A contribution to critical thinking? Universiti Malaya issues gag order on its staff and students…

29 November 2017


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My comment is it’s rubbish and restricts students’ mental growth. My other comment is , this is filthy politics. Leave education industry out of your shitty BN culture.


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Hi Datuk Seri , can you comment about this prohibition by ?



UM issues formal gag order on all students, staff

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The management of Universiti Malaya has issued a formal reminder to all its staff and students, forbidding them from making any public statements perceived to potentially have a “negative implication” on the institution and the government.

According to an internal circular issued by the UM vice-chancellor’s office, all students and staff are forbidden from issuing any such public statements whether verbally or in writing.

“The public statements include comments to the media, ordinary public or during lectures, broadcasts, publications (and) social media,” said the notice which was revealed by several UM student associations.

UM also defined such statements as anything that could have an adverse impact on government policies or the university’s decisions on any matter; tarnish the government’s or university’s reputation; provide facts on the operation of the university; and any comments or clarifications on any incidents or reports related to the government or university.

Read more at https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/403757#gE3fijLAgzoXPPyZ.99


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