Have The Otters In Singapore Gone Out Of Control? | Talking Point | Full Episode (CNA Insider)



Did you know that otters are natives of Singapore and have been around for over 25 years?

Around 170 smooth-coated otters have made this city-state their home, roaming freely through our urban space. With their round faces and fluffy bodies, these adorable critters have even been voted as Singapore’s 51st birthday mascots!

But… in recent years, their reputation took a dip.

From ravaging fishponds worth thousands of dollars to human attacks, could these otters actually be a ‘pawblem’?

Join Talking Point host Munah Bagharib as she dives into the world of otters, uncovering the trail of destruction left by these critters. Munah investigates if we should be taking more drastic deterrent measures towards otters and learns the cost of coexistence. Can man and otters truly strive in the same space?



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