Did such a conversation ever take place between Warren Buffet and Ren Zhengfei, Huawei CEO? 🤔


The dialogue is likely to be fictitious and created as pro China propaganda.


Received via WhatsApp…

Ren Zhengfei: You can’t buy it in your life, and Huawei can’t be listed!

Buffett: The non-public listing is Huawei’s loss, and it is Huawei’s shareholders’ loss!

Ren Zhengfei: Huawei is not short of money. Huawei would rather invest its profits in research and development than give up equity to American capital!

Buffett: If US capital can make money from Huawei, Huawei will not be sanctioned, and TSMC will not cut off the supply of HiSilicon!

Ren Zhengfei: Huawei just doesn’t want you to make money. Whether you are using 5G equipment from Ericsson or Nokia, Huawei must charge 5G patent fees in the United States!

Buffett: You are 76 years old this year. It’s time to retire and enjoy the blessings. Give up your rights and Meng Wanzhou can be returned to you!

Ren Zhengfei: After the chips are fully localized, I can take a break and not be caught by the United States again!

Buffett: Why do you have to live so tired?

Ren Zhengfei: Because I love this country, I hope that this country will prosper and stop being bullied!

The last sentence was said by Ren Zhengfei in an interview on CCTV!

Pay tribute to this old man, and pay tribute to Huawei who is determined to advance on the bumpy road of independent research and development!

I hope everyone who reads this article can forward it to more Chinese people!

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*No you can’t read it in a few seconds. Also, please don’t forward what is a fake conversation.


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