Arrested: Singaporean woman #TuasAunty who isn’t cute but was entertaining 😄 #SND6000Z








Ashley Tan | July 10, 2022, 11:30 AM

Reportedly taking place in the morning of Jul. 9, 2022, the incident saw a woman single-handedly attempting to stop a car from moving forward.

The road towards the Malaysian checkpoint appears to be jam-packed with vehicles, but as a black car inches forward, a woman was filmed doing her mighty best to push against it.

She then tears off its licence plate and swings it around to fling it at the black car’s windshield.

As she saunters away, a man in a Yishun Innova Junior College shirt emerges from a stationary red Singapore-registered car up ahead.

The man then runs over to the black car, but it was not to offer assistance.

Instead, he throws up two middle fingers, while the woman holds him back.

The pair then quickly return to their car when the driver of the black car exits his vehicle to retrieve the tossed licence plate.

Another clip filmed from the dashcam of the black car depicts the woman calmly standing in the middle of the lane, preventing the vehicle from moving forward.

At one point, she brings out her phone to film the car and the people inside, who can be heard calling her a “crazy woman”.

A man inside the car says that he will call the police. This does not deter the woman, who nods and smirks at the driver and passengers.

Other vehicles start to sound their horn, and she vigorously gestures for them to move on and filter past her and the car.

It is uncertain what incited the woman’s anger, but a Facebook user who uploaded a similar video said that the dispute started over switching lanes. This possibility was reported by Zaobao as well.

The videos also do not show how the conflict was resolved in the end.


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