The Equanimity.

24 August 2018

15 August 2018


Did Najib and Rosmah ever set foot on The Equanimity?


Najib Tun Razak aka Saya Tak Tau.






13 August 2018


KUALA LUMPUR: Sungai Besar Umno division chief Datuk Seri Jamal Yunos has come forward to announce his bid for the controversial superyacht Equanimity.

Jamal revealed his intention to attain the US$250 million vessel, allegedly owned by fugitive financier Jho Low, through an interview with Watan Online yesterday.

Jamal said he will reveal the reason behind his play for the Equanimity in the near future.

“I will hold a press conference to explain the reason behind my bid for the yacht (Equanimity),” Jamal, who is fresh out of prison, was quoted as saying.

The former fugitive spent 27 days at the Sungai Buloh prison before being granted bail for a slew of criminal charges against him. He was released on July 31.

Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced the government’s intention to sell the Equanimity on Aug 11.

8 August 2018

7 August 2018





Is Jho Low the owner of Equanimity?

Yes. Or he wouldn’t be challenging the seizure...






PETALING JAYA: Businessman Low Taek Jho today referred to the 1988 Malaysian judicial crisis in accusing Dr Mahathir Mohamad of violating the “rule of law”, after it was announced that the government would be handed over a luxury yacht linked to him.

In a statement through his legal team, Low, who is at the centre of investigations in Malaysia and the United States over allegations of embezzling billions of dollars from 1MDB, said the move was illegal and politically motivated.

“As he did in Malaysia’s 1988 judicial crisis, Mahathir is showing the world that his new regime still has no interest in the rule of law,” he said, referring to a crisis sparked by the removal of senior judges during Mahathir’s first term as prime minister.

Low said the latest action showed “how quickly the rule of law disappears in Mahathir’s regime”.

Low said the handing over of the yacht to Malaysia was also against recent court orders in the US.

He said the US’ Department of Justice (DoJ) had argued that the yacht should be in US possession until a court decides its final ownership.

“Actions like this make it increasingly clear that there is no jurisdiction where the issues in this case can be subject to a fair hearing, thanks to a global media circus fuelled by politically motivated parties whose aim is to convict Mr. Low in the public arena,” said the statement.

According to lawsuits filed by DoJ, Low used proceeds diverted from 1MDB to buy Equanimity, a 300-foot yacht registered in the Cayman Islands.

KUALA LUMPUR: Indonesia has agreed to hand over to Malaysia a US250 million luxury yacht linked to a corruption scandal at a Malaysian state fund that it impounded in Bali earlier this year, Indonesian authorities said on Saturday.

The Cayman Islands-flagged Equanimity was seized in February at the request of US authorities as part of a multi-billion dollar corruption investigation launched by the Department of Justice (DoJ) related to 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

An Indonesian court ruling in April declared that the yacht was wrongfully impounded and should be released to its owners.

Indonesian police seized the boat again in July following a formal request for legal assistance from the United States.

Indonesian police said they would hand the yacht over to Malaysia but did not specify when.

“The yacht will be handed over at the border between Indonesia and Malaysia’s waters,” Daniel Silitonga, the deputy for economic and special crimes, told Reuters over a text message.

“We have to maintain the good relations between the two countries,” he said, adding that the yacht is currently on the waters close to the border of Singapore and the Indonesian island of Batam.

A source had also told Reuters on Friday that the decision to hand the yacht to Malaysia was reached following a personal request made by Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Mahathir’s office did not reply to a Reuters request for comment.

17 July 2018

Indonesian police board and seize the Equanimity again


Indonesian authorities have again boarded and seized the superyacht Equanimity after the previous seizure conducted in February had been declared null and void on technical grounds.

This was disclosed by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) in a court filing dated yesterday, which was sighted by Malaysiakini.

It said that the DOJ’s Office of International Affairs had submitted a request for mutual legal assistance (MLA) to the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights on April 19, which it carried on nearly two months later, on July 9.

“On July 9, 2018, Indonesian authorities executed the process by boarding the Equanimity with a copy of the warrant of arrest in rem.

“During that boarding, the Indonesian authorities adhered a copy of the warrant of arrest in rem on the yacht and handed another copy of the warrant of arrest in rem to the Equanimity’s captain,” reads the filing lodged by the DOJ to the California Central District Court.

The filing is meant to notify the court that the arrest warrant issued by the court on June 16 last year had been executed, and it included pictures of the warrant being served by the Indonesian police aboard the Equanimity.
According to the ship tracking service MarineTraffic, the Equanimity is currently anchored at Benoa Bay, off the coast of Bali.

3 March 2018


Are these 53 media publications purveyor of fake news?
1. South China Morning Post
2. The Australian
3. Australia Broadcasting Corporation
4. Sydney Morning Herald
5. Herald Tribune
6. Herald Tribune Latin America
7. International Business Times
8. International Business Times Singapore Edition
9. Wall Street Journal
10. International New York Times
11. TIME Magazine
12. The Guardian
13. The Daily Mail
14. Sun Daily (UK)
15. Euronews
16. Deutsche Welle
17. Singapore Straits Times
19. Today Online
20. India Today
21. ​Business Standard (India)
22. India Times
23. Fortune
24. EJ Insight (Hong Kong)
25. Anadolu (Turkey)
26. Bangkok Post
27. ​Chiang Rai Times
28. BBC
29. New Zealand Herald
30. Reuters
31. ​Bloomberg
32. Channel News Asia
33. Al-Jazeera
36. MWC News
37. ​East Asia Forum
38. Radio New Zealand
39. CNBC
40. The Independent
41. ​NewsX (Pakistan)
42. StateoftheStateKS (USA)
43. Asian Correspondent
44. Times of London
45. Financial Times
46. Asia Sentinel
47. Courier Mail
48. Jawa Post
49. Tempo
50. Waspada
51. The Telegraph
52. The Diplomat
53. Myanmar Times

From a Whatsapp message…


19h19 hours ago

Salleh Keruak said that the seizure of Equanimity is an example of fake news that circulate in our country. So we can see that Malaysia’s minister has same thought with Trump. Dahsyat.

Mar 2



Mar 2

Salleh: Opposition thriving on fake news about Equanimity 

PETALING JAYA: Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Salleh Said Keruak has criticised the opposition for harping on Indonesia’s impounding of a luxury yacht allegedly owned by Low Taek Jho, also known as Jho Low.

He claimed this was a failed attempt to mislead Malaysians with fake news.

In his blog yesterday, he said the opposition had seized on “unverified and unproven allegations” that “The Equanimity” was owned by Penang-born businessman Jho Low and was purchased with funds from 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB).

“The reality is that the source of the allegations is contained in the United States’ Department of Justice (DoJ) civil lawsuit, which in fact has been put on hold since August 2017.”

Salleh claimed that apart from the “bare” allegations, the DOJ had not shown any tangible proof that Low was the actual owner or that the yacht was purchased with money from the sovereign wealth fund.

The Umno treasurer also claimed the DoJ had also yet to prove any of its allegations in a court of law.

“The Mahathir-led, DAP-dominated Pakatan Harapan (PH) is using fake news as their primary political weapon to garner votes for the coming general election,” he said.


Businessperson Low Taek Jho, through his spokesperson, has decried the US Department of Justice’s (DOJ) “global overreach” after his superyacht Equanimity was seized by authorities in Bali.

The superyacht, reportedly worth US$250 million (RM1 billion), is among several assets being sought by the DOJ for allegedly being acquired using funds it says were misappropriated from Malaysian state fund 1MDB.


Multimedia and Communications Minister Salleh Said Keruak previously said that the DOJ had not shown any “tangible proof” that  Low is the owner of the Equanimity.

“Until today, apart from bare allegations contained in the DOJ civil lawsuit, which has been put on hold since August last year, the DOJ has not shown any tangible proof that Low is the actual owner of the yacht or that it was purchased with funds from 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

“Furthermore, the DOJ has yet to prove any of its allegations in a court of law, despite nearly two years passing since its sensationalised press conference of July 2016,” said the minister in his blog on Thursday, Mar 1.

3 March 2018

1h1 hour ago

Were 1MDB-related files seized from Equanimity, asks former senator

Published on  |  Modified on


Businessperson Jho Low’s yacht, the Equanimity, has an Asian-themed interior, a swimming pool, movie theatre, helicopter landing pad and other luxurious amenities.

However, what’s more important is whether documents, agreements and correspondence related to 1MDB were seized by Indonesian authorities, and if so, what information they contain.

Was the yacht a secret hiding place for legal documents and correspondence?

Former DAP senator Ramakrishnan Suppiah raised these questions. He added that as the US Department of Justice (DOJ) builds its case against Low and his business partners, they are interested in uncovering documents and correspondence for its civil or criminal case connected to the 1MDB scandal.

In June, the US DOJ filed a civil case seeking the recovery of US$540 million in assets, including the yacht that it says was bought using funds siphoned off from 1MDB.

Overall, the DOJ says more than US$4.5 billion was allegedly stolen from the fund.

“As the DOJ builds its case it now needs more documentary evidence to bring Jho Low to court. In all charges, it’s solid documentary evidence that will justify whether Jho Low and his partners are guilty,” said Ramakrishnan, who is also the deputy chairperson of the Johor DAP committee.

“Jho Low has the audacity to flirt his ill-found wealth all because of the high connection in Malaysia.”

15 June 2017

Published on Jun 15, 2017

Kapal layar mewah hartawan Jho Low “The Equanimity” telah dilaporkan menjadi tempat berlangsungnya majlis parti mewah yang menampilkan selebriti Hollywood. Kini, pemfailan mahkamah oleh Jabatan Keadilan (DOJ) Amerika Syarikat mendakwa kapal itu telah dibina dan diselenggarakan dengan menggunakan lebih daripada AS$250 juta yang didakwa disalahgunakan daripada 1MDB. Dalam saman pelucuthakan sivil yang difailkan semalam, DOJ mendakwa wang itu dipindahkan ke sebuah akaun di Caledonian Bank di Kepulauan Cayman yang dipegang di bawah nama “World View Ltd” dalam empat peringkat. “Atas maklumat dan kepercayaan, dana yang dipindahkan ke dalam Akaun World View telah digunakan untuk memperolehi The Equanimity dan telah dihantar dengan cara yang bertujuan untuk menyembunyikan asal-usul, sumber, dan pemilikan hasil Jenayah […],” dakwa DOJ. DOJ mendakwa dana dipindahkan melalui pelbagai akaun yang dimiliki oleh entiti yang berbeza pada atau kira-kira hari yang sama tanpa tujuan perniagaan yang jelas. Sebagai contoh, katanya, tidak ada sebab komersial jelas bahawa Low melapisi transaksi itu dengan menyalurkan jumlah wang yang sama melalui pelbagai akaun bank di institusi kewangan yang sama pada atau sekitar hari yang sama. Jabatan itu berkata Low telah mendakwa dalam emel kepada peguamnya di London dan seorang pegawai kanan bank BSI yang World View Ltd adalah amanah keluarga untuk keluarganya. DOJ memohon pelucuthakan sivil ke atas kapal layar itu bersama-sama dengan aset lain. Ini adalah tambahan kepada AS$100 juta hartanah di London yang ia pohon untuk perlucutan hak minggu lalu, di samping pelbagai aset bernilai lebih AS$1 bilion yang dipohonnya untuk tujuan yang sama pada Julai tahun lepas. Dalam satu kenyataan akhbar, DOJ berkata jumlah aset yang tertakluk kepada pelucuthakan berhubung dengan dakwaan penyelewengan dana 1MDB, berjumlah hampir AS$1.7 bilion. Menurut pemfailan semalam, The Equanimity berukuran 300 kaki (91.4 meter) yang dibina oleh Oceanco di Rotterdam, Belanda, pada tahun 2014, dan telah didaftarkan di Kepulauan Cayman. Ia boleh membawa 26 tetamu dan sehingga 33 anak kapal. Kemudahannya termasuk pad pendaratan helikopter, gimnasium, panggung wayang, sauna, bilik wap dan ‘experimental shower’ dan kolam mandi. Ia telah memenangi anugerah “Best in Show” di Pertunjukan Monaco Yacht pada tahun 2014. Satu laporan oleh South China Morning Post (SCMP) tahun lepas berkata Low telah menjadi tuan rumah beberapa majlis parti yang menampilkan selebriti seperti Leonardo DiCaprio di atas kapal layar itu.

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