See the crap that comes from cheap trolls via WhatsApp: Meng Wanzhou gets fighter planes as escort ๐Ÿ˜‚


Meng Wanzhou is more important than Xi Jinping!

Why wasn’t she flown to Beijing to meet The Biggest Man himself?

Because he has to come down to Shenzhen to meet her, Princess Huawei.



Escorting Meng Wanzhou’s entire journey: After the charter flight left Canadian airspace, it was immediately escorted by four J-20s to Russian airspace, followed by four Su-37s from the Russian Air Force to China’s airspace, and then four J-16s to Shenzhen Airport. At the same time, when the chartered flight took off from Canada, the electronic reconnaissance ship cruising in the North Pacific turned on the strongest electronic warfare jamming mode, suppressing the North American Air Defense Command signal. At the same time, a 093 also cruising under the North Pacific Ocean opened all the launch ports for submarine-launched missiles, ready to fire any surface-to-air missiles at any time.
Without a strong country, how can there be a safe home!
The Sino-US trade war is the battle of Shangganling in the new era. Huawei has always been at the forefront, fighting bloody efforts to defend its home and country. Huawei is worthy of being a great national enterprise, and Ren’s father and daughter are worthy of being national heroes. It is worthwhile to escort it with the power of the whole country!


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