She posted, “The happy song makes me HAPPY!” and then she crashed and died!


SHE WAS SO HAPPY after listening to Pharell William’s global smash hit, “Happy” that she posted, “The happy song makes me HAPPY!”


Then, she crashed!

Woman Posted To Facebook Before Deadly Crash on Business 85 in High Point

Courtney Ann Sanford, 32, died on Thursday after crashing head-on into a truck along a highway in North Carolina at 8:34am after she had used her mobile phone to post a Facebook message at 8:33am which read, “The happy song makes me HAPPY.”

She had also uploaded images of selfies while she was behind the wheel.


Video: Bad wreck hwy29/85/70 greensboro 9am 4/24/2014

This was the video she was talking about:

“Happy” Makes Pharrell Williams Cry

Courtney Ann Sanford dies in car crash while posting about ‘Happy’

A WOMAN has died after slamming her car into a truck while posting to Facebook about how happy Pharrell’s megahit Happy made her.

Courtney Ann Sanford, 32, crossed the median and crashed head-on into the truck in High Point, North Carolina on Thursday morning, according to My Fox 8.

Later, investigators shared a Facebook post they said Sanford made seconds before the deadly collision.


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