Pennsylvania chocolate factory explosion: 5 dead, 9 missing


US chocolate factory blast kills 5, several missing

9 hours ago9 hours ago

The explosion at a plant of R.M. Palmer Co. in Pennsylvania caused extensive damage, sending flames, smoke, dust and debris skyward. Several victims were then transported to a local hospital.

The death toll after after a deadly explosion occurred at a chocolate factory in West Reading, Pennsylvaniaon Friday evening, has rissen to 5. 

The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency said 6 people remained missing.

The blast at 4:57 p.m. local time (20:57 UTC) caused extensive damage to the R.M. Palmer Co. plant and a neighboring building. It caused flames, smoke, dust, and debris to shoot up into the sky.

“There are still rescue efforts under way at the scene,” West Reading Police Chief Wayne Holden said, confirming the number of fatalities and those missing.

The R.M. Palmer Company, which has been producing seasonal candy items for over 70 years, employs around 850 individuals.




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