For Singapore PM, Lee Hsien Loong, praise comes before request for money… 😂😂😂



A screenshot of a comment a foreigner left on Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s Twitter account has been trending today. In the comment, the foreigner – who appears to be from India – showers praises upon the head of government before asking him to transfer money to his bank account.

The Twitter user first praises PM Lee for being a “nice man”, for being such a “big man” and “great”. He then proceeds to submit a “small request” to the PM and asks him to transfer money to his bank account since he and his family are poor and because he is not educated.

The appeal goes: “Hello lee hsien sir how are you I am like your your very nice man really sir I am like your your so big man your great sir I am like your hello sir my small request I am poor guy education problem my family is poor please small help me my bank account [bank account number redacted] thk”

The screenshot first began trending on Reddit before it found its way to social media platforms like Facebook. On Reddit, the screenshot garnered over 400 upvotes in hours.

One Redditor responding to the screenshot noted that this is not the first time the same Twitter user has appealed for financial support from world leaders.

As the Redditor said that the foreigner has asked Barack Obama, one of the Clintons and Angela Merkel for money before, another Redditor wondered why the foreigner did not approach the highest paid world leader first:


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