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Nazi relativisation: What is the story behind Nuremberg 2.0 and the Nuremberg Code?

16 Mar

By Erika Balzer, originally published in German on Belltower News

Coronavirus deniers and opponents to the vaccine claim that politicians are violating the Nuremberg Code through the introduction of vaccines and measures to curtail the pandemic. They are now calling for a “Nuremberg 2.0”. What do they mean by this and how are they trivialising Nazi crimes in the process?

The Nuremberg Code, a set of research ethics, was created to ensure that such savage experiments and murders would never again be carried out “in the name of science”: “The Nuremberg Code states that voluntary and informed consent is required for clinical studies. Human beings may not be forced into taking part in studies or experiments through violence or unlawful measures. Binding standards were agreed on that still have to be complied with in studies today,” explains Baumann. Ten guiding principles were formulated to govern human experiments and provide an ethical framework for areas such as genetic engineering, transplants and terminal care. 

Opponents to the vaccine and measures to curtail the pandemic believe these principles have been violated. They accuse the authorities of using pressure tactics and discriminating against people in the form of the vaccinated/recovered (“2G”) or vaccinated/recovered/tested (“3G”) rule, with the vaccines themselves constituting inhumane experiments. They see vaccinated persons as human guinea pigs, believing the vaccines contain poison. The aim? To bring about a genocide. 

Now, however, these calls are experiencing a revival. One example is on stickers, in Telegram posts and in legal challenges – as instigated by Reiner Fuellmich, for example. Fuellmich was the candidate for the German chancellorship for the “Querdenker” movement party Die Basis” and works as a lawyer in Germany and California. Since the start of the pandemic, he has been seeking to set up an “international corona tribunal” for those responsible for the pandemic measures as well as a new “Nuremberg trial” for producers of PCR tests. His sights are set on virologist Christian Drosten, president of the Robert Koch Institute Lothar Wieler, and politicians who have followed the advice of scientists.  

Fuellmich exists within a bubble of conspiracy ideologies, refers to the “Great Reset” and believes the media and state propaganda are full of lies. Together with the lawyer Viviane Fischer, he founded the “Corona Panel”, through which he aims to bring to trial those responsible for the measures to mitigate the pandemic. According to an investigation by the “anti-fake news” blog volksverpetzer, Fuellmich has already filed multiple suits in Canada and the USA that deal with the reliability of PCR tests. All claims have been unsuccessful so far. The next class action lawsuit is currently being prepared by the “Corona Panel”.


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