and proudly.

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Diner Blanc – Image Results

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Dîner en blanc” – juin 2012 – ParisMatch.comwww.parismatch.com



1 超级白! (it’s SUPER white!)

Public Event · By Stephanie Phua and Aloysius Low

    • 7:30pm until 10:00pm in UTC+08
  • 是白的,man!
    Bring your:
    1. White clothes
    2. Food
    3. Friends
    4. Picnic mat & rubbish bags
    5. SMILE 😀 😀 😀
    Hashtag for the event: #superwhiteP.S. Everyone is invited ah. Also, please clear your trash.
    Also, leave politics out of this pris.

Singapore, Singapore
2  Diner en Singapour – Red, White & So Much More!
Public Event · By Tan Cedric
  • 6:00pm until 11:30pm in UTC+08
    A food court in Orchard Towers will be delightfully transformed, replete with flowers and candlelight for a night of good old fashion chow-down of local delicacies. You don’t have to bring your own chairs or cutlery, but are welcome to bring champagne and wine (no corkage charge) to complement an assortment of colourful local fares such as chicken curry, yong tau foo, seo bah, char siew with yam rice, lor mai fun and kong bah bao. There is no secrecy and all are invited, just as Singaporean hospitality would dictate.
    Complimentary dessert of Bobo Chacha while stock last.

    1 Claymore Drive Orchard Tower Rear Block #02-01 unit S3, Singapore, Singapore 229594


Diner en Blanc (Dinner in White)

All versions of Diner en Blanc (Dinner in White) must adhere to strict rules true to the original event first held in Paris in 1988. Billed by organizers as a picnic that “recalls the elegance and glamour of court society,” guests must attend with another member of the opposite sex; men and women sit across from each other in a designated arrangement; and guests must bring their own white tables, chairs, fine china crockery and dress only in white.

The Wall Street Journal

  • August 28, 2012, 9:29 AM SGT

Diner en Blanc Cooks Up a Fuss in Singapore

By Shibani Mahtani

When Singapore was chosen to be the first Asian country to host the glamorous Diner en Blanc – a pop-up, invite-only picnic that has thrilled diners everywhere from New York to Kigali – local food enthusiasts cheered and thousands rushed to score invites to the exclusive evening.


But the atmosphere around the upcoming Singapore version of the dinner has soured in recent days, after a local food blogger was told to remove a blogpost suggesting that diners bring local delicacies to the outdoor dinner.

Daniel Ang, who blogs at Daniel’s Food Diary, was told by the event’s organizers that the local foods – including the ubiquitous tau huay (soya bean pudding) and chicken rice – were not “in line with the image” of Diner en Blanc. Many in Singapore’s boisterous blogosphere deemed that judgment an insult to local cuisine, a source of pride for many in the city-state.


Attendees to Singapore’s Diner en Blanc, which happens this Thursday, were told by organizers in an information letter in recent weeks to bring a “complete” meal of an appetizer, a cold main course, a “cheese or dessert” and bread.

In keeping with the event’s white theme, Mr. Ang recommended 12 local dishes – all primarily white – that attendees could bring along to the dinner, including tau huay (a pudding made out of smooth beancurd), buns filled with cream cheese and raisins, chwee kueh (steamed rice cake topped with radish relish) and kueh tutu (a white snack cake with peanut or coconut filling). The blogger, who was invited as a guest to the dinner, was told by the organizers of the Singapore leg to take down his post and subsequently uninvited.

(Blogger: He received an apology, and was re-invited, but won’t be going…)

When Singapore was chosen to be the first Asian country to host the glamorous Diner en Blanc – a pop-up, invite-only picnic that has thrilled diners …

blogs.wsj.com/searealtime/2012/08/28/dinerenblanc… – Cached


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Dear Singapore,

We wish to thank everyone for their comments and point-of-view. We love that people are so passionate about food and care about their cuisine. ….

We have watched this debate unfold and are overwhelmed by the discussion. For our part, we regret the confusion that has spread in relation to the food people might bring. We provide guidelines to the organisers in each city we enter….It’s clear that the guidelines were misconstrued and mistakes were made in the way they were communicated….. The most serious error involved a comment – posted on Facebook – that said local food wasn’t welcome. This was wrong and was withdrawn, corrected and apologies tendered; however, the damage lingers…

We are in Singapore now to prepare for what will be a wonderful occasion…. All food is welcome – of whatever background or taste – though we do encourage guests to have an investment in their meal and for it to be special to them. We’re sure there are many Singaporean dishes that meet these criteria but ultimately this is a personal choice – your choice – and we embrace that….


Aymeric and Sandy from Dîner en Blanc International.


Dear participants, media and page visitors:

We wish to express to all concerned our heartfelt apology for the problems experienced recently in the run-up to our Singapore event…

When implementing our international event in Singapore, we have had some misfortunes in communicating the right information and handling the typical procedures….we wish to redress the situation by clarifying the following:


Our sincerest thanks go out to all the volunteers and participants for all your hard work and continued efforts.

Yours very truly,

Clemen Chiang, Head Organizer of Dîner en Blanc Singapore
Aymeric Pasquier and Sandy Safi, Dîner en Blanc International

Dîner en Blanc is held in over 20 cities over 5 continents.
Vancouver-Quebec-Montreal-Toronto-Boston-Philadelphia-Las Vegas-Atlantic City-San Francisco-Los Angeles- San Diego-North New Mexico-Cincinnati-Puerto Rico-Sydney-Brisbane-Mexico City-Singapore-Barcelona-Kigali-Abidjan-Paris-New York-London.

  1. Afficher Dîner en Blanc in the World dans une carte plus grande


    More results from dinerenblanc.info »


Click on the link for the whole Post.

August 24, 2012 | 203 Comments

I Have Been Told To Remove My Blog Post; I Have Decided I Won’t

Never in my years of blogging have I been told to remove a blog post. Minor edits due to factual errors, sure. If it is a request to remove a negative comment, I will usually ignore because I have decided to be fair, just and objective to my blog readers. This is what blogging is about right?

Being asked to remove a post recently is definitely my first. (Read: My original Dîner en Blanc entry)


The next day I received a call from the PR company for me to totally remove the post. Not modify. Not edit. But totally remove the post. Reason according to both the French and local organisers was the local delicacies were not in line with the image of the picnic.


For your information, the 12 white food I recommended were tau hway, teochew pau, cheese raisin buns, xiao long bao, chee chiong fun, fishballs, Hainanese chicken rice, white bee hoon, chwee kueh, kueh tu tu, soon kueh and popiah – everyone of which I feel deserve to be in that platform. (The 12 food I recommended)


Part 2.

I found out that I was uninvited for the event. Not only me, but ALL other bloggers and social media personnel. Reason given was: There is not enough space for people. Do you buy into that reason?

To both the French and local organisers, my teachers taught me that you do not ‘un-invite’ guests to an event. At least we all know that is being very un-courteous and impolite. Basic manners, isn’t it? Who would have expected – coming from what one would have imagined to be one of the classiest events of the world.

I am absolutely fine with not going for the Diner En Blanc event. Remember, I am only going to be there because I WAS invited.


Here are three lessons I take from this incident:

1) You can disrespect me as a blogger, and disrespect my blog post, but you do not disrespect my culture. If you are going to hold a party at my house, I welcome you with open arms, I respect your rules but please respect your hosts as well.

2) My Singapore local delicacies are the classiest food ever in our hearts. Yes, foie gras, bisque, mille-feuille, escargots, crème brulee are all classy-sounding food. Our tau hway, chicken rice and soon kueh are also all classy in their own way. Thank you very much.

3) You do not dictate to bloggers which posts to put up, which posts not to; invite us, then uninvite us. You do not own us; Neither do you own the Internet.

My last note is for the local organisers and attendees. I would urge you to stand along-side with us, that our Singapore local delicacies that we grew up with, lived with, feed our children with, and feel so proud of, that represents our colourful heritage – can appear in a white prestigious picnic like Dîner en Blanc.

Of course, I still hope, this is all a big misunderstanding.

Fellow blogger Smith Leong created this, which brought a smile on an otherwise stressful day.

Updated Entry
Lessons Learnt from Diner En Blanc – Food is Meant to Unite, Not Divide


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