Ipoh: Thean Chun Coffee Shop – The famous kai si hor fun (chicken hor fun) might have fallen in quality and quantity


Super Overrated & Disappointing: We Spent RM9 For Ipoh’s Thean Chun Kai Si Hor Fun & Here’s Our Review

Save your 1 hour time from overrated tourist food.

S.Y Lee S.Y Lee

Thean Chun Kopitiam’s Chicken Shredded Hor Fun, aka Kai Si Hor Fun in Ipoh used to be one of the best in town, but my recent visit left me feeling underwhelmed and disappointed.

Despite being a famous food spot in Ipoh, the dish is now overrated and definitely not worth the wait, in my opinion.

Even the Chicken Shredded Hor Fun found in KL is better in comparison. Here’s why you should save your time from waiting for your bowl of Kai Si Hor Fun at Thean Chun Kopitiam when you visit Ipoh.

On my recent trip to the coffee shop, I eagerly joined the long queue to try this iconic dish.

However, after waiting for an hour, when the dish finally arrived at my table, I was greeted with a small portion of hor fun noodles and chicken shreds.

The soup also lacked the vibrancy that is expected of a good bowl of Chicken Shredded Hor Fun.

My first sip of the soup left me disappointed as it lacked flavor and tasted bland, which made the whole dish a letdown.

The dish is priced at RM9, which is quite expensive for a local coffee shop dish. Given the small portion and lackluster taste, it is definitely not worth the price.

Overall, in comparison to other Kai Si Hor Fun dishes I’ve tried in KL, Thean Chun’s version falls short. If you’re in Ipoh and looking for a good bowl of Kai Si Hor Fun, I would recommend looking elsewhere than Concubine lane.





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