This 2010 video angers UMNO man: (2/5)NTV 7″非谈不可” 民联国陣KPI大比拼,倪可敏Nga Kor Ming vs魏家祥Wee Ka Siong

It’s an old show but I suppose that when you are running out of things to attack….

(2/5)NTV 7″非谈不可” 民联国陣KPI大比拼,倪可敏Nga Kor Ming vs魏家祥Wee Ka Siong

Uploaded on Mar 20, 2010

继2005年倪可敏及魏家祥于”風云巨辩”辩论会正面交锋以来,­上述两位政治新生代领袖今次接受NTV 7 电视台的邀请, 分别代表民联及国陣于2月8日晚上8时假隆雪中华大会堂针对”民联国陣KP­I 大比拼”展开辯论,再分高下。這是倪可敏继2005年受邀与当今马华总会长­拿督斯里翁詩杰辩论后马华与行动党双方再次唇枪舌剑,令人注目。倪可敏曾于2007年­当选全国十大杰出青年,是迄今唯一荣获该殊荣的在野党领袖,他今年也刚被东方日報专题­列為我国政治明星之一;魏家祥则于2005年赢获该大奖,两位全国十大杰出青年正面交­锋结果如何,让人拭目以待。

1 October 2015

Nga rebuts Syed Ali over joke made five years ago

Lu Wei Hoong     Published Today 8:17 am     Updated Today 8:27 am

While Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak was attending the United Nations General Assembly in New York, one of his Umno subordinates became annoyed about an opposition politician’s joke about the United Nations during a television talk show five years ago.

Cheras Umno chief Syed Ali Alhabshee slammed one of the the panellists on the show for allegedly slandering and sowing hatred against the government.

As checked by Malaysiakini, the panellist is DAP Taiping MP Nga Kor Ming.

When contacted, Nga rebutted that Syed Ali (photo) is “ignorant and incompetent” for bringing up the TV talk which occurred in 2010.

“His action proves that Umno is better put into a museum,” he said while defending his statement as truth.

“I urge Syed Ali use a mirror to reflect himself, why is Malaysia is going downwards?”

Nga added that compared to 2010, Malaysia is currently in dire straits, with the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion ‘donation’ scandals plaguing the nation.

“If I were the panelist again, I would ask, which prime minister is good in accepting donations? Which company does not have any business, yet had piled up RM50 billion in debt?” he asked, in an obvious reference to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and 1MDB.

30 September 2015


Umno man wants NTV7’s licence revoked for ‘rude’ programme but…

Published Today 7:35 pm     Updated Today 9:50 pm

An Umno division leader today called on the government to revoke NTV7’s broadcast licence over a Chinese-language programme where a panelist had mocked Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s administration.

However, when Malaysiakini checked with the television station, a spokesperson expressed puzzlement over the outburst since the programme had been scrapped several years ago.

The programme started on April 1, 2010 and the television station pulled the plug on June 24 of the same year. The programme was broadcasted live every Thursday.

It was also reported that one of the editors had resigned in protest, since the move to cancel the programme was allegedly related to political interference.

Further checks revealed that the panelist who cited a story which infuriated Cheras Umno chief Syed Ali Alhabshee was DAP lawmaker Nga Kor Ming, who appeared on the show in 2010.

According to Syed Ali, the programme titled ‘Edition’ was “rude” and did not respect the sensitivities of the various races in Malaysia.

He took offence with a panellist who spoke about a United Nations conference attended by United States President Barrack Obama, Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jia Bao, Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

The panellist, whom Syed Ali did not name, had quipped about Mugabe holding a quiz for the other three and posed several questions, which were:

– Which country saw jet engines missing without going to war?

– Which country used 10 million to build 50 1Malaysia clinics but there are no doctors?

– Which country’s stadium collapsed even without an earthquake?’

Syed Ali described this as a clear insult of the government and the nation’s leadership.

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