Towards GE 14. Violence and Politics in Malaysia: The trend continues…

28 January 2018



Published on Jan 26, 2018

(This video contains strong language) PKR lawmaker Tian Chua’s personal assistant Rozan Azen was allegedly assaulted while distributing free calendars at the Jalan Kuching night market on Thursday. Rozan, at a press conference today, said he was approached by three men, who hurled vulgarities before physically attacking him. The perpetrators allegedly said that the PKR representatives weren’t allowed in the night market area without permission. A police report has been lodged over the incident at the Sentul District Police Headquarters. Tian Chua said he will be visiting the location of the incident to investigate further.



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Batu MP’s aide claims ‘physically attacked’ at pasar malam


An aide to Batu MP Tian Chua has claimed that he was verbally and physically attacked at a night market near PKNS flats along Jalan Kuching last Thursday.

Speaking to reporters today, Rozan Azen Mat Rasip said he and a volunteer with the Tian Chua’s office had arrived at the pasar malam to distribute 2018 calendars when they were stopped by three men.

“Aside from stopping us from meeting with pasar malam visitors, they hurled rude words, maki hamun (curses) and even threatened us.

“Although I tried to ask them rationally why they were stopping us and being rude to us, they continued being rough to us.

“The three individuals shouted at us loudly and said as representatives of PKR and the Batu MP’s office, we could not enter the pasar malam without their permission, and said our (PKR) flag was not welcome there.

“I was roughed up and shoved, my neck was strangled and my face was injured,” he said, showing the press a scar on his left jaw he sustained as a result of the altercation.

Following the incident, Rozan lodged a police report at the Sentul district police station and underwent a medical checkup at Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

Copies of the police report were distributed to the press.

Video and audio recordings of the altercation were also shown.

The men involved in the altercation have also lodged a police report against Rozan, disputing his account of events.

They accused him of verbally “provoking” them and being uncooperative when asked to leave the pasar malam.

A day after the incident, a member of the night market organising committee named Ridzwan Mohd Ali lodged a police report against Rozan.

In the report, of which Malaysiakini obtained a copy, he claimed that he reprimanded Rozan for entering the night market because the flagpole he had with him was seen as a safety hazard.

“I reprimanded both the men and told them if they wanted to distribute the calendars, as the organiser of the pasar malam, I would allow it but they would need to leave the PKR flag behind as it was attached to a pole that was very sharp, which could endanger the public.

“When I advised them, one of the men was dissatisfied and said to me ‘Who are you? On what act (of law) are you stopping us from holding this flag and flagpole? After that, a little verbal argument and some pushing around happened between the two parties because they refused to listen to my instructions.

“The man in the PKR T-shirt continued to make verbal provocations against me and the committee,” Ridzwan said in his report.

He said he had decided to report his version of events after learning that Rozan alleged he had been roughed up, beaten up and strangled during the altercation.

“Me and two of my committee members did not beat them up. In fact, what happened was a verbal argument and some shoving.

“The reason I am making this report is to base this incident on facts. (I stopped them because) of the safety of visitors and vendors of the pasar malam,” added Ridzwan.

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