Fake news regarding Thailand and Pfizer



Fake news based on edited video causes anti vaxxers to rejoice 😂😂😂

Breaking News :

Thailand to be first country to null and void contract with Pfizer with demand for billions of Thai sovereign fun ds in purchasing the fraudulent mRNA vaccine to be refunded for disbursement to Thais killed and injured by Pfizer mRNA experiment .

Thai politicians , MOH, and enablers of the fraudulent Pfizer vaccines will have to answer to Thai law which still has the death sentence.


Excerpts from:

No Evidence Thailand Vowed To Nullify Pfizer Vaccine Contracts!

There is really NO EVIDENCE that Thailand has vowed to be the first country in the world to declare the Pfizer vaccine contracts as null and void!

Fact #1 : The Video Was Edited To Remove Context

Like the second viral video, this video clip appears to be edited to remove some context. I confirmed that by watching and comparing the video clip to the full interview of Sucharit Bhakdi by Pascal Najadi.

It looks like the person who edited the video wanted to remove references to the fact that Bhakdi was talking to Thai activists and not Thai officials.

Here are my rough transcripts from the first video clip, with the removed parts highlighted in bold.

Let me tell you the wonderful thing that happened when we decided to go back to Thailand for a holiday, which was badly needed. This was the beginning of January this year. There are Thai activists in Thailand with whom we have been connected over the past year.

They said, if you come to Thailand… uh, I’m still a Thai by the way… I’m Thai-German… we will connect you with the authorities and advisors to the highest authorities in Thailand, and this is what happened.

So I have the opportunity, the first opportunity in three years, to talk to the top advisors of a government in any country.

And it was very, very impressive, because I laid out to them that this whole COVID-19 agenda is a fake, and why it is a fake, and I was able to lay out for them the proof that the COVID vaccinations were based on fraud.

Fact #2 : No Evidence Bhakdi Spoke To Thai Officials

As mentioned above, the viral video clip appears to have been edited to remove references to Thai activists, likely to convey the perception that Sucharit Bhakdi was speaking to Thai officials.

If you watch the full video or read the extended transcript above, Sucharit Bhakdi does not actually claim to have met any Thai official, never mind advisors to the royal family. He appears to have only met Thai activists who claimed that they can “connect” him with the authorities.

Fact #3 : No Evidence Thai Officials Plan To Nullify Pfizer Contracts

The full video, and the extended transcript above, shows that Sucharit Bhakdi appears to have spoken only with Thai activists, not Thai officials.







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