Ridhuan Tee was accused of Plagiarism in 2013…

21 June 2018


Rid academia of plagiarism

Wong Ang Peng

THE sporadic reports on academics caught plagiarising are nauseating, the latest being a deputy dean of Universiti Malaysia Kelantan. Plagiarism is a very serious offence in academia. Punishment for undergraduates is forfeiture of a semester or two. For academics, it is grounds for dismissal. Otherwise, it will compromise integrity and the code of honour.

Peers in academia have described plagiarism as a cardinal sin, academic high treason, an unpardonable theft. Such is the fervent jealousy to protect the integrity of their institution, and rightfully so, as academics are seen as role models to society.

A quick check of published articles in cyberspace indicates that plagiarism is rife among our undergraduates and academics, but seldom publicly acknowledged. Discussion on the endemic problem has been exclusive. Only occasionally, an academic would make some public criticism.

The lack of acknowledgment of, or even condoning, plagiarism in our Malaysian context is reflective of a value system that is tolerant of cheating, mediocrity, incompetency, using or even sabotaging others to gain favour and ascend one’s position.

In many ways, decadence in academia is a microcosm of overall corruption and bad governance ascribed in the superlatives of our nation governed by the previous administration. Even though it is pale in comparison to the national rot, it receives tacit encouragement that dishonesty and cheating is a norm to succeed.

To root out plagiarism in academia, universities and institutions of higher learning have to ensure a high professional teaching standard at the undergraduate and master’s levels. Reform and transform the education system to guide students to think and analyse objectively. The promotion of academic staff has to be strictly based on merit. – June 21, 2018.

* Captain Dr Wong Ang Peng is a researcher with an interest in economics, politics, and health issues. He has a burning desire to do anything within the means to help the new government in rebuilding our nation and promote national harmony. Captain Wong is also a member of the National Patriot Association.

* This is the opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malaysian Insight.


22 November 2013

Ridhuan, please sue if plagiarism claim untrue

Published on  |  Modified on


YOURSAY ‘If he had copied the academic works of Airil Yasreen, he should face an investigation panel and answer the allegations.’

Professor Tee ready to face plagiarism accusation

your say, Yoursay Onyourtoes: Professor Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, if you think others have slandered you, please take legal action.

It is not just about your views and writing in Utusan Malaysia that many disagree with. It is who you will appear to be – a cheat and a thief – if you are not able extricate yourself from all the accusations levelled against you.

So don’t divert the issue. You have been accused of plagiarism. There are only two alternatives. Either you prove them wrong and sue, or you admit to the whole world you are a cheat and a liar.

You should learn a little from Umno leaders – hypocrites and liars shouldn’t talk too much.

Malaysian Born: Plagiarism cannot be allowed into our educational institutions, even the hint of it.

The fact that there has been clear evidence presented by MPs who actually have credibility, like Seputeh MP Teresa Kok, it should be taken very seriously and at the very least a thorough review must be carried out.

The reputation and credibility of Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia hangs in the balance. This is not someone you want shaping the minds of our youth.

Geronimo: While we are talking about his plagiarism, we have Ridhuan talking instead about the articles he had written and challenging the public to a debate.

That is like comparing apples to oranges, which just confirms that he is what he is – nothing more than a fake.


DAP: Sack Ridhuan Tee for alleged plagiarism

Last Updated: 1:22pm, Nov 21, 2013

KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 21): DAP wants Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM) lecturer Prof Ridhuan Tee Abdullah fired over alleged plagarism in 2010.

Party national vice chairman Teresa Kok and party’s Senator Ariffin Omar said this today while producing Ridhuan’s individual coursework for the Grade DS51 Efficiency Level Assessment (PTK4) which helped him in getting a promotion to senior lecturer post in the learning institution.

“We sack students who plagarise. That has happen before. So why do we treat members of the staff differently?” asked Ariffin.

Ariffin, who was a lecturer at UPNM from mid 2010 to Jan 2013, said the allegations of plagarism was investigated but action was not taken by then vice-chancellor to the chagrin of many of Ridhuan’s colleagues.

The coursework was done from May to June 2010 after which Ridhuan was promoted, claimed Ariffin.


Universiti Technology Malaysia (UTM) lecturer Airil Yasreen Mohd Yassin has claimed that Ridhuan coursework contained a whole section of paragraphs he had written in his blog.

For more stories, go to www.fz.com, the website for freedom of expression and fairness in articulation.


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