Reposting a thread by David Demes 戴達衛 @DemesDavid on “Foxconn founder and KMT presidential hopeful Terry Gou #郭台銘 is on Kinmen to promulgate a “Declaration of Peace” #和平宣言”


Foxconn founder and KMT presidential hopeful Terry Gou #郭台銘 is on Kinmen to promulgate a “Declaration of Peace” #和平宣言.


Foxconn founder and KMT presidential hopeful Terry Gou #郭台銘 is on Kinmen to promulgate a “Declaration of Peace” #和平宣言. Link to the livestream:

Gou says that the PRC was the one making Taiwan “the most dangerous place on earth”, harboring “the most hostile intent” and “pushing Taiwan to brink of war”. However, he says the mainland had only become so hostile because of the DPP’s provocative actions.

Terry Gou states that the PRC’s hostilities were not targeted at the Taiwanese people, but at the DPP. In the past, the two sides of the strait could maintain peace and negotiate a consensus. It was the DPP who continued to destroy any peaceful channels of interaction.

“Today’s crisis was precipitated by the DPP continuously deviating from the 1992 Consensus of ‘One China, Multiple Interpretations'”. The 1992 Consensus’ “One China” referred to the “One China” of both the Republic of China and PRC constitutions, Gou says.

“This consensus is not just a consensus of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, but also a consensus shaped by history. An international consensus that hasn’t been changed. Between the two sides, the 1992 Consensus is also highly future-oriented.”

Based on this consensus, the two sides had agreed to only engage in negotiations of a practical nature that did not involve the political meaning of “One China”. “We already have a basis for negotiations, we can continue to negotiate.”

Since 1992, the two sides had negotiated for 20+ years. “Why did negotiations stop and we regressed to taking up arms? (#兵戎相見) Because the DPP secretly swapped the ‘One China, Differing Intepretations’ for ‘Two Chinas’, ‘One China, One Taiwan’, ‘One country on each side'”.

Gou says, while creating these different terms, the DPP was using the mobilization of hatred #仇恨動員 and creating divisions between different ethnic groups, thereby tearing Taiwan apart.

According to Gou, after realizing the public was deeply worried about the possibility of war, the DPP was now trying to pivot to a message of “peacefully protecting Taiwan” #和平保台 to win over middle-of-the-road voters.

“After manipulating the issue, provoking China, and completely blocking any interactions between the people of Taiwan and the people of the mainland, how could the DPP convince mainland Chinese and even the international community that they are only opposed to the CCP?”

Terry Gou: “I advocate that on the basis of the principle of ‘One China, Multiple Interpretations’, we stand firmly on the Republic of China’s position and re-open negotiations with the mainland.”

Terry Gou: “I am running for the office of the President of the Republic of China and represent the Republic of China. So there is no ‘Taiwan independence’ problem. Without the ‘Taiwan independence’ factor, PLA fighter jets shouldn’t be encircling Taiwan anymore.”

“When they stop flying around Taiwan, we can sit down and talk.” Guo says there was no time limit on negotiations regarding the question of “Multiple Interpretations”. “When I am elected president, I will launch great negotiations on the basis of the constitution’s ‘One China'”.

Terry Gou promises that, if elected, he would hold future negotiations with China on Kinmen. “I will form a cross-party, cross-ethnicity, cross-generational negotiation team and re-open the door of negotiations for a peaceful future for the two sides of the Taiwan Strait.”

Gou says that he will stand fast on democracy, freedom, the rule of law, and respect of Taiwan’s 23M people’s existing way of life as a precondition for negotiations. “I will put formalities aside and maintain maximum flexibility.”

Gou: “On Kinmen, the ROC and the PRC can directly negotiate in good faith. There is no need for any other foreign forces to intervene. We will talk as long as necessary. Before we strike a deal, the two sides will respect each other and resume normal people-to-people exchanges.”

Gou: “In the patient and long-term negotiations, of course, we still need to maintain Taiwan’s national defense and security, and we still need to improve our combat readiness” and develop and import modern weapons systems.

Gou: “The point is, strengthening national defense does not mean war. Our sons and daughters serve as soldiers to defend the noble values of freedom and democracy.” They shouldn’t become cannon fodder for the wrong policies, Gou says.

When elected president, Gou promises to build a facility for Cross Strait negotiations on Kinmen. “We will invite reps of the other side to Kinmen. We don’t need to go to any other place and don’t need any foreign individuals or groups to mediate between us.”

As someone who had served on Kinmen himself, Terry Gou says that he is still being woken by dreams of the sound of enemy fire.

Concluding his speech, he called on the people of Kinmen, Taiwan and the mainland: “We want peace, not war. We want development, not conflict. We want to resume the cultural, economic and youth exchanges of the past.”



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