Rafizi Rahim: KAJANG MOVE: The real game changer in the quest for PUTRAJAYA (改变格局:加影行动)




Rafizi Ramli is the MP for Pandan and strategic director for Parti Keadilan Rakyat


4:00PM Jan 31, 2014

Rafizi: Reject PKR if you feel it is a game

PKR is willing to be rejected by voters in the Kajang by-election if the people feel that the party has manipulated the democratic process, said PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli.”Some have described our decision as toying with the democratic process. No. We are taking a big risk… It is democratic and it is also sadistic.”We are placing the fate of our number one man (Anwar Ibrahim) in the hands of angry Kajang voters. We have apologised and explained our action. But if our apology and explanation are insufficient, Anwar will be punished.

“If you think this is a game, then reject us. We do not manipulate the system like Umno,” he stressed during a forum titled “Anwar: From Kajang to Putrajaya” yesterday.

Choking on emotion, Rafizi said it was a painful but necessary decision.

“It pains me because it was my idea to drag Anwar into this matter… But when this responsibility lands on your shoulder, what else can you do?” he asked.

Rafizi also explained that the announcement with regard to Anwar contesting the Kajang seat was made with the agreement of Pakatan although it had come as a surprise to many senior leaders.He said the discussions were held in secret and PKR did not manage how this secret dealings would be communicated to the leaders of Pakatan parties.According to Rafizi, PAS’ agreement was obtained via its secretary-general Mustafa Ali on Jan 24 while DAP’s green light was received on Jan 27.

Meanwhile, social activist Hishammuddin Rais, who was also a panelist, supported the move for Anwar to become menteri besar.

As a menteri besar, he said Anwar would be able to participate in the Conference of Rulers and speak on behalf of the 52 percent of Malaysians who voted for Pakatan.

Model state as a launchpad for Putrajaya

While Khalid Ibrahim’s administration has set a gold standard in integrity and prudence in managing public funds, we also have to admit there are also other areas that we can improve.

We need radical approach to solving the traffic woes, the pace of affordable public housing has to pick up. There is a need for more rigorous forward planning of water resources in Selangor and some hard decisions have to be made soon. We have to vigorously protect the rights of the minorities who are the targets of Umno’s political game.

As an MP, I certainly believe we can do better especially with regards to cleanliness and livelihood of the people. We have the potential to be a model state with least potholes in densely populated areas.

In other words, Selangor has to be doubly better than what it is today if it were to become a showcase for Pakatan in its quest for Putrajaya. Just as Istanbul was a launchpad for Erdogan and Jakarta is a launchpad for Jokowi, Selangor can be a great launchpad for Pakatan to take over Putrajaya.

Malaysia Chronicle

Friday, 31 January 2014 10:13

KAJANG MOVE: The real game changer in the quest for PUTRAJAYA

I am aware that there is a lot of explanation that has to be made on the decision to vacate the Kajang seat to force a by-election. I am also acutely aware of Dato’ Ambiga’s advice communicated personally to me that we have to be as honest as possible with the people.

Apology to the public

So let me begin by offering the sincerest apology to the Malaysian public especially the voters of Kajang. The by-election will certainly consume public money and public space at the time when the people have to go through economic hardship.

There is no excuse for wasting public money except to offer my sincerest apology and for the party to be prepared if the voters of Kajang decide to punish us.

In all honesty, as the strongest proponent of the scheme I bear most responsibility for the decision.

Dynamics in Umno, racial and religious controversies

Yet precisely because we are honest to ourselves and the people, we have to acknowledge that there are problems and challenges that we are facing in Selangor that require intervention.

While Khalid Ibrahim’s administration has shown sterling performance over the last 6 years that endears him to the public, there are rooms for improvement in many areas especially given the latest dynamics in Umno.

It is an open secret that the move to remove Najib Razak has begun. As a party strategist, I cannot rule out the possibility that Najib is removed and Umno falls to the ultras led by Mahathir Mohamad’s faction.

The unscrupulous attack and schemes to take Selangor by hook or by crook will begin the moment the weak Najib is removed. Even as we speak, Umno’s cards are all too obvious in the latest round of racial and religious controversies stirred up in Selangor in the last few months.

Should Najib fall, expect a full blown manipulation of racial and religious issues to create mistrust and frustration with the Selangor government.

Full article: http://www.malaysia-chronicle.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=221311:%E6%94%B9%E5%8F%98%E6%A0%BC%E5%B1%80%EF%BC%9A%E5%8A%A0%E5%BD%B1%E8%A1%8C%E5%8A%A8-rafizi-ramli&Itemid=2#ixzz2rwWx4jW6
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Friday, 31 January 2014 10:13

改变格局:加影行动 – Rafizi Ramli

Written by Rafizi Ramli


意。在上一届大选里, 承蒙大家的支持,我们得以守垒加影州议席。在这经济


















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