The road rage bully has been detained…

26 September 2018


14h14 hours ago

Cops hold roadbully after viral video outrages netizen

GEORGE TOWN: A road bully was detained after a video clip of him allegedly harassing a motorist and his family at Bayan Indah made its rounds on social media.

The 30-year-old factory operator was nabbed shortly after the 5.30pm incident on Monday near a shopping mall in Bayan Lepas.

In the incident, the victim who was fetching his wife and children was honked at a few times from a vehicle behind him.

The victim then stopped his car at the roadside, while the alleged road bully stopped in front of him.

The man then alighted from his vehicle and started scolding the victim and his wife.

The man also kicked the side mirror of the victim’s car and took away two mobile phones from the victim’s wife as she attempted to snap a photo of the incident.

When the victim’s wife demanded that he return the mobile phones, he started pulling her hair.

At this point, several passers-by intervened and helped calm the situation.


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zzz road





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1 Response to The road rage bully has been detained…

  1. Doris Looi says:

    Common, typical, they,let,off,steam on those around them

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