Watch out for the scam using Shell’s name…

8 June 2017

First, an SMS arrived.


Immediately, my suspicions are arounded and I went to Google.

I typed in “Shell competition grand prize RM20,000”.

These were what I got:


I decided to look at:

Clarifications | Shell Malaysia › Media
Statements issued by Shell Malaysia to clarify various false statements or scams, that may be misguiding or misleading our customers.

This is what I got:



Here is the page:

  • Shell Malaysia has been made aware that text messages (SMS) are being sent to mobile phone users informing them that they have won prizes from the Company.

    It has come to Shell’s attention that Short Messaging System (SMS) text messages are being sent to people claiming that they have won prizes from Shell Malaysia. Typically the sms will tell the SMS recipient that they have won a cash prize from Shell.

    Please note that Shell Malaysia does NOT use text messages to communicate to contest winners. Members of the public are advised not respond to such messages.

    All winner announcements for contests run by Shell are advertised in the media and available on the Shell Malaysia website Winners will also receive a phone call informing them of their win by a Shell appointed agency. At which point, Shell’s agency will need to verify the winner’s name, NRIC and address for the prizes to be couriered to the winners. Shell does NOT require any bank account numbers, etc. If ever in doubt, please do check the website to ensure that you are indeed a Shell contest winner.

    It has also come to our attention that there has been a number of websites claiming to be operated by Shell Malaysia.  Typically, although this is not always the case, these websites end with the suffix

    Please be informed that our official website is

    Please call our Shell Customer Careline at 1300 88 1808 for more details.


Finally, I clicked on the link given in the SMS. It looked genuine!

However, the website was
and not


This is FAKE.


Then I searched around and saw this:

SMS Scam Alert Shell in Malaysia Contest – Bank Simpanan Nasional

Please note that BSN currently is NOT participating in any contest organised by … dan menangi hadiahGRAND PRIZE dr Shell (M) BHD RM20,000.00 No Siri.

I clicked on it and this was the result:



This is the page above:

LogoBSN 2009.jpg


Dear Valued Customers,

Please note that BSN currently is NOT participating in any contest organised by Shell  Malaysia or any of its subsidiaries. If you receive any SMS linking you to a website ( claiming you won in the ‘Shell in Malaysia Contest’, please IGNORE the SMS.

SMS sample:

Your card tlh berjaya dan menangi hadiah GRAND PRIZE dr Shell (M) BHD RM20,000.00 No Siri. 9R247YK Sila dail talian: 017-828-6263 layari

Screen shot:

If you have any queries, feel free to contact our Customer Service Centre at 1 300 88 1900 or email to

View our Security Tips for more tips to protect your money.

Thank you.

Bank Simpanan Nasional

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