AirAsia X flight D7 237 landed safely but detractors attack Tony Fernandes and AirAsia because of the pilot’s telling the passengers “to pray”…

29 June 2017

Praying part of airlines’ emergency SOP, say aviation experts

June 28, 2017

Usually, those who question the necessity for prayers are people with no religion, says former RMAF investigating officer.

KUALA LUMPUR: Pilots have been comprehensively trained to be mentally prepared, including to pray during an emergency, according to aviation experts.

They said the move by the AirAsia X D7237 pilot to ask the 359 people on board to pray after the Airbus A330-300 experienced engine trouble was not wrong.

In fact, they said, it was part of pilots’ practice to calm passengers and ensure control over the situation.

Former Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) investigating officer Capt Abdul Rahmat Omar Mohd Haniff said praying during flights was nothing unusual.

In fact, he noted, many airline companies including British Airways (haj and umrah chartered flights) would switch on a video recording of the “doa musafir” (Muslim travellers’ prayer) before take-off.

“Usually, those who question the necessity for ‘doa’ (prayer) are people with no religion,” he said.

Rahmat was commenting on the Kuala Lumpur-bound flight from Perth which was forced to turn back 90 minutes into the journey after the aircraft encountered technical difficulties over the airspace near Carnarvon on the western Australia coast.

28 June 2017


Tony Fernandes

11 hrs · 

Facebook Mentions


Super proud of all my crew led by Captain Ibrahim. And first officer Vincent and Purser Ruijaruuneglai who did a superb heroic job bringing back everyone safely. Airasia don’t make engines and all airlines have engine failures. But when it does happen it takes great pilots and great leadership in times of crisis. I’m beaming with pride. From videos you can see all guests calm , and from the many emails and whatsapp I got , the Captains announcements kept everyone calm. If it was a full service airline the pilot would have been a hero. But because it’s a low cost carrier press and so called experts make wild accusations and forget the heroics of our crew. I want to thank the many Australians who have praised airasia for all we have done despite all the adverse press. Adelaide here we come.


27 June 2017


My name is Madeline Wright and I was involved in the Air Asia engine incident on sunday morning (24th june) traveling from Perth to Kuala lumpur on my family’s way to Vietnam. After hearing the loud bang, our aircraft began to shake vigorously and panic fell across all 359 passengers. Our reassuring captain talked us through the whole situation and gave us every piece of information he had.

The way we all cooperated and remained calm throughout the event made it easier for crew aboard to help us and for our captain to fly us to safety. No one screamed. The fact that we and other passengers paid less for a flight is not the reason for this planes accident. A technical problem like this could happen on any plane and Air Asia’s cheaper flights are not to blame. The aircraft was checked thoroughly before departure like all planes are and was regulated by the same air safety organisations. People should not be criticising Air Asia for missing anything – technical problems happen all the time, even on more expensive flights. We didn’t pay less for a technical problem, we paid less for no electronic devices, no meals and less leg room. Air Asia is an amazing company and i have flown with them many times before, always with great service and perfect take off and landing.

It disgusts me that people are criticising our captain for telling us to pray and are trying to get him fired. The full context was, “Everything is under control in the cockpit. If you want to say a prayer, that might help too.” his ask for prayer was said in such way that it was only to make us feel better and if it helped that was an individual thing. He was professional. He was human. He was a reassuring voice during this event and gave us hope, he is the reason i am still alive and i cannot thank him enough. English was his second language and he had a little trouble speaking to us but what he said was enough. Interestingly, despite 80% of his passengers being Asian descent, he only spoke in English through the incident.

And to the people blaming Air Asia for the event, it was not their fault and they did their best to keep us comfortable during the incident and the aftermath. Yes, we did stay in an airport for several hours waiting on news of what was to happen next, but they provided us with vouchers for food and water and the wait was only to ensure the best for us. During this time it was telling that everyone was calm, tolerant and patient – not all like a standard 3-hr wait in a queue. We were given the choice of full refunds of tickets, a rescheduled flight, or to stay in the airport a little longer for a later flight. It took time because during the chaos period, they needed to work out a plan and then communicate that plan. I’d rather wait to get one correct story than get four hastily-delivered wrong stories.

For those of you criticising Air Asia, our pilot and we on board, please stop. The bravery of our crew and captain should be praised not criticised, they did the best they could for us, and everyone is safe.

AirAsia chairman: What’s wrong with seeking divine intervention?

KUALA LUMPUR, June 27 — AirAsia chairman Datuk Kamarudin Meranun has suggested there is nothing wrong with asking for divine intervention, after one of the budget airline’s pilot asked for passengers to pray amid mid-air panic.

The AirAsia X group chief executive said even he would do the same thing as the pilot of the aborted flight D7 237 from Australia.

“What is wrong with asking for prayers in whatever religion especially when you are in a tight position, seeking divine intervention while doing whatever humanely possible?” Kamarudin asked in a post on his Facebook page.

“He was calm and in control, and as a believer, he asked everyone to pray with him as he guided the plane to safety. I would have done the same thing,” he added.

Kamarudin’s response came following remarks by DAP member Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, who tweeted yesterday that AirAsia should not condone such actions by its pilots.

“Making statements is always easy when you are safely on the ground. Such a situation will never be easy to manage, but the objective was very clear… to land the aircraft safely and ensure the safety of all onboard,” he said.

Kamaruddin also praised the Airbus A330 pilot for being calm throughout the incident, saying that the public should be thankful that everyone onboard the flight was safe.

“As such, I stand by the pilot and his team as an individual and the management or shareholder of AirAsia,” saif Kamarudin.

Minister lauds AirAsia pilot for courage, professionalism

KUALA LUMPUR, June 27 — The pilot of the AirAsia X flight that was forced to return to Perth on Sunday due to the engine problems had acted with courage and “incredible professionalism”, said Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.

The minister said the actions of the pilot and crew helped ensure there were no casualties during the Perth-Kuala Lumpur flight on Sunday.

“I would like to commend AirAsia X pilot and cabin crew for handling the emergency situation involving flight D7 237 with professionalism and courage.

“The pilot had handled the issue with incredible professionalism and act swiftly and proficiently to protect the safety of passengers onboard,” he said in a statement.

Liow said he also ordered the Department of Civil Aviation to investigate the incident and to publish its findings.

26 June 2017


It’s time to attack Tony Fernandes snd AirAsia…


…the Airbus A330 was forced to abort its flight to Kuala Lumpur some 90 minutes after it had taken off from Perth, after the aircraft suffered from an alleged engine mishap that caused the aircraft to vibrate “like a washing machine.”

The plane eventually landed safely.




So mr praying if flight has problem,AA SOP? Pls confirm!

I think you should reply to this idiot What’s wrong with praying(doa keselamatan) in time of crisis?


54m54 minutes ago

AirAsia X probes faulty Perth-KL flight, netizens ground Zaid over tweets

AirAsia X has launched an investigation into the reported engine problem that occurred on one of its flights bound for Kuala Lumpur from Perth, Australia.

Netizens tick Zaid off

In the news report, traumatised passengers were quoted saying the pilot had asked the passengers to pray on the way back to Perth.

The report prompted former law minister Zaid Ibrahim to comment on Twitter that the pilot’s alleged request was “unbecoming”.

In a series of tweets this morning, Zaid said the airline should not condone such behaviour by the pilot.

“The AirAsia pilot urged passengers to pray on the distressed Perth flight. Good lord, I much prefer if the pilot don’t tell me death is imminent.

“The pilot has to give hope, and leave the rest to God and the passengers. If AirAsia is big into prayers, engage proper imam and priest,” he tweeted.

His tweets however attracted criticism from netizens, most of whom asked what wrong had the pilot done in asking the passengers to pray.

Some pointed out there was nothing wrong in seeking divine intervention in times of crisis.

Others remarked that Zaid should be happy that the pilot had landed the plane back safely.

29m29 minutes ago

Air Asia avoided catastrophy thanks god, watch the details on this link


[Press release] AirAsia X statement on flight D7 237


14h14 hours ago

Pilot urges passengers to pray after AirAsia X flight to Malaysia from Perth, Australia, starts shaking

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  1. Philip says:

    ” flight xxx to control tower…..May day may day….. this is captain Soh Ann so of flight xxx. Request emergency prosedure”

    “Control tower to flight xxx…. let me check emergency sop….. o yes. Repeat after me… Bismillah ratulrahim……”

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