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How many will be there at the anti-Bersih 5 Rally? Jamal alone threatens to unleash 300,000! BUT HE WON’T BE THERE. #kenatangkap

… HOW MANY WILL BE AT THE ANTI-BERSIH RALLY? Jamal Yunos threatens to unleash 300,000 Red Shirts. Gerakan Akarumbi UMNO Malaysia (GAUM) will deploy over 3,000 members. Makkal Sakthi? 300-500, that is, if they turn up at all. *Personally, I … Continue reading

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Why is Makkal Sakti anti-Bersih 5? Because it wants to be part of BN, it has to ‘carry big leg’…

… The Malaysian Makkal Sakhti Party (MMSP) is a political party in Malaysia that seeks to champion ethnic Malaysian-Indian issues. It is an unaffiliated offshoot of the apolitical Hindu Rights Action Force(HINDRAF) movement formed by disgruntled former members and has … Continue reading

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