Shanghai after Beijing: Two women follow in Peng’s footsteps with anti-Xi protest


Some powerful messages from overseas Chinese students sharing images of posters in solidarity with the “Bridgeman” in #Beijing on social media: “I hope our action would reduce the amount of ‘west-explaining’ out there.

I think it’s important for Westerners to understand protesting and openly criticizing the government is not something we grew up with and very risky actions inside #China.”

“Even if protesting is done in a free society, there are risks for Chinese protesting there against the Chinese government. Their families could be held hostage/used as a pawn to get dissidents to shut up.”

They could be denied entrance back to China (like the many Tiananmen Square student leaders living in exile now). Even when they are physically abroad they could get extradited back.”

“We are not dealing with a government like the ones in a western democratic society. We are dealing with thugs basically. And the traditional way of protest doesn’t always work for us.”

“We are trying our best, and having this amount of people going out there putting up posters is already a big step for us, …

.. however insignificant it might be in the eye of someone who grew up watching protests and hearing about people criticizing the government openly with no consequences.”




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