Hong Kong: 3 women beat up an old man after an argument about his coughing 直擊 – E31巴士 兩乘客因咳嗽 初則口角 繼而動武 (轉載)




事源係咁嘅,我今日大約1:40左右喺愉景新城巴士站坐E31入東涌 #XR1491 喺入到青衣之前,坐逃生門隔籬嗰個阿伯咳咗兩聲(當時阿伯有戴口罩),阿伯咳咗兩聲之後,隔離灰衫長髮女人特登好大聲咁咳咗幾聲,然後隔離藍衫白髮男人就好似玩咁樣特登除口罩望住阿伯方向咳兩聲,然後個女人就望住阿伯話“我都識咳”,阿伯笑笑口話“我都識”。當時佢哋開始口角,女人亦開始講粗口,我擔心佢哋有咩衝突所以即刻調咗位,然後拐杖阿婆(片中坐灰衫女人對面倒頭位)就由前座行咗過嚟坐低,唔知因乜事加入戰團,然後我一見拐杖阿婆拎起拐杖襲擊阿伯,就開始拍片啦 灰衫長髮女人同拐杖阿婆瘋狂超狼死咁襲擊阿伯,阿伯比佢哋打到帽、太陽眼鏡、鞋都飛埋出嚟,阿婆仲係咁攞支柺杖打阿伯同插阿伯,阿伯全程處於下風齋擋冇還手,個白髮藍衫男人唔知做乜嘢係咁捉住阿伯隻腳,得阿伯俾個女人同阿婆係咁打,佢哋有冇諗過咁樣打法,萬一阿伯落車之後因為腦積血死咗,佢哋咁樣係謀殺?當時已經即刻有人嗌司機,司機亦即時停埋一邊過嚟了解,司機有話佢哋如果再嘈嘅話就要落車同埋報警,而同時要求佢哋分開坐,但灰衫長髮女人依然發癲咁繼續鬧。最後,阿伯一直瞌埋眼,直至我落車嗰陣諗咗一諗,我都有啲擔心阿伯,因為個女人坐咗去第二個位之後,阿伯一直都係合埋眼,於是我行返去前門嗰度敲門,同司機講叫佢睇一睇阿伯同report比公司,因為阿伯一直瞌埋眼我都擔心佢有咩事,同司機講完我就離開咗啦 **全車人都有叫司機,全車人都有叫停手,全車人都有喝止,如果我行埋過去就會變毆鬥,唔係拍片者不救,係不能救 轉自: Yan Chan

The source of the matter is this, I took the E31 at the Discovery Park bus station and entered Tung Chung #XR1491 at about 1:40 today. Before entering Tsing Yi, the uncle who was sitting next to the escape door coughed twice Wearing a mask), after Uncle coughed twice, Teden, the long-haired woman in gray shirt, coughed loudly a few times, and then isolated the white-haired man in blue shirt like this Cough twice, and then a woman looked at Uncle and said, “I know coughs”, and Uncle smiled and said, “I know all coughs”. At that time, they started to quarrel, and the woman also started to swear. I was worried that there was some conflict between them, so I immediately changed seats, and then the grandmother with crutches (in the film, sitting opposite to the woman in gray shirt) walked over from the front seat and sat down. I don’t know why I joined the battle group, and then I saw the crutch grandma picking up the crutch and attacking Uncle, so I started filming

The woman with the long hair in the gray shirt and the old woman with the cane went mad and attacked Uncle like a wolf. Uncle beat them to the ground with hats, sunglasses, and shoes. The old lady beat Uncle with a cane like this. Uncle was at a disadvantage the whole time and did not fight back. A white-haired man in a blue shirt grabbed Uncle’s foot for some reason, causing Uncle to be beaten by a woman and grandma. Have they ever thought about it? In this way, if Uncle died of cerebral hemorrhage after getting off the car, would they be murder? At that time, someone called the driver immediately, and the driver immediately stopped and came over to understand. The driver said that if they were noisy again, they would get off the car and call the police. Epilepsy continues. In the end, Uncle kept his eyes closed until I got out of the car and thought about it for a while. I was a little worried about Uncle, because after the woman took the second seat, Uncle kept closing his eyes, so we When I went back to the front door, I knocked on the door, and told the driver to ask him to take a look at the company of Abo and report, because Abo has been dozing off, and I was worried about what happened to him, so I left after talking to the driver.

**Everyone in the car calls the driver, everyone in the car calls to stop, and everyone in the car calls to stop. If I walk past it, it will turn into a fight. It doesn’t matter if the filmmakers don’t save it, or they can’t save it. Reposted from: Yan Chan


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