What did they come for? Money? To gawk at Malaysia’s only convicted ex PM? 🤔


No wonder HUGE crowds…
These So-called Supporters actually turned up expecting to receive 💰💰💰💰🤑🤦‍♀️

March 9, 2022


– Disgusted Voters Disappointed After Going To See Najib At Food Court

‘Everyone supports Bossku’ – another MCA candidate recruits Najib

It was business as usual for hawkers and their customers at the 568 Food Court in Taman Sakeh Baru this morning when a large group of BN supporters started thronging the famous breakfast spot in Bakri, Johor.

The crowd was there to campaign for MCA candidate Gan Qi Ru, who is contesting the Bentayan state seat. She is facing a three-corner fight with DAP’s incumbent assemblyperson Ng Yak Howe and Perikatan Nasional’s Eddy Tan Kok Hong.

However, this morning was not an ordinary feat for Gan, for she had brought along BN’s ‘Bossku’ to help her promote the party to voters who are having their morning meals at the food court.

Gan would be the third MCA candidate to have recruited former prime minister Najib Razak to help in their campaign in the Johor state election.

Speaking to reporters later after having a drink with Najib and several other MCA leaders while being surrounded by many onlookers who wanted to see the national BN leader in person, Gan expressed her happiness to see the crowd and thanked Najib for his help.

“Very good… I am very thankful to Bossku for his support,” Gan said.

She also believed that the Chinese voters would swing their support to BN in this election, including Bentayan, a seat that DAP has held for three consecutive terms.

“Yes, they definitely support (MCA). All those who came here today support Bossku,” Gan said.

Najib also had a similar take given the large crowd he received throughout his campaign activities with the Chinese communities in Johor.

He said that there were signs that the Chinese support had come back to BN and hoped that this would be translated into votes during the polling day.

“So far, the signs are very encouraging. For example, the warm welcome I received here this morning.

“This is something that I would never get back in 2018. So that is a promising change.

“But we hope that this can be translated into votes this March 12,” Najib said.

Mixed response

Meanwhile, Malaysiakini spoke to several voters who were at the food court, including hawkers and customers, to seek their feedback, whether Najib’s rising popularity means that the Chinese community has returned to support BN and its component MCA.

It was found that while several said they could not accept Najib due to his court cases and corruption scandals, others believed that Najib and BN was a better choice for them.

A fruit seller who identified himself as Goh, 62, said that the former premier’s court cases did not matter much compared to the importance of good governance.

“It is okay that he was found guilty. But what is more important is that one must do his job properly.

“So when the people see and appreciate your work, then they will definitely vote for you,” he said.

Businessperson Goh Mooi Kim said she cannot predict whether MCA can win the Bentayan seat but believes that the Chinese community can now accept Najib and BN.

“I think maybe they have started to be able to accept,” she said.

“But I cannot say (if MCA can win). Still uncertain.”

A similar sentiment was voiced by a 61-year-old local who identified himself as Chin, who said that BN might be able to get back some support from the community.

On Najib’s criminal convictions, Chin said he did not know how the others feel about it, but he personally “does not mind”.

On the contrary, a cloth seller who gave his name only as Frankie, 50, said he believes that BN is still someone that the Chinese voters cannot accept.

“I don’t think that the (outcome of the election) would be any different than before,” he said when asked if Bentayan would see a change.

“He (Najib) had taken a lot (of money). We Chinese really dislike him,” he claimed.

Frankie also claimed that many had come to see Najib’s visit in the expectation that there would be some cash handouts.

Another man in his 40s had also come to reporters complaining that he had wasted his time going to see Najib’s visit, thinking that he could get some cash.

“I thought there would be money. Bo lui (no money),” he said while walking away when reporters started crowding to interview him.


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