A crude attempt to smear and undermine Syed Saddiq…


We used to get poison letters but we now get PWM, Poison WhatsApp Messages.


My view: The pandemic has shown Syed Saddiq doing more than almost every MP in collecting and distributing food and other necessities to the hungry and homeless; and laptops to needy students. He matures in the present crisis while others, like the writer of this hate message, throws stones.

He has moved away from a Malay-centric stand and from Mahathir.


Received via WhatsApp.

Almost every non Malay PH supporters are now singing praises for syed saddiq & saying he should be our next PM.. guys do u know SS was part of the Sheraton move to overthrow PH?, he only pulled out after mahathir resigned.. As a minister he rejected icerd, supported many racist & bigoted policies.. He also hosted zakir naik for dinner & said ZN should stay here.. As a sports minister he banned disabled Jewish swimmers from participating here.. Hell the guy is not even supporting PH but his with mahathirs team.. Seriously lah most of non Malay PH supporters are truly gullible ppl.. Remember how they worshiped art harun & said he was pm material before???.. Haven’t u learned any lesson from mahadey, for u to be supporting his minions again ????…




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