Safety ranking of Covid-19 vaccines: Some dirty rat made up his own list to give the impression that it was created by The New York Times! *Did he fool you?


When you read the article, you will find that there is no list of safety ranking. Some propagandist included the list.


Received via WhatsApp.

Report by The New York Times on Feb 5, 2021.
In the safety ranking, the top four are all Chinese vaccines:

  1. Sinopharm (China)
  2. Sinovac (China)
  3. Kexing (China)
  4. Can Sino (China)
  5. AstraZeneca (UK)
  6. Pfizer (United States and Germany)
  7. Modena (United States)
  8. Johnson & Johnson (United States)
  9. Novavax (United States)
  10. Satellite 5 (Russia)
    Sinopharm has two vaccines, ranking first and second respectively.
    China has exported more than 500 million doses of vaccines to more than 50 countries around the world, and it is estimated that hundreds of millions of people have been vaccinated. And China’s vaccine accident rate is lower and safer.
    As reported by Western media, many wealthy people in Britain fly to the UAE to vaccinate Chinese national medicine.


Doubts about Sputnik V.


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