Najib challenges MCA: Win 15 seats if you want to keep cabinet posts. Mission IMPOSSIBLE…

GE 13: MCA won 7 of the 37 seats it contested.
GE 12: MCA won 31 of the 40 seats it contested.


30 December 2017

MCA gives out 2,900 pairs of school shoes in N Sembilan

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A total 2,900 pair of school shoes, bought from donations raised by Negeri Sembilan MCA through its Shoe Donation Campaign, were distributed to students from the less affordable families in the Seremban district today.

MCA Youth chief Chong Sin Woon said shoe donation campaign held from Dec 22 to 28 managed to meet its target of collecting RM101,000.

“Bata Malaysia Sdn Bhd agreed to offer a 25 percent discount for every pair of school shoes we buy,” he told reporters at a ceremony to hand over the shoes to the students in Seremban.

2 December 2017

Teo kok seong, u are right. Not necessary to apologise, but instead MCA shud thank you bcos you dare 2 question forced d ministry provide rm30mil probably MCA has 2 beg ministry to shut u up.


Teo says MCA must get higher allocation for TAR UC

PETALING JAYA: Rasah MP Teo Kok Seong has retorted that he does not expect MCA to thank him for “exposing” a lack of any financial provisions for Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC) in Budget 2018.

The DAP lawmaker claimed that his action had prompted the higher education ministry to announce a RM30 million allocation had been arranged to the MCA-owned institution.

“MCA should strive hard to demand a higher allocation for TAR UC as its funding from the federal government is decreasing,” Teo said.

“Compared to the RM60 million given in 2015, the allocation for 2018 has declined by RM30 million,” he added in a statement today.

The MCA headquarters had yesterday demanded an apology from Teo for alleging that TAR UC had been excluded from federal funding for 2018.

It said the issue of education should never be politicised, and DAP should stop making “groundless” allegations against the government and MCA.

It said this following a statement by the higher education ministry on Thursday that a RM30 million grant had been prepared and would be channelled to TAR UC to cover the cost of its management operations for next year.

The ministry had said it was giving the clarification in response to queries raised by Teo and Tanjung Piai MCA MP Wee Jeck Seng during the debate on the Supplies Bill 2018 in the Dewan Rakyat.

Both MPs had asked Higher Education Minister Idris Jusoh why there was no financial allocation for TAR UC next year.

Teo said he would not apologise and questioned why Idris was not able to answer his query in the Dewan Rakyat on Nov 28 if the RM30 million had indeed been set aside.

He claimed that Idris was also unable to answer journalists when asked about it in Parliament’s media room on Nov 29.

He said the allocations for TAR UC in previous years were recorded in the ministry’s estimated expenditure in the annual budgets, but this was not the case in Budget 2018.

29 November 2017


Even as Najib makes greater demands on the MCA to win more MP seats, he reduces the funding to MCA’s ‘baby, TARC, to zero.


MP shocked government stopped funding TARC

KUALA LUMPUR: It is shocking that not a single sen has been allocated to Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARC) under Budget 2018, the DAP’s Rasah MP Teo Kok Seong said.

He said this was especially difficult to comprehend as TARC was an MCA-founded institution, and had been receiving allocations prior to this.

He said TARC was allocated RM60 million in 2015, RM51 million in 2016 and RM30 million in 2017, but was not allocated a single sen in the 2018 Budget.
“It is sad that no MCA leader has publicly spoken out about this. It is impossible that all MCA leaders, ministers and deputy ministers do not know about the exclusion, which required me to bring it up in parliament.

“The top leadership of MCA has to answer why this exclusion has occurred without their knowledge. Have they not gone through Budget 2018?

“What is the use of the party having three ministers and three deputy ministers if they fail to ensure the college that they founded receives funding from the federal government?” asked Teo.

5 November 2017


Hi its me ! @kcl1308
Win 15seats if u want cabinet posts, PM tell MCA”
Aft win 37seats in 2004,wat did Chinese community get?@tunfaisal


Win 15 seats if you want to keep cabinet posts, PM tells MCA

Gan Pei Ling

BARISAN Nasional chairman Najib Razak has thrown the gauntlet at MCA, challenging its oldest coalition partner to win at least 15 federal seats to justify its number of cabinet posts.

Speaking at MCA’s 64th annual general assembly, Najib reminded the Chinese party that it only has seven MPs now.

“But if you have 15, you’ll be a lot stronger in the government,” the prime minister said this morning.

“Tell the Chinese community: Do you want a strong or weak representation in government? The choice is yours,” he said

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  1. Doris Looi says:

    Infighting, malu,lah

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