Selayang Hospital is the second hospital to use containers as temporary morgue…


The Sg Buloh Hospital has too many dead from Covid-19 and the morgue is overwhelmed: Containers to the rescue!


Selayang Hospital resorts to goods container to store Covid-19 victims’ bodies

This comes after MoH says Sg Buloh Hospital forced to utilise such a container due to its mortuary running out of space

Updated 8 hours ago · Published on 27 May 2021 11:40PM

KUALA LUMPUR – A container of the type more commonly used for goods transported by trailer trucks was today brought to Selayang Hospital to store bodies of Covid-19 victims. 

Prepared by the hospital’s Forensic Medicine Department, the refrigerated container measures approximately 6m in length and can hold up to 20 bodies.  

Last week, the Health Ministry, in a Facebook post, indicated that Sg Buloh Hospital was forced to use a similar container as its mortuary was running out of space. 

A few days later, Malaysiakini reported that the hospital had to procure a second freezer in anticipation of more coronavirus fatalities.

Malaysia today reported close to 8,000 infections, breaking its record for a third consecutive day, and 59 deaths, taking the country’s total caseload to 541,224 with 2,491 fatalities.

Over 40% of the new cases were recorded in the Klang Valley, with 2,675 in Selangor and 561 in Kuala Lumpur.  

Selayang Hospital is located near the border between the federal capital and Selangor, 16km from the city centre.




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