Which IDIOT says that the vaccines don’t work in Singapore?


“The vaccines don’t work- look at Singapore.” Alright, let’s. Cases are high due to Omicron subvariant XBB, HOWEVER, 99.8% of Singapore’s vaccinated cases are MILD or have NO symptoms. In addition, the nation has had VERY FEW deaths despite a surge in cases. I’m not done.

About 95% of Singapore’s ELIGIBLE population is considered to be fully vaccinated. About 92% of their TOTAL population is considered to be fully vaccinated, AND 79% of the TOTAL population have received boosters.

According to their MOH, over the last 28 days, of the 143,627 infected individuals, 99.8% are MILD or have NO symptoms, 0.2% required oxygen supplementation, 0.03% required ICU care, and 0.02% had died.

Currently, there are 14 people in the ICU for COVID out of a country of 6M. Singapore is highly-vaccinated and boosted, and while they are seeing more cases due to antibody evasion of newer Omicron subvariants and/or antibody waning from vaccine/infection, they are responding by

RAPIDLY rolling out bivalent boosters, utilizing rapid tests, and using high-quality masks for those in nursing homes and hospitals to protect the most vulnerable.

Observations from countries with the XBB sub-variant have suggested that it is at least as transmissible as current variants, but DOES NOT cause more severe illness (for those not aware, XBB is an offshoot of Omicron BA.2).

However, Singapore’s MOH said there is evidence that XBB may be driving an increase in reinfections, with about 17% of total new cases last month being reinfected cases.

“Given that immunity from natural infection in the population is likely waning over time, this underscores the importance of ensuring minimum protection from vaccination and keeping our vaccinations up to date to protect us against severe infections,” MOH said in its media

release. Singapore’s increase in hospitalized cases remains proportionate to the rise in overall local cases. More importantly, the number of severe cases has remained LOW. Keep in mind that while SOME (NOT ALL) monoclonals are not as effective against XBB, not all hope is lost.

The good news is that the new bivalent vaccine boosters from Pfizer and Moderna seem to work just fine against XBB, even though the original vaccines are less effective against XBB. They won’t prevent ALL infections and reinfections mind you, but they significantly reduce the

chance of severe infection potentially leading to hospitalization or death. Even with immune-evasive variants, vaccine protection against what matters most-severe disease-remains intact. Sources: •http://moh.gov.sg





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