Here’s an example of Malaysian Fake News, created for Malaysians by Malaysians πŸ˜±


Received via WhatsApp but retracted an hour later by person who had forwarded it to members of our chat group. 😹

[29/05, 11:29 pm] My son, in Kuantan just passed away from covid. He was only 20 yrs old. He only had headache which he thought was migraine (3 hours) and took panandol but after 2 hours he died at home. No other symptoms at all but just headache. Fortunately my hubby and I had been vaccinated so not affected at all. He is a student and study only at home. Never go anywhere. He got it because he took a courier package. The courier guy who stay in Batu 10 kuantan had covid . after my son death then forensic check only know he died from covid. Both of them wore mask. The courier guy is now in icu. Stage 4. Thats why now it has spread everywhere in Kuantan.
[29/05, 11:29 pm] Kalau terima barang Dr kurier jgn terus ambil jemur dulu ataugantung d pagar sb kita ta tahu kurier ada covid ke tak

πŸ‘†πŸ½Hati2 bila kurier hantar barang.. (cdg: biarkan 1jam+ dan basuh dettol)


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