Is Bill Gates 666? The Anti Christ? No comment from him. Smart man.


Bill Gates



Is Bill Gates the Anti-Christ?

Henry Smith
, Just one atheistAnswered Jun 3, 2015Seeing as he’s one of the greatest poverty-fighters on the planet right now, I would be suspect of the claim he was the antichrist even if I did believe in that garbage. Seems more christ-like (the biblical character himself was big on that kind of thing) than not.

Ever since the idea of an antichrist existed the powerful and succesful have been accused of being it. Pretty much every President and most other major world leaders have been accused of it. And then they die and the apocalypse doesn’t happen, because they were simply powerful and succesful people and not demonic harbingers of doom.

Get your head out of this dark age thinking and stop accusing good people of being evil, apocalyptic figures. It just sounds ignorant and resentful.


Dave Robbins, End of the Age, doubts it “at this point of time”.

Is Bill Gates Preparing to Administer the Mark of the Beast?

 April 6, 2020   

The Internet has exploded with accusations that Bill gates is preparing to administer the Mark of the Beast through his Coronavirus vaccine. Is this true? We’ll analyze this question on today’s edition of End of the Age!–bill-gates-microsoft



Do Hitler, Bill Clinton, and Bill Gates bear the mark of the beast?


Donald Trump.


Barack Obama


Bill Clinton!


Henry Kissinger


Most, if not all, Presidents…


George W Bush.


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