The raid on a Prostitution Ring that netted RM14 million. In Cash!

29 November 2017



“This syndicate has been operating since 1999, they appeared to be a spa in the hotel to prevent suspicion. We received the tipoff about a month ago. After investigating further we managed to uncover their illicit operation of running a prostitution ring,” Mustafar said.


25 November 2017

PUTRAJAYA: The Immigration Department has apprehended a Malaysian woman and seized RM1.45 million during a prostitution sting dubbed as “Ops Gegar” in Kota Kinabalu.

Its Director-General Datul Seri Mustafar Ali said the seizure of the cash brings the total amount confiscated to more than RM14 million

“The 46-year-old woman was arrested yesterday afternoon, she was the wife to one of the three men believed to be the masterminds behind the prostitution operation. One of the men is a Filipino, and the other two were locals.

“She was apprehended at the hotel in Kota Kinabalu which had been leased out to operate as a spa but also runs a prostitution ring,” he told the media at the Home Ministry today.

The cash was found in a safe which the woman claimed not to remember the number combination.

“We had to call in an expert to open the safe. In it we found RM1.45 million, bringing the total amount to more than RM14 million. The most that the department has seized so far,” he added.

The operation also led to the discovery of 17 foreign women, believed to be forced into prostitution by the syndicate. A total of RM11 million was first discovered in one of the hotel rooms, where some of the victims were held.

25 November 2017


Imigresen rampas RM12.1 juta dalam 2 operasi pelacuran

November 25, 2017

Wang tunai lebih RM11 juta ditemui dalam bilik sebuah hotel, manakala lebih RM1.1 juta lagi ditemui dalam sebuah bangunan lain.



by ruben sario

Tip-off on prostitution ring leads to RM13mil cash seizure


KOTA KINABALU: A call to be rescued from prostitution turned out with unexpected results when Immigration Department officials found more than RM13mil at two locations.

Sources said the department received a tip-off that three Filipino women were being held at a hotel in the downtown area here and wanted to be rescued from prostitution syndicates.

They said Immigration officers found the women at a spa in the hotel and upon checking other rooms, found another 17 Filipino women being kept there as well.

As they arrested three suspected syndicate members during the raid, they also discovered the piles of cash.

Immigration director-general Datuk Mustafar Ali had said some RM11.88mil were found in the hotel.

Immigration officials then raided an apartment next to the hotel and found another RM1.17mil stashed there.

“Some of the cash were stuffed in envelopes and plastic bags while some were just left in the open since there were so much of it,” Mustafar said.

Mustafar said part of their investigations was determining the source of the money and what it was going to be used for.



Prostitution sting uncovers RM13m – Mustafar Ali

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The Immigration Department is in the midst of setting up a special task force to probe into the seizure of RM13.04 million during a raid in Sabah yesterday, says director-general Mustafar Ali.

He said the team from the headquarters would coordinate the joint investigation with the Sabah Immigration Department to ensure a thorough probe into the case.

“The money was found when (a team from) the Sabah Immigration Department raided a hotel in Kota Kinabalu in an operation, dubbed “Ops Gegar”… at first, they detained 21 people before discovering RM11.88 million there.

“Further investigation led to the discovery of another RM1.16 million at a nearby apartment,” he told reporters after a passing-out parade of Grade KP19 Immigration Officers of the 4/2017 Series at the Malaysian Immigration Academy in Port Dickson today.

Elaborating, Mustafar said the raiding team also detained 17 Filipinas – from teenagers to those in their 30s – who were believed to have been forced into a prostitution ring which was masterminded by three local men.

The cases were being investigated under the Criminal Procedure Code, Immigration Act as well as the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001, he added.

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