China and the 7nm chip: The hype and the reality


7-Nanometer Explained

Fergus Halliday (PC World)

What is 7-nanometer? When used in relation to stuff like CPUs and video cards, the term 7-nanometer refers to the size of the transistors involved. The smaller the transistor, the more you can fit onto a piece of silicon and the more powerful and complex that the components built from these transistors are able to be.

At the time of writing, there are two main players in the 7nm production space: Samsung and TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company).

TSMC are responsible for helping AMD, Qualcomm, Apple and other major technology companies make the jump to 7-nanometer.


1. Did China Make 7nm Chips In Spite Of US Sanctions?! | Tech ARP

For China / SMIC to present a true “threat” as far as chipmaking is concerned, it would have to be capable of manufacturing MILLIONS of chips, not thousands.

Regardless of whether the Americans are howling in despair, or the pro-CCP netizens are howling in delight, China really does not have true 7nm chipmaking capability for mass production yet.


2. China’s 7 Nanometer Chip is a Basic, Simple and Small Chip |

China 7 nanometer bitcoin miner chip is low-volume production product that is a chip to learn to make true 7nm process according to TechInsitghts.

TSMC, Samsung are still the chip leaders and two nodes ahead. Intel is catching up and is also working on the same level of technology as TSMC and Samsung but need to deploy commercially at 5nm and 3nm the advanced nodes.


3. Can You Do 7nm Chips Without EUV?

An Extreme Ultraviolet lithography machine costs $150 million. That’s a lot of change. And it makes you wonder. Is having EUV really that big of a deal? You might have heard about this or that company managing to “achieve 7 nanometers” without the use of EUV. What should we make of that? Can we do 7nm chips without EUV? The answer is yes, but you won’t want to. And they probably won’t work as well. In this video, we are going to look at why we so badly need EUV to make the next generation of semiconductors. And what companies have to go through without it. 5:30 – I misspoke. Meant to say 3-D gate rather than 3 gate.


4. MIC at 7-nm semiconductor process node: A Shanghai surprise? – EDN

It has now been found that SMIC has started mass production of chips at the 7-nm process node dubbed N+2. However, the Chinese semiconductor fab hasn’t talked about its 7-nm capability during its earning calls. Industry observers widely believe that SMIC has used its 14-nm FinFET technology to develop the 7nm process node. And that SMIC cannot develop process nodes beyond 7 nm without EUV technology.


5. CGTN, China state affiliated media: Chinese chipmaker SMIC has likely begun delivering 7nm chips despite U.S. export controls

CGTN puts out Chinese propaganda. Take it with a pinch of salt.



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