Who was the DG when Customs officers sang praises to GST? Was he a political appointee?

27 March 2015




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Customs officers sing sweet nothings about GST

March 27, 2015

In a bid to ease rising tensions over the impending GST, customs officers burst into song about the many wondrous joys of paying tax.

PETALING JAYA: The Royal Malaysian Customs department have gone out on a limb to cool hot tempers by singing sweet nothings about the impending Goods and Services Tax (GST) that will come into effect April 1.

Looking smart in their crisp navy, blue uniforms, flashing winning smiles (well, most anyway) and swaying in tempo to the beat, a group of mostly women customs officers, and a lone reluctant male, sing the GST song, in harmony while holding placards as their lead singer beams into the camera.

Opening with the line “GST: Mari membangun bersama GST” (Let’s develop with GST), the song covers the various types of taxes to be imposed, reminding listeners that many items are zero-rated too. She also sings about how GST is a more “transparent form of taxation as we head towards becoming a more competent nation”.

Thoughtful lyrics flashing across the screen, much like a karaoke video, are provided against a backdrop of happy customs workers who lovingly hold up placards of “G”, “S”, “T” in groups of threes as they smile sweetly, totally oblivious of how the GST is going to sting like an army of red ants biting hard and deep into one’s unsuspecting foot – in this case, pockets.

Adding insult to injury, is the Customs Department’s desperate attempt to take the sting off the very acronym GST, a dreaded term for most Malaysians, by spinning a positive albeit totally detached meaning in the form of “Grow & Share Together” – there, don’t we all feel a little better now?


Here’s the video: singing and dancing https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10202849078948474&set=vb.1846650366&type=2&theater2:10PM Mar 27, 2015


A song and dance by Customs officers for GST


The video, uploaded by Facebook user Zakaria Mohd Noor yesterday, has garnered 30,000 views as of this afternoon. In the three-minute clip, the officers belt a song on the new tax system, which calls on the people to “develop together with GST”. The recording, which is done in an office, also shows some of the officers carrying placards with the letters “G”, “S” and “T”.


Sashaying to the tune, the female officers are seen smiling while their male counterparts appear awkward and out of sync. http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/293421



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