Dear Singaporeans, Can eat more pork? Malaysia won’t sell you chicken 🤗



Meanwhile in Selangor…


Grace Yeoh


24 May 2022 02:53PM (Updated: 24 May 2022 04:21PM)

SINGAPORE: Your go-to fresh chicken stall at the neighbourhood wet market might close, at least for now, due to Malaysia’s impending curb on the export of chickens, according to stallholders CNA spoke to on Tuesday (May 24).

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob had announced a day earlier that his country will curb the export of chickens from Jun 1, among other measures to address the domestic supply shortage.

It is “a short-term measure” to halt the export of up to 3.6 million chickens per month, until domestic prices and production stabilise, he said. 

According to the Singapore Food Agency (SFA), about one-third of Singapore’s chicken supply is imported from Malaysia. Other major sources include Brazil (49 per cent) and the United States (12 per cent).

SFA also said on Monday after the announcement, that it will work with stakeholders to activate supply chains to increase imports of chilled and frozen chickens from alternative sources, or draw from poultry stocks. 

While it is unclear how Malaysia’s ban on exports will impact chicken supplies and prices in Singapore, stallholders at wet markets CNA spoke to said they are concerned.


Chicken prices have already increased over the past month. According to data from the Singapore Department of Statistics, the average price for a whole chilled chicken cost S$7.21 per kg in April this year, up from S$6.60 per kg in March. 

Chilled chicken wings also rose from S$8.75 per kg in March to S$9.45 per kg in April. 

The impending export ban from Malaysia has several stallholders in Singapore worried, as it might result in a further increase in price, driving customers away. 

At Bukit Merah View Market, Mr Mohamed Basheer, stallholder at Halnaz Frozen Goods, said his business is already affected by rising food prices. But the 42-year-old has tried not to increase his prices by too much. 

“Because selling price (if) I increase, customer run already. Somemore, Sheng Siong, FairPrice, little bit already increase, so the (wet) market seller (is in a) very difficult (position) now,” he told CNA. 







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